Saturday, July 7, 2012

Montalban Vacation Plans

My daughter told me that on the next school vacation we should visit MIL’s house and rest there. My MIL’s house is located near the foot of mountain and as such the air there is clean. At night you can hear some sounds of nature and you’ll feel the very cold breeze of the place. I also want to stay there for a night or two because you can forget about your work there and it can relieve your stress, if there’s any. I asked my daughter that it’s better if they can bring her bike there. What we’ll do next is to look for bike racks like kuat racks so we can bring the bike easily from our place to MIL’s. Gen would really love to do it as she always wants to go on biking at a park near us. As early as now the kids are excited about the plan.


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