Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Hearts' Day myspace graphic comments

I always associate this day with hearts and flowers. I remember cutting out and doing plenty of heart shaped guitar bookmark when I was in my high school days and giving it to all my friends. If someone didn't received one of my cute bookmarks it means that I don't consider her my friend but if you've seen the bulk of my bookmarks you'll guess that all are my friends :-) I'm a very friendly kid in school and I made my friends feel that they're remembered on valentine's day except of course the boys because I don't give out anything to boys (that's why I'm accused that I'm boyish) lol!

Now that I'm a Mom I'm still very fond of hearts and flowers but I love the white roses that DH gives me always! When I studied the meaning and implications of different flowers and their colors I learned that white roses signifies 'worthy of love', sweet isn't it? My husband is and he accused me that I'm not lol! Not so serious of course he just wants to tease me with that :-)


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