Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giving-tree-charger Concept

Source: via Race on Pinterest

This Giving-tree charger concept would certainly organize our charging at home. As we have different kinds of mobile phones at home. I have Nokia e90, husband and kids have Samsung phones and our wireless landline on another mobile phone. When we charge simultaneously it looks messy with all the chargers in one table connected to various outlets. Wish we have this kind of charger as it’s not only functional and organized but can be a home d├ęcor too. Just perfect on any corner of the house.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Learning Technology and Scientific Things

My daughters asked me to provide them with all their laboratory uniforms and accessories like laboratory gowns, gloves, laboratory eyeglasses and a lot more because they will not be allowed to enter their laboratory room without such outfit and accessories. Because of these complete laboratory outfit and materials they feel like they’re on real laboratory where they experiment and learn new scientific things new to them. They told me that they were able to use microscope, thin microscopic film, lab balance, various test tube sizes, beaker, spatula, thermometer and a lot more. They were actually excited to use such equipment as they only see it on movies when they were kids. It’s like they’re playing the role of scientists and genius doctors.


Avengers Thumb Drive

When my kids saw these they got excited because of the avengers design on all of these USB flash drives. They only have the usual brands of USB in our house and they told me it's nice seeing stylish and heroic-inspired USB.  I'm really awed at the creative ideas of most designers.  They can capture the visitor's attention at once.  Well especially if the theme is currently a movie or something trendy.  I'll definitely look for these designs at ebay when they're on the market. 


Server Data Backup

Our company relies mainly on our internet, network and our server in order to come up with a good maintenance on monitoring our clients. We should be able to ensure that our server would not run out of service to provide the best service to our clients. Since we offer telecommunications equipments like gateway, PABX, office in one machines, network storage and other high technology devices we have our own server data backup that protects critical and important data of the company. It also serves as backup service and recovery software in times of critical computer trouble. We rely on our server and we make sure that it’s operating on perfect condition 24/7.


Solar-Powered Tents

Source: via Race on Pinterest

How about this? Well I would love having this for our camp meeting fellowship on December. It will sure be a hit for those campers and for us who held fellowship on faraway places and sleep on tents.  This is really awesome and I'm sure my kids will think as such also.  Well this reminds me that we should be looking for new tents to use on our upcoming camp meeting.  Our old ones retired already and the kids are asking me to buy as they’re looking forward to sleeping on tents.


Shopping for Bathroom Accessories

Decorating a soothing place for relaxation in your own home is fun. The bathroom is a good place to distress after a long day from work. There are plenty of designs and accessories to choose from. It depends on the design you want to achieve in terms of designing the sanctuary in your abode. 

Accessories for bathrooms 

• Have a particular design in mind that you want your bathroom to look like. Cut out pictures from interior design books to have a basis for the decorations. 

• Scout different stores where you can purchase different designs that fit your budget. 

• Know the measurement of the areas where you will install them so that accessories perfectly fit. 

• Lighter tones can give a bathroom an uplifting ambiance especially with yellow lighting. Darker tones can help the area not look dirty. 

• Toothpaste and toothbrush holders vary from plastic to glass. If you like a classy look choose the latter but if you prefer the more colorful tones then opt for the first choice. 

• Bathroom mats maybe plastic or cloth. Plastic is easy to clean and isn’t slippery. Cloth is softer and absorbs water. 

 • Shower curtains have different designs depending on your preferences—printed, basic colors, transparent or opaque. 

• Shower caddies can be made of metal, plastic or glass. A multi-layer caddie has more space for shampoos, conditioners, soaps and sponge holders. Choose the studier product that is easy to clean. 

• Have a small garbage can that can be stored under the sink.

• If you want to add extra touches to your bathroom, place magazine racks, candles, and flower vases to make it even more beautiful. 

Relaxing in your own bathroom by having a hot bath or shower can ease the tension away from your body. Designing your area well will help you obtain it. Enjoy shopping for accessories that will beautify your bathroom. 

This is a guest post by Ciel. She loves listening to Asian music, and strongly believes that music is the universal language. She enjoys working from home as a writer. Her current task is for, a global voice over agency.


Protection Cover for Your Computers

Living near national road gives you better opportunities to business and you’ll have fast access to wherever you want to go. We live near the road and though I would admit that our lot has the better real estate values than others it also has some cons:

First, it poses some risks when some trucks met accident and there are plenty of sellers that call on our gate.

Second, you’ll have to live by the dust accumulated with the passing of vehicles 24/7.

Well I’ve grown used to it and admitted the fact that we have to clean the house and get rid of dust every now and then twice as often as others. The only thing that worries me is our desktop computers because they get so much dust and it’s not good for them. 

It’s good that I found solutions when I dropped by the nearby CDR King store. I’ve found the computer dust cover to protect our computer, monitor and keyboard from dust. It’s eco friendly, non-toxic and dust proof. Here’s the specs:

 • For Case, 213 x 470 x 422
• Monitor, 15"-17" inch
 • Keyboard, 490 x 237 mm
 • Material: Polypropylene fabric
 • Weight: 80g

Available in CDR King at PhP80.00, package includes CPU,monitor and keyboard cover


New Nissan Spring

Our first ever bought car is a pre-owned Nissan and we love that old car who serviced our family on all our camp fellowships and Sunday fellowship. Now that we’ve changed into a bigger pickup vehicle I still miss our old Nissan car which was a remembrance of my former boss also. My boss sold the car to me at a very low price because he wanted me to have the car and when I resigned and decided to work at home I thanked my boss for all his goodness including his decision to give me the car. 

Anyway as I grew very fond of this brand of car I always check their brand new models just in case I may want to have another Nissan in the future. At New Nissan Spring  you’ll find all makes and models of brand new Nissan cars open for quotes and financing depending on how you’ll want to buy their car. 

Baker Nissan also offer used cars, trucks and SUVs and they have Used Nissan Jersey Village  for those who look for quality and maintained pre owned cars. Their services include financing, quotes, sales and repair for all makes and models.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Wrapping Gift Bags with Style

Wrapping Gift Bags with Style - RetailPackaging.Com


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Visit from Foreign Suppliers

We have a visitor from Israel to meet some of our clients so our manager is so busy with coming up of possible meetings that she will be able to introduce the foreign suppliers of our products. With the hospitality that this country is known for they had nice experience of meeting with the existing clients and would-be customers. They’re so amiable that I wouldn’t be surprised if they would ask about camacho triple maduro. Anyway I hope that through those meetings we may establish some good relationships with clients and produce good sales in the future. We really need some good sales output to cope up with the company’s needs.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flip Flop That Cleans

Source: via Race on Pinterest

This is such a nice idea and I must say very creative too. These pair of Flip Flops will save the day for those wet and dirty home floors.  Actually we were talking about related idea when I saw my little boy carrying a mop.  I told him it's too big for him and he should have a mop on his slippers if ever he wants to do some cleaning lol.  Well this is just a concept and not a real mop to use in cleaning the floors but I love the idea of having it in slippers.  I think it'll be a big hit in the market.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Indigestion as a Side Effect of Menopause

Many women will experience a number of different side effects and symptoms of menopause.   Nausea, depression, mood swings, bloating and more are all common issues that most women will  face when they approach this new time in their lives. One more popular problem, is indigestion. Yes, that can easily occur during menopause. Unfortunately, this can be a very irritating problem.

Indigestion during menopause is common, thanks to gastrointestinal stress that can occur. Air can easily enter your abdomen and make you feel and even appear more bulky. But this bloating is typically the norm for most menopausal women. Unfortunately, it's this gas that is result of bacteria that is present within the intestines. High sugar foods easily nourish this issue.

A week digestion tract can easily be the result of your hormones fluctuating throughout menopause. So can a stressed out gastrointestinal tract. The lack of estrogen may also cause stress in the gastrointestinal tract as well. In fact, this is a big part as to why many women may feel bloated or suffer from indigestion during menopause.

Because menopause can wreak havoc on all parts of your body, and can cause all kinds of issues from nausea to bloating, it's highly recommended that you stick to a healthy diet. Doing so is the first step in maintaining your health, especially through such a time of change. In particular, your diet should be limited in certain foods such as sugary foods and drinks, foods high in salt and fat, and processed and junk foods. All of these, after all, can lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the digestive tract, and can lead to weight gain.

Aside from keeping to a good diet, you can also try some other alternatives to fighting indigestion and other stomach problems, including:

Herbs: Herbs are a great way to sooth the stomach and provide overall menopause relief. Tumeric is an effective herb, as is peppermint. In fact, many women will drink peppermint tea in order to calm down stomach irritations. Some other herbal teas that may help include, but are not limited to: raspberry tea, dandelion tea, lemon balm, and green tea. It's important to note here, that the most effective teas for stomach related problems, are those herbal teas that are rich in minerals that will lend a helping hand in maintaining the digestive system.

Over-The-Counter: Over-the-counter medications may also provide an effective solution. Ask your doctor for advice on what medications will work best for you.

Visit Your Doctor: Sometimes all it takes is a visit to your doctor. It might not sound appealing, but he or she can easily suggest the best treatments and possible medications for you. This is especially important if stomach problems have become severe and no over-the-counter medications or natural remedies have helped out.

Just because menopause can be a hard time, doesn't mean it has to ruin your life. Instead, increase your overall quality of life in order to battle possible problems and issues related to menopause, such as indigestion and other stomach conditions.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Flip-Flop Phones

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Are you fond of flip-flops or those fashionable shoes we usually see around? Then you should try these cute Flip-Flop phones available in various exciting colors. I really can't believe sometimes how they're getting such creative ideas on bringing up new designs of phone cases. I should say that they're not only stylish and cute but functional as well. Creativity has no bounds and limits and I will not be surprised if they would cases such as crocs phones, wedge phones, stilleto, loafers or other inspirations on fashion. Well what can you expect? With a modern world like us it's always possible.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Replica Breitling Bentley are the best aviator luxury you can find!

A replica Breitling Bentley quenches my desires for the Bentley Swiss luxury where price tags really bear me down. And I am proud to say that a Breitling replica is the exact representation of the genuine piece; which apart from being a groundbreaking instrument in aviation is also a masterpiece in the world of fashion.

Sometimes I lack the right words to describe the replica Breitling Bentley watches. There is no clear way of telling this Swiss luxurious story unless I make references to how I feel when rocking a replica Bentley. Once I slap it on my hand I begin my journey to dreaming big and living the fast lane lifestyle.

From my cozy arm chair at home, I could sit all day and admire the catchy dial with lots of details fused together in a beautiful blend. I have my tachymeter, time calibration and seconds calibrations all in one. There are other number markings I don’t really understand but nevertheless I enjoy the fact that it’s a replica Breitling and it has all the vital details covered to make it look real.

Have you ever rocked leather straps? I have, and always do it each morning thanks to the new Mahogany colored leather straps I have on my replica Breitling Bentley. I get dreamier each time I run my fingers along the smooth texture of the leather then a few rounds on the criss-cross designed bezel; a true and iconic signature design most replica Breitling watches come in.

I am no longer skeptic about sub-brands and nothing on my replica Breitling Bentley looks fake, and I must say I have an exact copy one of my favorite singers has plus we also share the same fetish for Breitlingreplica Bentley watches.

With a replica Breitling on my hand, I don’t think I’ve ever done myself such a pristine and huge favor like this one.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Canon Powershot Battery Kit Plus More

As most of the photo hobbyists always want their batteries alive for their photo shoots it's vital that they have extras for those moments when you don't want to be stopped by low battery problem.  And as I'm one of those photo hobbyists here's what I found at good deal with Amazon.  

Picture above shows battery and charger kit for Canon Powershot A3300 IS, A2200 IS, A3100 IS, A3000 IS Digital Still Camera.  The kit also includes extended (1000 Mah) replacement batter for NB-8L,AC/DC travel charger, screen protectors, mini tabletop tripod and micro fiber cleaning cloth.  The kit costs USD14.95 from previous price of USD39.95.

Such a nice super deal for Canon accessories with savings of USD25.00.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Learning Musical Instruments

My son’s school has their notes to all parents. I actually knew it because few days ago my little boy is asking me what kind of musical instruments will he be registering with. The note should be checked if you want your kid on a certain particular music teaching but no check if you will not choose any. It will be spent on a weekend so we decided not to enrol or register him for now because it would rob the kid of rest on his free day from school. 

Anyway we can buy him a small musical instrument so he can learn at home and not be deprived of learning. When time comes that he’s big enough I don’t mind buying him from one of the musical instruments I saw online. I like Josh to learn playing the armstrong winds so he’ll be different from his friends. Hope he’ll be able to cope up with his schedule then.


Your Favorite SuperHero in USB Card Reader

My son loves superhero characters especially Batman and he has some collections of his movies, toys and a lot more.  I saw him searching for tech gadgets and found this cute MicroSD USB card reader. He asked me where we can buy it and asked me if have paypal money to pay for it.

Well this MIMOMICRO card reader is really a must-have as it's transportable and you can share it with your friends not only for little boys but for some adults too, those that are young at heart :).  This one comes in a flip out USB port, a built-in keychain, LED light and the lovable design of Dark Knight.  Take a look at this:

Really's USD12.99 at mimoco


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spencer’s Panel Lighting

Lightings are important part of any establishment or occasion as they provide good background and illumination. Whenever I visit new buildings and commercial centers I take note of how they manage to put the right lightings for specific usage and rooms. Lightings can define a good or bad image of a place and can create needed ambiance. Often times houses and buildings are wasted because of the kid of lightings they install as they don’t know how to match certain places with specified kind of lightings. 

Well this is also applicable with entertainment centers like theatres, television, arcades or even in disco where they should put the right disco panel lighting on the exact location where it should be placed. I remember having nice strobe lights on my debut party and my guests commented that it fits the occasion well. It defines a good moment of celebration and swings the mood for a festive night activities. 


If you’re looking for the best lighting for disco panel you can search through Spencer’s range of lightings. They offer star laser projector, rotating mirror ball with Led lights, pocket plasma with multi color clip on, lumindisk multi rainbow, disco balls and others. My friend is actually looking for these kinds of lights and I will give the site to them so they can choose from the selection.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

USB Travel Tool Kit to Carry Anywhere

You love to travel?  Well if you are and you need to bring your gadgets with you it’s best if you have this USB travel tool kit I browsed in CDR king because it’s convenient to carry, compact and easy to carry.  This is a USB combo kit for your laptop or desktop packed with a secured zipper case to hold all contents.
The kit includes retractable USB numeric keypad, mini retractable optical mouse, retractable cable RJ45, 4 port USB hub cable, retractable USB AM/AF cable and 5-in-1 retractable adapter cable enclosed in a small case size convenient to carry anytime, anywhere you want to go.  This one costs PhP480 only.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Into Electronics and Automotive

DH is on his second year in Education course but he’s also practicing what he learned for his 2-year course in Associate Electronics. Now he’s also into learning automotive but not on a regular course but through practice. Every time our car has trouble and need emergency check up and repair he would check if he can make it by himself. Now when the trouble needs a major repair he’ll call for the experts. 

When our mechanic works on our car he’s also there to assist and at the same time he learns from it. He’s also in to collecting some tools like aluminum angle, various sizes of adjustable wrench and other car mechanic items so I’m thinking of giving him a toolbox with nice tools for electronics and automotive on his next birthday. I’m sure he’ll love and treasure it.


Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

My office keyboard suddenly died on me just when I have plenty of documents to do.  Actually I don't want to replace this one as I'm very comfortable with it.  Well some things never last and that includes computers and computer accessories.  So now I have to drop by the mall to buy myself a new keyboard.  Anyway I don't want to search for keyboard there so I browsed online for the one that I want to buy so I will not consume too much time.

Since my usage for keyboard is a bit maximum I planned to buy ergonomic keyboard for ease of use and comfort.  I saw one at cdr king which costs PhP480.  This ergonomic keyboard allows your wrists and hands to be held in more comfortable position which is just perfect for people like me who uses keyboard for 8 hours.  Other features include 5-key extended keyboard layout with  hot keys, button-touch access to the internet and measures at 19.25" x 10.75" x 2" greatest width/length.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photographer’s Backup

I love photography and when I started blogging I bought my first ever digital camera to learn the basics in shooting and how to find the right angle in every shot. I choose Canon because it’s the camera that I’ve wanted to buy when I started making photography a hobby. My online income has given me extra money to buy my whims and since I’m not a shopaholic in bags and shoes I can give in to my wish list of gadgets. 

When I had my digital camera I also bought camera bag and extra canon camera batteries because I want continuous supply of batteries when I’m shooting. I always have extra batteries with me wherever I bring my camera. You can never tell when you want to shoot or video something and it would certainly frustrate anyone if suddenly the batteries run out. A good photographer is always ready with backup not only in memory cards but batteries as well.


Friday, August 3, 2012


For four years now we're using Linksys router in our home so all our computers be it desktop, laptop or notebook can link to our internet connection. The kids are always active in using it because their assignments require them to go online. Wi-Fi routers are a great help to extend our connection to the internet and because of this we can maximize our internet subscription. We really need it especially that we can also use it for our mobile connection.

Now Linksys has made Wi-Fi connection even better with small gadgets that offer great features. With their AE1200 Wi-Fi N USB it's easier and quicker to wirelessly connect to your network. Just plug the USB adapter and you can enjoy up to 300Mbps transfer rates. Simple steps will guide you into installation and you'll soon start chatting, sharing, surfing or even playing online. This Wireless-N with multiple MIMO antennas is really a must for top performance and network range.

Sells at USD29.99 at Cisco homestore or PhP1,150 at PC Express.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Promotional Logo Products

Advertising is a time-tested means of promoting your products and services. You will need to come up with a good strategy on how your products will be known to the public consumers for good marketing. I know this as I’m personally involved in our company’s campaign for products promotion. We had an urgent need for promotional items and giveaways two months ago,  when we joined the trade fair sponsored by one of the major telecommunications company in the country. I’ve requested quotations from several companies for customized freebies but learned that it’s expensive when your order is for only a few items. Most of them also require a week before they can deliver the goods. I searched for more affordable costing and faster turnaround time, which resulted in getting our company trade fair giveaways from a reputable online store. 

Well, in the future we’ll need more promo items for our pioneering company, and this prompted me to look for better companies that can deliver our needs on time and within our budgetary allowance. We know that it’s vital to look seriously into this thing as it may lead us to better market opportunities with clients who don't know our products yet. With Quality Logo Products you will not only get various choices of promo items, but you can also create promotional products yourself online as well. They will ensure that you’ll be getting high quality giveaways designed and customized to your specific size, color and design requirements. 

You’ll enjoy choosing among their wide array of promotional products on sale like hand sanitizer, pens, custom Frisbees, water bottles, neon sunglasses, tumblers, eco tote bags and a lot more- all customized for a boost of your campaigned products. No need to worry about a long waiting period as they have 100% on-time delivery and accept rush service whenever you need them immediately. Best of all you don’t need to buy volumes just to reach minimum quantities for your order because they will allow you to buy only what you need with the lowest price guaranteed. I’ve looked at the promo items myself and I'm very tempted to buy something.


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