Monday, September 24, 2012

My-Ditto Network Attached Storage

With the influx of advanced technology in storage devices I have the benefit of using Dane-Elec’s My-Ditto, a network storage device offered by Optimus Technologies, Inc.  the company I’m working for as administrative head.  I’m also helping out in advertising and selling this very functional storage gadget.
This device works in three beneficial ways:

Plug-N-Play Remote Accessibility
Protect your digital files with Raid 1 redundancy
Stream media around the house with the built in Media servers

When this product was introduced to us I was actually using my mind calculator and assessing my budget if I can buy one for home usage.  I’m a part-time online writer with so many files and images which I want to access wherever I am so it seems like a good idea. Why? Well for one this My-Ditto network storage device is the easiest way to access, protect, share and stream your saved content with anyone inside or outside of your network.  Using the provided USB keys you’re My-Ditto is setup and securely accessible from anywhere in a matter of minutes.  

Here are some of the benefits you can get from using this storage device:

1.    Zero configuration. It is designed for non-technical users so it eliminates need for IT maintenance services
2.      Efficiency.  It’s a good way of centralizing critical business files and digital assets.  Ensures access to, and collaboration on, the most up-to-date documentation, sales tools and marketing material.  Backups different PCs to one, centralized location.  Synchronizes uploaded files from myDitto key with ones already on the network.
3.    Security.  It enhanced protection through mirroring (RAID 1) data redundancy by using two hard drives on the my Ditto Server.  Administrator has the power to cancel My-Ditto Keys that have been stolen/lost.


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