Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sun's Harmful Effects

I attended a seminar about Iron Deficiency in my little boy’s school. The kids were scheduled in an afternoon class to make way for the parents’ seminar. We started in the morning and ended an hour before lunchtime but the sun was almost at its peak then. I felt the scorching heat of the sun as soon as I got out of the school. The seminar place was a secluded area so we had a cooler temperature but it didn’t prepared us for the heat outside. It drained my energy and when I reached home I felt exhausted. That’s what we feel when we’ve had exposure to the sun so it’s imperative that we stay out of the sun during peak hours between 10 in the morning up to 2 in the afternoon. If you can’t avoid meetings or travel during those hours better protect yourself and have some shield.

It’s not healthy for anyone kids and adults to be always exposed to sun as the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays results in various sickness. It’s also dangerous for people with hypertension and those with sensitive skin. Do you know that it also pose danger to our house and furniture? Yes we need to have protection like window tinting los angeles so our furniture will lasts longer and not wear out in just few months. We need to have tints in our windows to filter the UV rays of the sun which can cause damage to us and our properties. We will be protected from too much glare and that can save us air conditioning costs because it will decrease the amount of heat that will pass through the house thus protecting our skin and body from feeling tired. So don’t risk yourself and your family get the window film installed and get optimum protection while adding style to your windows.


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