Friday, February 25, 2011

Grateful for Being a WAHM

I’m very grateful that I don’t have to rush to an 8-5 work since I’ve left the corporate world a year ago. It has always been my problem to go to office early because I have to attend to the needs of my three kids. I ceased on hiring helpers because the last one was so rude to my Mom and I don’t want my kids to see that kind of attitude to elders. I’ve had good helpers before but it’s always the case of my Mom pampering the helper that’s why they tend to abuse her kindness. Anyway I’ve been like a robot before moving by the clock and ignoring my need to rest sometimes.

It’s really a good break to learn PB where I can earn in the comfort of my home, enjoy the kids and give my attention to them with no disturbances. My eldest was 11 when I began to be with them all the time and they’re very happy about it. They felt so good whenever they come home and I was there to greet them. Maybe at first they can’t believe their luck that they don’t have to call or text their Mom for their needs as I’m home for them always. 

There were no disappointments now with my schedules because I can fix my schedule for them. Disappointment ruins hope and just like what I’ve read in methyl arimatest reviews in which trying to get it is only a waste of money and time because of negative results. The review recommends other options better than it and it somehow help those who are looking for better products. So if you don’t want disappointments in your life better read and listen to other experiences in life.


Netbook Laptop Tote

I've been looking for another bag for my laptop, one that will not look like a laptop bag.  I don't always travel in our car as I don't drive and DH is not always available to drive me whenever I want to carry my laptop. Thus I find the need to find a bag that looks like an ordinary bag to others for security reasons.  I found these at 

Details: Neoprene, Zippered top opens to roomy, lined interior, Cushioned construction to help protect equipment, Double web handle, Interior design, Outside storage pocket with velcro closure

Available in other colors and designs.

List Price is USD32.00
Current price: USD28.00 with Free Super Saving Shipping and Free Returns


Compare Options While Buying Premiere Jewelry

There is a reason that the internet has become such a dominant force amongst all types of media. In fact, the internet has become so intrinsic in people’s lives that the simplest of things are being done through this medium. For example, if you are looking to purchase premiere jewelry most experts would advise you to purchase it from online providers. This is simply because of the multiple benefits that it provides to the common man. The biggest benefit of purchasing premiere jewelry online is that you will get a lot of options to play with. Comparing multiple pieces of jewelry and multiple online providers is one of the best ways of finding something that is more than worth the money you invest in it. However, your comparison process should not only depend upon the price and looks of the jewelry in question, but it should include the following as well:
  1. Authentication:  
Your comparison process should take into account that there are online premiere jewelry providers who are only looking to make a quick buck and hence would not really worry about your happiness. In different words, while you compare prices and looks, you should also check to see if the product is authentic.
  2. Provider reputation:  
Along with checking the authenticity of the piece of premiere jewelry, you can also check the reputation of the online provider. You can do this by way of online comments and reviews put up by other customers like you.
  3. Payment module and return policy:  
Finally, since you would be making the payment online, you need to be completely sure that the payment module is safe and reliable. There are different ways to do this but the most assured is to check for third party certification. Along with this, keeping a sure eye on the return policy of the provider is also seriously suggested.


Transparent Cooler Pad

I really need a real cooler pad now because summer will start few weeks from now and I don't want to limit my usage of my laptop because of heat problem.  It's nice that I can search online for the kinds available for buying.  I saw this one at the local dealer here at CDR King, the famous one because products are sold at affordable prices. I've listed down some features here of the transparent cooler pad with 3 port hub plus card reader.

• Transparent Plastic Construction
• Low Noise (About 22dBA)
• Plug and Play for USB Devices

• Fan Dimension: 60mm x 10mm
• Rated Voltage: USB Power DC 5V
• Noise level: 22dB
• Power Current: 0.69A
• Rated Speed: 2900 rpm
• Airflow: 43 CFM
• Product Dimension: W 300mm x H 225mm x D 30mm  • Three Built - in fan cooling system that dissipate heat away to cool down overall temperature of your notebook.
• Card Reader: SD MMC and MS Pro Card Reader
• USB Hub: 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub

Sells at PhP580.00


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