Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful Sliding Doors for the Patio

I’ve always wanted a sliding patio door for our house so we can have an easy access to our patio through the inside of the house. Our patio is located at the front garden of our house but we never see it through when we’re inside the house. It would certainly add beauty to our house if we do install sliding doors at the wall between the other sides of the living room. It’s also lovely to have a style like that of Long Island doors  I’ve seen online at Renewal by Andersen. They provide replacement windows and doors in the best design and style they can do for the house. 

They have innovative design that will make your dream style be incorporated into your house according to your specifications without sacrificing their distinctive style. Their experience and knowledge in their craft will be of great help in meeting solution for your specific replacement needs for windows and doors. You can vouch for them to give you services with value, performance, professional installation, beauty and style and environmental commitment. With all these in mind you can be assured of high quality service from them.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Investment for Work-At-Home Moms

For a work-at-home Mom like me we take advantage of all online opportunities that comes our way because it’s not always peak season with the kind of job we have. For several months now our job is more than we can handle and I’m very thankful about it together with my blogger friends. We’re just thinking of investing some of our earnings in sure investments like precious metals, gold bars or anything that will give us assurance of high returns for our capital. I’ve been reading possible sites that will give me tips and ideas and was glad to find them at US Gold Bureau. Well it’s a bit expensive to invest on gold but it’s also a high profitable investment so I’m planning to discuss it with DH.


Protection for Our Patio Furniture

If there’s one thing that relaxes me after a day of continuous blogging and house chores it’s having my favorite cup of coffee at the patio. It’s a nice respite from the pressures of the whole day. Our patio serves as a family bonding area in the house where we can play chess, scrabble and other games that excites our mind. We can also have some carefree chat and sometimes barbecue times. Our patio chairs and tables are quite old but very sturdy that it lasted for more than 30 years now. Actually I’m planning to add some modern furniture for a more relaxing seat because the old ones are made of steel. I wanted a more comfortable sofa to sat when I want to read but I will also need protection for them like Empire Patio Furniture Covers which covers every furniture of any size and style in your patio. It can protect your furniture from the damaging effects of sun, dust and rains.

Our furniture needs the right protection to last a long time against various weather conditions. It will keep the furniture in its best condition and quality. Be sure to look for Empire Patio Furniture Covers  to give the best protection for your various patio furniture like patio chairs, tables, grill or BBQ, fire pit, chaise, sofa and many others. It has designer collections to suit your distinctive taste and secured strap. You don’t have to worry about mold and mildew build-up because it has air flow venting system to prevent them. Best of all it’s affordable and with a 1-2 year warranty.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

:Unconscious Mutterings Week#404

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Sarcasm :: scorn, irony, mockery
  2. Coke :: cola, beverage, drinks
  3. Frank :: honest, blunt, guileless
  4. Party :: bash, shindig, gathering
  5. Witches :: bitches, bad, ghastly
  6. Intentional :: deliberate, intended, calculated
  7. Crisp ::crunchy, crusty, snappy
  8. Lockers :: bolt, fasten, secure
  9. Walking :: on foot, exercise
  10. Fundraiser :: benefit, charity
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Get Your Products Liability Claims

Slowly as the holiday is getting near the weather is changing from being humid to a cooler evening. It’s a normal condition when the month of September starts. It’s good especially if you’re living in a tropical country, here we welcome a much colder temperature. One thing that I don’t like when the weather is cold is the attack of rheumatism to my Mom which is severe during the cold months of the year. Her knee and ankle hurts which makes her walking and movement slower than normal. We refrain from giving her internal medicine but rather treat her aching joints by the best Chinese oil and ointments we buy from special stores. It’s more expensive but safer so we like it very much. 

I was thinking that it’s even more painful if it’s coming from damaged hip pockets which are only cured through hip implants. Many people who have this dilemma have undergone Depuy Hip Implants to experienced relief by going through joint replacement systems offered by Depuy Orthopedics. But it was after two years that they discovered an imperfection in the surgery systems because the patients experienced severe pain and swelling on the operated part.

If you’re one of these victims of defective surgery you can get the help of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath Texas injury lawyers and file for a Depuy lawsuit case against Depuy Orthopedics which now has recalled thousands of hip replacement systems because of the complaints. It’s not bad to fight for your judicial rights and claim your products liability claims because you deserve it after being subjected to a defective surgery. Visit these Texas lawyers and enjoy free consultation.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just Let Them Dream

The kids were talking about their future jobs after college. Little by little they tend to feel what they want when they grow up or what course they will take in college. Ruth is into arts and culinary and she’s showing so much talents in both field. I know Gen being the competitive one among her siblings would want to follow me and took up Computer Engineering or Finance degree. She’s also interested on having science jobs on her first work. Last but not the least my little boy who claims that he wanted to be an architect several months back had changed his dream and now he wanted to be a pastor. Anyway he’s really very young to know his talent, capabilities and inclination so we just let him dream for his future.


Free Math Help

I have noticed and observed that among the subjects in school it is the Math subjects that most students are finding hard to learn easily. I also had some difficulty in my college engineering Math with Calculus and College algebra but I learned the proper approach and techniques from my brother that I passed my subjects easily. It’s not the same results with others as some of my classmates took up college courses that will not force them to in their studies. I’m sure they would consider Math homework help these are available on those years. Maybe some of them will not dread having Math on their list of subjects. 

Now learning Math is easier because there are Free homework help  and online tutor that you can find on various sites. I’m confident that certain lessons and examinations on Factoring polynomials  would be as easy as 1-2-3 just like other common Math lessons if only the students would be given a chance to be taught online with specific lessons that they have difficulty. usually offer free demo for first time user then if they come to like the service they can get weekly tutoring package for only $29.99 or the amount of $99.99 per month for Grade K-12 students covering all subjects. They also have different rates for College tutoring at $69.99 a week or $199.99 a month. It’s for me a very convenient way of learning because students can do it in the comforts of their homes with the company of their parents. 

I'll have to admit and be happy for those students to have Free math help on their assignments because they get to learn free techniques and lessons without comprising subscription to the tutor company. If they come to like it they can go ahead and avail the tutorial at a very affordable price.


Friday, October 22, 2010

One Stop Site for Your Dream Home

My friend who rent a house for seven years is now planning to venture into investing a house of their own. He need to look into suggested home floor plan so he’ll have ideas on the position of bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and other parts of the house. He’s going to choose a style that will somehow blend with their personalities too. That’s how he’s going to make his dream house with a character and style he can call his own. This is not really impossible as provides necessary tools and resources to help anyone looking for their house plans be guided into choosing the right one for them. 

Searching for specific chosen style is as easy as 1-2-3 because they have arranged it according to features, architectural style, specialty architectural style and project plans wherein you can choose additional plans for garages, decks and other outer extensions of the house. You can see that the house designs are really stylish and look so sturdy. I love their simple quick search wherein you can put in how many rooms, baths, garage bays, floors and estimated cost for them to give you their search results. It’s really a great help to those who really want to build their own homes immediately because they also offer pre-drawn floor plans you can purchase and use to build your home. You can either use it as is or a starting design to add up more of your required amenities. To end it all up there’s a tool where you can also locate a builder if you don’t have someone to do the construction side. It’s like finding a one-stop shop for your dream home.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keeping the Kids Safe

As a Mom I’m always after the welfare of my kids and my priority is their well being and happiness. DH shared the same protective caring and affection I have and we see to it that we ensure all means and ways on how to keep them safe from harm and prevailing sicknesses. Just today DH had a general cleaning of the house and checked every possible way that mosquitoes and other pests can lurk in. He was in great mood to clean everything and planning to have some paint makeover because that will prevent some insects from coming to the house if they smell new-painted walls. 

Anyway having those dirty pests is not a problem anymore if you have Bulls Eye Pest Control, a Houston pest control that provides pest control services to houses and business establishments that were infested with termites, cockroaches, rats, fire ant, flea and other pests. They will see to it that it will never come back when they have finished dealing with them. They offer quality services at very affordable rates.


Hormones and Acne

When we were still in high school many of my friends complained about their pimple and acne breakouts. I’ve experienced those skin problems in my face twice or thrice only which was lucky for me according to them. Most of them tried everything they can to prevent acne from occurring in their faces but some of them failed and had it until college. My cousin who was in the same dilemma consulted dermatologist but after two months of treatment it will go back again especially if she stop using the medicine. 

She learned that her problem has something to do with hormones and acne and she got it from her father’s blood. She’s my cousin through her Mom so it answered her question about why we almost never had it. Anyway she didn’t stop from there and through research she finally found the best remedy for her. That was several years back and now it’s not her worries anymore.


Body Acne Problem

My cousin was complaining about her acne at the chest and back the other week but I don’t know anything about it. I wanted to help her with her dilemma but I only know of acne in the face because it’s the most common occurrence in my friends. I’m lucky that it wasn’t my problem even when I was in my adolescent years. Anyway she called to me yesterday and happily shared that she found body wash for acne and hopeful that in time she’ll have no problem with her chest and back. It’s giving her pain when sleeping so she’s looking forward to a blissful relaxing night this week. And I can also rest from her complaints and whining.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tried and Tested Over the Years

With the outpouring of blessings these past few days I can’t help thinking of saving money for the rainy days so they say. But sometimes I want to venture into small business so the money will have some profit and not just sitting on the bank. If you’re a work-at-home Mom like me you’ll also think of best ways on how you’ll take advantage of the work’s peak season. It’s not always like this as sometimes we only get normal amount of tasks. Now that it’s beyond our normal workload it’s really to invest on something tangible like jewelry, small store or the good old investment of the past decades, the gold or other precious metal. 

In these modern times United States Bureau makes it possible to invest in other forms of gold like gold coin or bullions and have it safely stored at independent bank or depository. You’ll just wait for the gold to appreciate value over the years and you’ll have the highest return of your capital after some period. I know gold is a sure kind of investment because it’s already tried and tested even before the old generation. Its value has the highest appreciation percentage over some investments so it’s safe to put our money into this precious metal.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video Production Company

I just had a chat with one of my closest friends in my first job which became the godfather of my eldest kid also. He has always been the artist in our group and it actually started since when he’s young. He’s very gifted with artistic talents whether he’s using a pencil and paper, paint and canvass, charcoal, pastel and every medium of drawing and painting. He’s even great at graphics software. He’s worked at one of the best Animation companies from Japan and he became versatile doing everything from draft to finalization. He’s undergone a rigid training and critical quality job that permits perfection and reject flaws. I saw his career move higher with his talented wisdom in manual and computerized graphics.

After few years in animation he was contracted to be part of some video production companies that needs an artist with knowledge in IT. He’s a perfect candidate as he’s also a graduate of computer technology course and practicing software programming since he graduated. It’s what you call mixing your education with skills and talents. I don’t know much video production but he’s the one who’s always explaining me the ropes of the business.

Well now I learned that if you want to hire the services of tv production companies you can visit which deliver first class TV commercial production, web video production, corporate video production and post production services. You will never worry about not meeting your deadlines and finances as they’re always on time and on budget.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Camp Meeting Preparation

We had a meeting in the church yesterday about our coming December camp meeting and our needed preparation for it. We talked about food if we’re going to have it per family or common food for all of us. Majority of us voted for the per family arrangement because it’s more convenient for most of us. Then we proceeded with the list of important things to bring because we’re going to a rural place which is far from the market. We’re going again to Villa Dominga Forest Resort which is some kilometres away from our access to market and other stores. It would be hard if we didn’t bring all needed things like medicine, protective clothing against cold like sweaters and bonnets, kitchen utensils, flashlights and tools for our cars too. We’re going to stay there for four days and three nights so we need to prepare four-day meal foods.

I should also have stocks of my kids’ foodies like biscuits, bread, milk, choco drink and their favorite hotdogs, tocino and chicken. Anyway it’s now easy for me to do it as I’m accustomed to doing it for several years now since the kids were only babies. I actually have a computerized list in my PC for Summer camp and December camp meetings. We’re also bringing some church instruments to have a joyful praise singing there. Josh was so excited that he’s counting the days before December 23.


Mom's Stylish Eyeglasses

When Mom had a cataract operation on her right eye a year ago she felt very good about herself because she was able to return to his hobbies of reading books. She’s fond of reading inspirational books, medicine books and cook books. After the operation she was instructed to wear her specific protective glasses to prevent dust from getting into her newly operated eye. She wore it daily for one month and then she returned to wearing her regular glasses. We were joking her about her sports style eyeglasses because it looks like it was made for younger women. Well it fits her perfectly and it made her look younger so every time she has a visitor they would always comment of her new adopted look.


Slow Mode Today

It’s a slow day for me as I came back to sleep after the kids went to school. Wake up again at past 9am and prepared our lunch. For my online tasks I’m just starting now before taking my lunch and planning to search through blu ray movies for a relaxing afternoon later. I think the weather has to do with the slow mode I’m having right now and very close to doing nothing at all except the usual Mommy duties for the house and kids. I’m more active into monitoring the water level of dams and what’s happening at the affected areas. Anyway just like what my best friend told me I deserved to have some rest once in awhile. And because DH is on his semestral break now it’s so nice to be in slow mode in work.


What Makes Her Happy

That's one of the things that makes my daughter happy! When she reached her goal not just in her studies or competition that she joins but in playing her favorite arcade basketball.  Here she beats the record and posted her own record score and she was smiling to me when I called her to pose.  Sometimes she wouldn't pose as she didn't want to be disturbed.  We dropped by the nearest Tom's World after she won the first place in inter-school competition.  It's a kind of prize she asked me so I gave in :-). Who wouldn't? She's been good in school and a good daughter also.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Right Kitchen Lightings

I stay most of my offline hours at the kitchen because I find it relaxing to spent some time fixing our meals and preparing desserts and snacks. I just need to put some kitchen blinds because the heat of the sun in the afternoon sometimes peek through the windows. I don’t want my recipes to spoil early because of sun’s exposure so I thought of putting some blinds so I can choose the kind of brightness I want when I’m there or while I’m cooking. I always wanted a bright and clear kitchen ambiance but I don’t want it coming from direct sunlight to my foods so blinds would be perfect for what I’m thinking about. I just need to search where to get the best and most affordable.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meeting Her Sales Quota

I haven’t seen my cousin for several days and when I bumped into her this morning she told me that she’s reporting to her office daily now. She informed me that insurance policy is hard to sell now so she’s worried about reaching her sales quota. She’s been with the company for quite some time and it’s only now that she’s finding it hard to sell seniors life insurance because of some insurance fraud that came out in the past. Even if those were from other insurance companies still the image of all kinds of insurances were tainted. I hope she’ll be able to solve her problems soon because she’s one of the top agents previously.


A Replacement for Our Old Car

With the numerous warning about the coming super typhoon all we can do is pray and hope that it will not bring many casualties and damages as what the previous storms and typhoons did to this country. We experienced the super Ondoy last year in which our town was one of the most affected ones but when I reflected into what happened last year I saw God's hands reached out to us the most also.

Despite the worst scenario that brought us submerged up to my neck at about 5 feet we're still alive and God has provided us means to recover fast with only our good old car as our casualty. Now it has been replaced by God and even more beautiful. He has made us part away with our old car to be able to give us a chance to own a much bigger and stronger pickup vehicle. It's also a pre-owned car but it's better. Thanks to God.


Shedding Off Pounds Slowly

I skipped my exercise workout this morning because I have to go to my friend and distant cousin’s father who died last Tuesday. I’m glad that I did one hour workout yesterday because this day was a busy one in the morning. We dropped by the nearest toy store and bought gifts for Iya and finished the errands at the mall store. We were just in time for our lunch at house when we arrived. I’m not afraid of eating rice now in the middle of the day because I know I will not need apidexin for a long time. 

I’m confident that I can shed off excess pounds little by little if I will continue with exercise, workout, healthy meal plans and discipline. If only I did this a long time ago then I will not be as big as I am now. Anyway I’ll just hope that I will not be burdened by hectic morning schedule as that will be my reasons for not doing my exercises. It feels good to be fit and I hope I’ll be one in few months.


Weekend Bonding

I’m always excited when Friday comes because weekend will follow and my kids will be free from school and we can have bonding time. Actually bonding and quality time for me is just simple as cooking their favorite foods or buying them cake or ice cream to go with my cooked meals. My family has a good appetite and they always look forward to my recipe for the day especially on Saturdays when we can have each other’s attention the whole day.

How I wish we have those wooden swing sets on the patio so they can enjoy it every time we’re at the patio. Anyway without it they’re busy with their board games and some pica pica snacks. Hope the storm won’t ruin our evening activities.


Sufficient for Our Needs

I'm so thankful that despite numerous expenses we have now we're still coping up. Just paid the kids' quarterly tuition fees from my online salary and I thank God for giving me the provision to have those opportunities and tasks. When I think of all His blessings I smile to myself and feel so lucky that He's always there not just to protect and guide us but to give us a chance to enjoy life. When I resigned from my job and concentrate on working online I know that the job wasn't stable unlike my corporate work. But God made the difference on every thing in our lives. He has made the job sufficient for our needs. He is good all the time.


Planning The Little Boy's Room

We had our weekly general cleaning on the house with the help of my two daughters who were training to help us in the household on Saturdays. They need to learn some of the basic housekeeping activities like sweeping the floors, putting wax on our wooden floors upstairs and arranging their bedroom. They’re big now and their teachers advised us to teach them simple house chores. 

After cleaning the house we changed the linens and I’ve noticed that I have to buy new ones. I’m wondering if I could get some matouk products for the house or just get it from the nearby town’s market because they also have the best ready-made and customized ones. I want a set or two for our bedroom and for the girls’ room. The little boy is still sleeping with us but I’m planning to arrange one room in the upper floor for his would-be boy’s room. For now he’s still young and don’t want to separate sleeping away from me.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Universal Charger

Sometimes it’s hard having different brands of cellular phones in the family because you also have to keep various cell phone chargers at bay when one cell phone’s battery has a warning of being low charged. Now we keep four chargers in the house and when we’re in a hurry we’re confused what to bring out from the box. Now I’m thinking of one charger only for any type of cell phones we may have. I heard from my friend that they’re now using universal charger and it’s so convenient you can carry it lightly on your travel. Just one charger for all types of phones.


The Flip Flop Test

Your Flip Flops Say You're Idealistic

You are hopeful and romantic. You love many people and many things.
You aren't unrealistic, but you do imagine things in the most ideal way possible.

You are a dreamer. If something exists, you've probably thought about it.
You don't think about what is, you think about what could be.

Your ideal warm weather place: Fiji

Picking that kind of flip flops gave me those personality assessment.  It's only a quiz but it matched somehow to the real me. That's the other side of me hopeful to most aspects of my life.  I never give up easily on something I want.  Whenever I need or like somethings I pray for it until I get it.  Of course not everything you want is given to you and I know that.  I'm romantic in a sense that I believe in true love in this time and age.  I know that it still exists and fairy tale happens too. But then again we should be realistic enough that not all love story ends well. 


Living in Cool Places

Slowly I can feel that the most festive season of the year is coming very soon because the weather is changing too. Now when I wake up at dawn I can feel a cooler temperature. Well there’s a coming storm in our country and I just don’t know if that contributes to the sudden change of temperature. 

Anyway this cooler air is nothing compared to that of the northern part when December comes that’s why they need to have fireplaces inside their houses to enjoy a warmer environment. I remember my friend Gem telling me that they never got used to using electric fan in the house because it’s always cool in their house. It must be nice to live in such cooler places.


How to Stay Healthy and Fit

How we wish we’re always young, active, healthy and free from sickness that hit us from time to time. Some may have wish for an hgh spray to bring their youth and good form back but I opt for my own natural way of getting healthy and fit. We should the proper food, should meet the daily nutrition requirements, maintain regular exercise and form a habit of normal hours of sleep. I know it’s not that easy with some people like us who sometimes need to work and wait for opportunities in the evening but on some other not-so-busy days we can rest and practice healthy habits. We can make adjustments and save our energy and strength for the coming stressful days.


Thursday, October 14, 2010 Blog Contest

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San Diego Defense Lawyer

As I grow old I learned to believe that not all prisoners are law breakers, some of them are not guilty of the crime they were accused of. I heard many cases that they were just misjudged and accused and there was no one good enough to defend them. Sometimes they don’t have enough money to pay for the whole lawsuit and proceedings. These cases can happen to those coming from poor families and were only given free public attorneys to defend for them. 

I know every attorney has the capacity to do his job but I’m also aware that there are attorneys who have the best abilities and professional experiences to deal with defending accused person like Kerry Steigerwalt, a leading San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer who is highly respected by the legal community. His law firm has the experiences and resources in representing and defending clients of various criminal cases in San Diego. They handle shoplifting, capital murder, homicide, assault and many others. For two decades now they defended various clients in criminal charges and obtained the "not guilty of murder" verdict for clients in many of their cases.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Free WP Themes

I’ve been blogging for more than three years now using blogger but slowly my friends are turning to wordpress. They told me that it has to do with a lot of things which are important to bloggers. One friend told me that she’s concerned with ownership and branding and love the way she could install the software to the server under her owned domain name with no sub-domain structures. It’s also more secured as when blog is hacked or database is lost you can still bring back your data from your server or through your host. Well that’s part only of the advantages that I heard from them and looking through WP it has other things that I’m looking forward to like the hundreds of pinging services so you can reach the world through this pings.

I’m still with other providers because it’s really hard to switch because it would take too much of my time but I’m planning to create a new one using WP to get the best of both blog hosts. Now I’m looking at the best wordpress themes available and I love choosing among them. I can choose the most appropriate theme for my new blog. Just looking at them makes me feel more excited at starting a new wp blog. Well after starting on it I have to look at the roster of the best 10 wordpress hosting which I’ll have to decide on choosing soon because I shall need it to complete the hosting.

I’m glad that my friends are there for me to guide through using this new found host which is a little complicated than my other host. Anyway it’s worth it because now I will not only have the means to choose among the best free wordpress themes but have an access to thousands of plugins that will make my blog look more chic, professional and search engine friendly. It’s now easy to share Twitter posts, add Flickr photos and a lot more, I’m really excited.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee Break at the Patio

I’ve been doing my writing assignments since lunch time and I think I deserve a break right now. It would be real good if I can have coffee at the patio. I’ll just wait for the husband to arrive so we can have a relaxing chat about what happened the whole day. It’s their school’s clearance day and also their last day for the semester. Tomorrow will be the start of their enrolment and I’m amazed how time flies and he has finished one semester already. I really believed that learning knows no age and you can reach your dream depending on your goals. 

Anyway I have to get up now and get myself my creamy coffee first and wait at the patio where I can relax my back and feet from long hours of working in my laptop. It would be nice if I can have those beautiful Patio Furniture Covers I’ve seen at Empire patio covers so I wouldn’t be tired from cleaning all the dirt caused by dust. I’ve noticed that the walnut finish was becoming pale too because the sun’s heat is so intense these days.

I really need to list down all the things needed for the patio as in the long run it would be more economical to have Patio Chair Covers and Patio Table Covers to protect them from early fading, wear and tear. Our outdoor furniture would last longer if they have protective coverings like those I’ve seen at Empire patio covers site because they have durable, stylish and very affordable covers for the patio furniture like chaise lounge, chairs, tables, grill, fire pit and a lot more. They also guarantee their products with 1 year warranty for classic material furniture and 2 years for the signature materials. Now I have few minutes left before the husband arrives.


Iron Deficiency in Children

I remember a school seminar for the parents last July which was hosted by a haematologist doctor. She talked about the importance of Iron in our body and what will happen if there’s iron deficiency in our children. She summarized that Filipino way of eating are susceptible to deficiency because we tend to eat more ice and vegetables which are low in iron unlike Americans who eat more proteins. 

Anyway she suggested great ideas on bringing up our children in such a way that they will strong and healthy. Of course they should get rid of vices like alcohol and Black and Mild, sleeping so late at night, imbalance of food nutrition intake and many more. Children should also be brought up with faith in God because that’s the real key in living. They should be healthy in mind, body and spirit. If one lack one of the most important things mentioned that’s when sickness will come to you.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Fashionable Medical Scrubs

When we were at the hospital last month and stayed there for almost one day I’ve observed that healthcare staff is really nice to look at. They have the clean clinical look that fits their profession. I always love seeing nurses in their spotless medical nursing uniforms that they seem to maintain very clean all day long. I’ve noticed that uniforms now are becoming trendy and fashionable these days because I’ve seen some of the scrub’s classic designs worn by men are in multiple colors unlike the previous years when they wear white uniforms only. Sometimes you’ll turn your heads over them because they look great.

It’s really a big difference now with the last decades of bringing through hospital uniforms because blue sky scrubs offers innovative scrub designs for all staff in the healthcare profession. Now you’ll see chic scrub hats and caps on female nurses on the operating room. With my experience being on the operating room three times on my caesarean operations it’s surely a delight to see chic professional attending you. Their pony, pixie and poppy hat collections are some of the trendiest and fashionable accessories they have.

My niece who is an intern nurse already has discovered where she can buy medical scrubs online and she feels good about wearing them because it fits great on her and its becoming to her look. That’s what blue sky scrubs provide, their medical scrubs are chic, high quality, stylish yet has the professional look of the nurses. You can also choose from their variety of colors like ceil blue, navy blue, royal blue and some others. Visit them now and see their trendy scrubs, scrub hats, accessories and medical coats.


Friday, October 8, 2010

PH: Stripes - Zebra

This was taken in Manila Zoo 2 years ago when Josh was only 5 years old.  It was my girls' educational tour and my little boy joined in. It was his first field trip and he's very excited to see all the animals in the zoo.  Just look at his eyes and sheepish smile.  He's very young here and all their stop overs overwhelmed him.  He was so amazed at the stripes skin of zebra, he thought it was painted on the body and not a natural one  hmmm the innocence of toddlers :-)

For more of  'Stripes' themed photos just click the badge above!


Sleeping Early Tonight

I’ll be resting early tonight because we’re going to be at the contest as early as 6:00 in the morning. No worrying about finding the best acne products for my teen daughter because she’s not allowed to sleep late in the night. We told her that it can cause her to have acne so she’s trying to sleep earlier than usual. Anyway I didn’t have problem with acne or pimples when I was her age but she’s our eldest and she might possibly get it from his father’s genes. DH is free from scars of acne too but he told me that during his teens he also experienced having minor pimple problems.


Managed Hosting

I’ve been enjoying having domain sites for about three years now and I’m glad my friend introduced me to it. It’s more flexible and there are more benefits than having free-hosted blogs. It’s like a company with very reliable managed hosting because you’ll get the full service performance and round the clock monitoring. I’ve been employed with a company with such a high tech equipment and gadgets and I know how nice and easy to work if your office has the latest innovations in town. Not only that because if the company you’re working for gets the best hosting you’ll have there are few interruptions online.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB Ultra Portable Hard Drive WDBAAA5000A Western Digital

I really have to buy storage for my tons of pictures. I've stored half of them in my desktop hard drive and the latest this year is currently in my laptop. I want to organize all of my pictures in one storage and I'm thinking of buying external hard drive. My friend Jen advised me that it's safe to have a separate backup and told me to buy the 500GB EHD. Well I've found this one which costs a little over 4K. Since it's a necessity I should allot some budget for this one I've found in Villman.

Western Digital Passport Essential 500GB Ultra Portable Hard Drive WDBAAA5000A, high quality smallest portable drive of Western. With variety of fun colors to choose from.


WD SmartWare - See your life safe in one place.

* See your backup as it happens – Seeing is believing. Visual backup displays your content in categories and shows the progress of your backup.

* Protect your data automatically – Relax, your data is secure. Automatic, continuous backup will instantly make a second copy whenever you add or change a file.

* Bring back lost files effortlessly – Retrieve your valuable data to its original location whether you've lost all your data or just overwritten an important file.

* Take control – Customize your backup, set drive security, run diagnostics, manage the power settings, and more from the WD SmartWare control center.

Drive lock - Gain peace of mind knowing that your data is protected from unauthorized access or theft with password protection and 256-bit hardware-based encryption.

USB 2.0 interface - Powered directly from the USB port on your PC. No separate power supply is needed.

Planet friendly - We designed a small retail box from recycled materials to minimize waste. We encourage you to recycle it.

Available Colors - Arctic White/Black/Pacific Blue/Real Red


Better Bathrooms for All

I believe in making our bathrooms one of the nicest areas in our homes because it’s one of the most functional rooms in our homes. It’s where we feel refresh everyday and where we can relax our weary mind and body. I know some few friends who give out some of their precious time just to unwind and loosen up anxieties in the relaxing bath tubs. Some even have Jacuzzi where they can really enjoy whirlpool baths with therapeutic aid. It’s actually one of my favorite projects in the house where I prioritized renovating to enjoy a comfortable, convenient and nice bathroom. My kids love our new renovated bathroom and they really enjoy the new shower every time they take a bath. It’s worth all my money to make our bathrooms as nice as possible.

Well we can all do some small make over just by bringing in some style and order in our good old bathroom. Aside from making it as clean as possible we can add up cabinets for that tiny stuff we have in the room, it will surely make a difference. I’m browsing online for more ideas and visiting gave me plenty of ideas and lots of good deals too. They have wide variety of products you can choose from to turn your bathroom into the most lovable place in your homes. You can choose from among their bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, bathroom suites, accessories, tiles, basin sets, whirlpool baths and a lot more. Right now you can avail great discounts of up to 55% off RRP on your purchase of bathroom suites. See you’ll get high quality bathroom fixtures for less.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nokia C6 Unlocked QuadBand GPS WiFi HSDPA Cellular Phone

My mobile phone' flex was broken and I'm thinking if I'm going to have it repaired 'coz it's going to cost me a lot because I have to find a replacement for it.  It's a Motorola phone from my SIL brought from Trent, G.B. and it's 4 years old already.  Well I think I have no choice now but to find a new communication buddy but I want a phone internet if ever I'm going to find one.  My job demands constant communication and it will be a great help if I can be online anytime wherever I go.  I've been browsing for an hour now looking for something I can buy for myself on December for my birthday and  I found this one.  I'm not so choosy when it comes o mobile phone but now I have to choose a phone that I can also use for checking my mails, for social networks and etc.

Here's what I found - Nokia C6 which can give me easy access to email, contacts and social networks just what I need.  I just have to look for the lowest price for this.  Here are the specifications:
2G Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
Dimensions: 113 x 53 x 16.8 mm, 80 cc
Weight: 150 g
Type: TFT resistive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size: 360 x 640 pixels, 3.2 inches
- QWERTY keyboard
- Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
- Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
Alert types: Vibration; MP3 ringtones
Speakerphone: Yes
- 3.5 mm audio jack
Phonebook: Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
Call records: Detailed, max 30 days
Internal: 240 MB
Card slot: microSD, up to 16GB, 2GB included, buy memory
GPRS: Class 32
EDGE: Class 32
3G: HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth: Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
Infrared port: No
USB: Yes, v2.0 microUSB
Primary: 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Features: Geo-tagging
Video: Yes, VGA@30fps
Secondary: Yes, QVGA
OS: Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5
CPU: ARM 11 434 MHz processor
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feeds
Radio: Stereo FM radio with RDS
Games: Yes + downloadable
Colors: White, Black
GPS: Yes, with A-GPS support
Java: Yes, MIDP 2.1
- Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger
- MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC+ player
- MP4/H.264/WMV player
- Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
- Flash Lite v3.1
- Voice command/dial
Standard battery, Li-Ion 1200 mAh (BL-4J)
Stand-by: Up to 384 h (2G) / Up to 384 h (3G)
Talk time: Up to 7 h (2G) / Up to 5 h (3G)
Music play: Up to 30 h


Monday, October 4, 2010

Visit to Mall

We went to the mall to see my good blogger friends Tere and Dez. I told hubby to fetch for me and bring the kids so they can play at the entertainment zone at the ground floor. After my dinner with my friends the kids had rounded up both game areas and were ready to hire a cab when I told them to visit Toy Kingdom because Josh has been asking me few days back to bring him to that store. Well as expected the little boy was amazed at the cardboard displays of miniature cars, big cars, stuffed toys, robots, well known figures and many others. I even bought 2 Almanac for my birthday gift to my brother and for Gen’s collection. The little boy whispered to me that he’ll buy what he want on our next visit.


Transcend - 4GB Secure Digital Card

I need a new SD Card for storing my photos, my current suddenly gave up on me and I'm just using the old 1GB memory card.  I want a bigger storage and I've found this at

Transcend - 4GB Secure Digital Card

- Compatible with Nintendo® Wii™ and Sony® PS3™ game consoles for saving and managing game saves
- Download and backup Virtual Console (VC) games from the Wii™ Shop Channel
- Compatible with all other media devices equipped with a SD slot for storing photos, pictures, MP3 and video files
- Lower power consumption, which maximizes battery life in small portable devices
- Includes Error Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct errors
- Mechanical Write Protection Switch


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thinking of Appropriate Investment

Looking for sure investment? For working at home Moms like me earning income online may seem so bountiful at times but we should bear in mind that tasks are not always that plenty. Best thing to do is save some of your online earnings for the rainy days or for the low peak season. This way we will appreciate being a work-at-home Mom more because we instil a good financial planning in ourselves. I have three kids and I help my husband in all expenses in the house. He takes care of the bills and I take care of their tuition fees. It’s easy to budget money if we plan our expenses ahead of time.

When hubby and I discuss about our kids’ college education we want to invest on gold coins or small business to assure that we will have backup for their education expenses. Investment should be carefully planned to ensure that we’ll have returns for our invested capital. Small business is good enough for us but we need to manage it properly or it will just be a failure. As of now I don’t have time to manage one so it’s a second priority.


Canon CBK4-300 Rechargeable Battery & Charger Kit

It's really expensive to maintain gadgets like cameras you always have to change batteries, upgrade storage and some other things. My fourth set of rechargeable batteries are now showing signs of wearing out again and as always I need to buy another set because I want one that will last from dawn to evening if ever I need it.  

I'm  using Canon PowerShot Camera so I browse for the same brand of batteries.  I'm assuming that it will be a better alternative than other brands. I've found Canon CBK4-300 Rechargeable Battery and Charger Kit for PowerShot Cameras which is more expensive than my previous sets but I like it especially that it's now USD39.99 from previous price of USD58.00. It's available at


Friday, October 1, 2010

With Strong Determination and Discipline

My Mom noticed that I’m doing fine with my diet plan which I started at the beginning of this week. I’m determined to manage my dinner without rice and so far I’m not tempted. I told my Mom that I will do my diet first without the help of tea and pills just to see if my own planned healthy meals will do changes for me. I heard about all natural diet pills and it gave me some thoughts but I think I will not have a need for it anymore as my body is responding to my meal plans. I know it will take some time before I even lose a pound but I will give my best determination and self discipline. I’m doing this not just to be slimmer but to be healthy as well.


SwissGear Computer Backpack

I'm always on the go but I have second thoughts on bringing my lappy because my HP case is not that easy to carry and sometimes it's too obvious that I'm carrying a laptop with me. Some areas are just not that safe to carry gadgets so I have to put it in a not-so obvious bag when I ride public vehicles. It's not a problem when I'm with my husband or if we have a car.

Anyway I'm looking for a nice black backpack just like my office best friend's bag. Few months back he told me that he'll find one for me but due to busy schedule he failed to buy the few stocks left. I've found this one at which is just perfect for me, the style and the color fits my specs.


Some Other Source of Income

Since I started working at home I thank God that He has never stopped on giving me work blessings until now. Now I’m thinking that I should be wise in my finances and should learn how to save and invest. My work is not a stable one though for years now I’m having a stable income and more than what I’m earning from my previous job. I’m glad I resigned last year to concentrate on my family and blogging. Back to investing, I’m really looking for a tangible investment like gold coins so I can be assured that I can have returns of capital in the following years to come. Investment is important to me because four years from now my daughter will enter college and I need some sources of income when that time comes.


Separate Beds for the Girls

I dropped by my favorite furniture store yesterday with my daughter from her inter-school competition and canvassed beds and mattresses for the girls’ room. My girls are getting bigger now and they suddenly don’t want to share beds although it’s wide enough for them. One daughter was complaining that her sister keep on moving while sleeping and the other one find the bed narrow for them. Anyway to succumb to their request I’ve canvassed prices and thinking now how we would arrange the room with two beds. The room is big enough to accommodate two beds but they want more space in the room for some of their accessories and displays. Hope I’ll be able to rearrange the room within this month.


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I'd like to express my warm thanks to my regular visitors and ec droppers.  Thank you for the effort and time consumed to pay me a visit.  Hope to see again next month for my top droppers!

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