Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Replacement for Our Old Car

With the numerous warning about the coming super typhoon all we can do is pray and hope that it will not bring many casualties and damages as what the previous storms and typhoons did to this country. We experienced the super Ondoy last year in which our town was one of the most affected ones but when I reflected into what happened last year I saw God's hands reached out to us the most also.

Despite the worst scenario that brought us submerged up to my neck at about 5 feet we're still alive and God has provided us means to recover fast with only our good old car as our casualty. Now it has been replaced by God and even more beautiful. He has made us part away with our old car to be able to give us a chance to own a much bigger and stronger pickup vehicle. It's also a pre-owned car but it's better. Thanks to God.


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