Saturday, October 16, 2010

Planning The Little Boy's Room

We had our weekly general cleaning on the house with the help of my two daughters who were training to help us in the household on Saturdays. They need to learn some of the basic housekeeping activities like sweeping the floors, putting wax on our wooden floors upstairs and arranging their bedroom. They’re big now and their teachers advised us to teach them simple house chores. 

After cleaning the house we changed the linens and I’ve noticed that I have to buy new ones. I’m wondering if I could get some matouk products for the house or just get it from the nearby town’s market because they also have the best ready-made and customized ones. I want a set or two for our bedroom and for the girls’ room. The little boy is still sleeping with us but I’m planning to arrange one room in the upper floor for his would-be boy’s room. For now he’s still young and don’t want to separate sleeping away from me.


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