Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Waiting Line in Banks

I’ve rounded up two schools yesterday to get the patches for my kids’ extra uniform and visited my little boy on his lunch break which is a little earlier on the real lunch time. I went to the bank to ask about health savings account and pay my card just before lunch but I was welcomed with a long line of clients. I had no choice but to stay and wait for my turn even though I’m starving. Worst thing is we’re all standing up unlike other banks that have chairs while you wait.

One teller was assisting one client for the rest of my stay at the bank, he really had tons of transactions and it took around 25 minutes to move because the other teller has closed her cubicle. My plans were canceled because the other teller that opened entertained payments only and not inquiries. I would have to go to another line to ask so I went home and planned to go next week again to look for a bank with that kind of service. If there’s no such service like that here maybe I’ll just open a regular savings account for my kids.


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