Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Inclusive Vacation Plans

We and our church friends are planning vacation in Baguio and everything was properly noted and thought about. We scheduled it for the first week of November but sudden changes in the school opening limited our chances of joining the group. I’m excited for the vacation but if it means a problem in my kids’ schooling I think we’ll have to reschedule. Actually I was thinking of an all inclusive vacation that includes everything we would need for a great vacation. I would want it to be a beach vacation because that’s really where my heart is and there is something for everyone to enjoy on a beach vacation. It would be so relaxing to stay with my family at a beautiful beach somewhere thinking about nothing but resting and enjoying our time together. Good all inclusive vacations are complete in themselves, that is the price includes everything that you will need to have an enjoyable and satisfying vacation.

I had heard that Breezes Resort has some of the best all inclusive vacation packages, and so I visited their website to get more details. When I checked the website, I couldn't imagine what more I would expect from an all inclusive resorts vacation. Breezes includes great accommodations at beautiful beach destinations, lots of food, both regular meals and snacks through the day, all beverages, and then a ton of fun activities. The fun activities are things like snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, trampoline jumping, and circus training to name just a few. Their child centered resorts have supervised activities for the kids as well as a great variety of family activities. Something for everything is what they offer at these resorts. How I would love to hop on the plane and land in one of Breezes beautiful resorts, but I know we have to carefully plan everything and save more for those dreams to come true.


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