Thursday, March 18, 2010

:Thursday Challenge - Round 'Alumni Balloon'

for fun and learning

"ROUND" (Circle, Sphere, Curves, Moon, Clock, Coins,...)

Just find this balloon just right for the theme. What makes this balloon special? Because it's our balloon for our High School's 50th Golden Anniversary Alumni Homecoming - for our batch only. The speaker of the jubilee even remarked that our batch were having a birthday party as we're the only table with such nicely colored balloon and cake too! Anyway we feel very young then just like when we're in our high school days and to celebrate our grand get together someone from our group thought it will be nice to have these cute lavender balloons to go with our golden yellow shirts. Nice color combination.

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Super-Inclusive Breezes Resorts in the Caribbean

Planning for a great vacation getaway? Well I’ve known my former colleagues had their all inclusive caribbean vacations few weeks ago and they really had a good time relaxing in the cool breeze while and basking in the sun the whole day. They’ve been talking about it the whole day after they’ve arrived. Of course I’m not new to it as my former boss often gets into Caribbean cruise on their yearly vacation which falls on the summer months here.

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Listen to Your Inner Voice

In our life we sometimes relied on other people’s comments and remarks to decide on the things we want to do. It’s always good to listen to our friends’ opinions but we should weigh things up before following advices and opinions, it’s your life and it’s you who knows what’s good for you. When you share your dreams and goals with those close to you – a change of career, starting a new business, going back to school and other new things in your life – you’re likely to hear a negative response. Don’t let others rain on your parade – instead, go for it. But be sure that you’ve prayed for it and asked for God’s sign if you’ll continue or not. Plans coupled with prayers give successful results.


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