Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Capturing Precious Moments of My Kids

I’m relaxing a bit now after Mom gave me the therapy for my back pain. She insisted to give me a follow-up massage since my sleep is not normal again due to my back. I would wake up just very early at dawn and sleep will evade me because of the pain. It was a nice and soothing massage just as good as ever. Now I’m viewing my kids’ school video of their graduation and I’m not satisfied with the length of the video. I’m thinking that I should save for a nice camcorder so I can capture more minutes of their special moments in school.

Has anyone told me that I’m a stage Mom? Of course my friends laughed at how I seriously document every single school activity they have. But as they laugh they will tell me that they would love to do it as well if given the opportunity. Oh well as for me children will only be kids once and if you don’t make the most of it you’ll never see it again. They will grow up soon and you’ll be surprised at how time flies. One day they will eventually graduate and work and they will never be kids anymore. So for now I’m savoring every moments of their childhood and maintaining my sites helped me document their journey in life.


Fledging Blogger's 100th Post Special

A friend I met through Entrecard has reached his 100th Post and he's making it a special one by celebrating it through a simple contest. Well I'm not really for the prizes as I just want to shout about this contest for my friend June Zach, win or not :-) just my way of thanking him for the special links and mention he has giving me in his blog. Visit his site 'Fledging Blogger' and join the fun!

Here's the mechanics:

Contest Number 1: Give your reason what makes the number 100 significant.


1) Your answer must be original (not copied from other source or reference).

2) Post your entry in the comments section.

The person who could give the best explanation and illustration shall win.

Prize: A blog review at the Fledgling Blogger.
Contest Number 2: Comment and Love Link Challenge


1) Simply make a real comment on this post and create a link back to it on your blog (does not require a separate blog post). You can insert the link anywhere on your latest posts. You can also shout about it.

2) Notify him once the link has been created.

Prize: Free advertisement from April 15-30, 2010 in my 125 X 125 ad space on the right side above the fold. The winner on this contest will be drawn by raffle.
Winners will be announced prior to April 15, 2010.


Hospital Observations

I accompanied my Auntie last month in her ultra sound and took the chance to visit my friend’s father who had a shoot in his blood pressure. I was relieved it wasn’t a mild stroke. As we’re waiting for the radiologist in the waiting foyer my eyes wander at the busy hospital and linger on the instruments used there like their weighing scale, BP instruments, oximeter and many other gadgets used to determine pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and weight. Nurses and caregivers test the patients before they even see the doctor.

These are commonly done in public hospitals where long lines were expected everyday and to make the process of checking up easier. Well if all these things were checked first all the doctor have to do is read the tests and readings and proceed with the checkup as fast as possible to accommodate all patients lined up for checkup and treatment. At least even if you’re tired lining up you don’t have to pay doctor’s fee and you’ll even get free medicines.


Stained Glass Jewelry Box

I was browsing for some gift ideas for a young lady when I came upon this item from doodlesanddoodads at etsy.com

This is a Big Catch Trinket/Jewelry Box Made of Stained Glass, a handcrafted stained glass trinket or jewelry box. It depicts a small child sitting on a dock fishing. This item is dimensional and detailed, complete with a bait can and the "big catch" of the day. I love the color and the unique materials used in this jewelry box. The small child sitting on a dock is just perfect for a gift to a young lady. And because it's made of glass it can also be used as home decor or paperweight. This item costs USD35.00


Took My Appetite Away

The sun’s heat this week is enough to take my appetite away from some foods as I only want to drink plenty of water and eat fruits when I feel the heat of the summer. The heat is like appetite suppressants to me because it somehow minimize my cravings for sweets and some other not so healthy foods. Well good for me as I don’t need to buy, eat and drink anything to lose some excess pounds as exposure to heat is enough to give the equivalent perspiration of one person who plays badminton or other sports. This confirms the article I read when I was young that it’s easier to lose pounds on summer than on winter!


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