Monday, December 13, 2010

Learn More

When I encounter things I don’t know I make it a point to search for it because I want to be able to feed my mind of new information or ideas.  Curiosity will help you learn more  of the things that will be useful in the future.  When I want to be slimmer and fit I search for meal plans that will guide my intake of food and inform me of what kinds I should take for better health.  Learning is a continuous process and it’s up to you if you want your mind to be as healthy as your body.


Looking for Tables and Stands

When we went shopping for clothes we also visited some furniture shops for small table that I’m going to use for my laptop. I have several computer and office table in the house but they’re too big to carry around the house. I want something that’s small and just right for my laptop and my mouse, yes I use mouse when I’m working because it’s faster and more convenient. 

Upon looking at various sizes and styles we settled for one but I told husband I’ll think it over because that’s not exactly what I want though it will do for my requirements.I just need to see more styles on other shops or maybe online just like the tv stands I found in my favorite online shop. I had fun looking at different styles of stands and sizes for tv but we still have one. Maybe I’ll buy when I buy a new tv which is more appropriate than buying a new one for the current television we have.


Easy on Early Shopping

I shopped for my things quite earlier more than a month ago because I don’t want to worry about items that don’t have my size. It’s easier to shop if I were the same size as when I was newly married as I look for petite clothing then but now I go for large sizes. On holiday season like this you have to shop earlier than most shoppers do because store have plenty and complete stocks at the start of the quarter months before the holidays. I’m relieved that on my last shopping for clothes last weekend I got my desired stocks and sizes for my big girls; anyway they’re petite and easier to shop for clothes. I can also get some pretty clothes for them online without worrying about crowd and stocks.


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