Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebration Month

Month of May is fast approaching and we have many occasions on that month. First it’s our wedding anniversary on the fourth then Mother’s day comes after which is rather a sweet occasion for me as my Mom and I celebrate with together with the family. When thinking of gifts I usually search for ideas online as they have various gift ideas in line for all who wants to give their Moms the best gift ever like special jewelries such as mothers day rings, necklaces or bracelets perhaps.

Well I also searched for home decors as Mom loves to decorate our home with lovely vases and ornaments. Since it will also be her 80th birthday on the 30th of the month we want to redecorate the house for her birthday celebration. We’re still planning if we will celebrate it at home or at some new place or resort. Anyway we still have 2 months to prepare so there’s no rush about it.


Her Dream TV

When my office friend dropped by the mall with me in the afternoon she requested me that she’ll just go to appliance store and canvas her choice of brand for her dream television. She was surprised as the store we entered has an ongoing summer sale and you’ll be tempted to look and buy if you have money. We’ve looked in almost all styles and brands like Panasonic TVs and other LED TVs but she settled for the best brand that she loves since childhood. Well for now it’s still too pricey for her but after two months I know she can afford it well.


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