Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giving Myself Time for Exercise and Sports

We had some fun in the afternoon when Gen and Josh asked for permission to go biking in the municipal grounds where there are vast areas for sports and recreation. I was writing some assignments then but I opt to accompany them so I left my tons of work and went with my two younger kids. It was late in the afternoon and sun was just beginning to mellow its heat. That’s nice for biking.

I walked and rounded the wide area while they bike to see if they’re following my instruction not to go beyond the boundaries. I almost had a workout in a fitness equipment by the number of kilometers I walked but it was worth my time as I felt really good inside. Maybe I should really give myself time to do exercise, walking and indulge in my favorite sports. Well I’m planning to do it more often to support my semi-cleansing diet. I learned that a good healthy diet and exercise is really good for the body so I’m starting with it today. I was just hoping that I could fit this activity in my very tight schedule.


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