Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping for New LCD TV

My friend is planning to buy a new lcd tv because her Mom requested her to replace their current flat tv with a more advanced lcd tv. Her Mom wants to enjoy seeing her favorite show on bigger screen. My friend is searching for best deals and discounts on particular product and she’s also getting help from her sister who lives in Middle East now. I learned that the price is lower there. I wonder if she’s also going to buy one of those attractive and durable lcd tv mounts we saw online. Her new tv would look really good on that tv mount we saw recently. I know it will be just perfect and fit for that kind of tv and it can also be an added decor to their home.


The Old Paintings

My computer chair has been placed in our stock room few months back and now I remember that it can be repaired also like our other appliances in the house. We can buy some casters so we can replace the old broken one and search for a way to repair one leg chair. We have a lot of old furniture in the house and it would only take us some repairs to use them again. Some of our things especially the paintings can be dated back to 50s and 60s and they’re priceless to me because my father liked them when he’s still living. There’s something about old paintings. They seem to speak silently of our old folks’ lives in the old days.


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