Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Start a Healthy Lifestyle

I’m happy with my daily meal plan as I’ve grown accustomed these days to taking up half rice in every meal and almost nothing on dinner. I just replaced the rice with plenty of fruits to make up for my stomach full feeling. I heard about natural colon cleansing and the good it does on our bodies. Well with all the sickness occurring these days especially the colon cancer we really must thin about what we eat and how we live our life.

We should start living a healthy lifestyle to combat sickness better and to prevent us from being so susceptible to air-borne and communicable diseases. For my part I started my daily habit of eating pineapples, apple, citrus, mangoes, papaya and banana. These are the most commonly available in nearby stores and I just got to like them all that missing them in my meal are less satisfying.


What Caring is All About

Caring costs nothing, it makes you feel good, and it makes those around you feel good because it releases their reservoirs of positive energy. As a result, not only do people feel compelled to care back, but they use some of this newly released energy to care about those around them. Caring is a Win-Win proposition because you really can’t lose with this one. It’s one thing that every people can’t resist or ignore because they can feel it. It’s like a chain reaction that if someone cares you care also, it’s spontaneous and it feels really better having to care for someone you love.


Preparing for Little Boy’s Entrance Exams

I did some inventory and cleaning up on my hard copy files including important documents. I have accumulated files since I left my work and I’ve added some pretty nice books. I’m reading again now and I’m so glad I had a chance again. Most of my books are inspirational and those leaning to work attitude but I also started up reading about health. I’m opening up a health blog next month and hopefully writes about tips, healthy recipes, some common diseases and solutions like acne remedies, healing wonder of herbs and many things. I’d like my blog to be of help to many who are seeking some health tips and natural cure on some ailments.

Now back to my files, I was happy to find one of my little boy’s requirements in taking up entrance examination in Little Jewels. The school I want for Josh primary schooling requires the student to submit NSO certified birth certificate, Report Card (not necessarily up to fourth grading period) and Health card or baby’s vaccination report. I found the latter this morning and called the administrative officer of the school to request schedule for Josh. He would be scheduled on Thursday afternoon for written exams and one more day for reading and interview. Hope everything will be fine for his start of formal schooling.


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