Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Your New Best Friend: Your Personal Cloud

When the concept of “cloud computing” first began, its use was limited to a tech-savvy few, to larger businesses who could afford to hire technical consultants, and to online-based companies who were building their network of contacts through it. Today, however, it would be difficult to locate a person who does not have at least minimal access to or contact with a cloud – and not just a corporate cloud either. The personal cloud is a newer evolution in data storage and retrieval that individuals and families are now embracing for personal as well as business use. Here learn how to get the most out of a personal cloud and also keep your data safe.  

Never Be Without Important Documents Again

One of the most popular ways that individuals and families are using their personal cloud is to store and backup very important documents. Because a personal cloud is secure and the owner controls who has access to it, it is a safe place to store copies of passports, traveler’s checks, drivers licenses, medical records and more. For frequent travelers, there is an obvious allure to being able to quickly access important identification documents online should loss, theft or other emergencies occur. As well, for families that is light on at-home storage space, being able to keep digital copies of important documents in their personal cloud can cut down on the need for file cabinets and office space. Finally, purchasing an online protection system that guards against attacks, viruses and malware, such as that created by Trend Micro, is a natural complement to securing data in a personal cloud that no one should be without.

Organize Your Family Life

If you have multiple members in your household, then chances are organization and coordination can be a problem at times. Here again, it is possible to set up an online storage system that gives each member of the family space to store important information. For children, uploading homework is a great way to ensure it never gets lost or left at home. For adults, posting a weekly to-do list and family calendar can ensure no one ever forgets to pick up the kids or go to the store before that big dinner party. For families, blocking out vacation time, family meeting time, scheduled activities and more can allow any member to coordinate their calendar with the click of a button. The personal cloud also allows coordination of family entertainment by storing music, movies and more that each member then has access to.

There are many other benefits to using a personal cloud as well, and while it may take a bit of time to get used to storing information on a personal cloud instead of on an old-fashioned hard drive, once the learning curve is over with, you will quite likely wonder why you didn’t get started sooner and how you ever lived without a cloud of your own!


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