Thursday, August 12, 2010

Symbol that Love will be Forever

Before a couple gets married they should think many times before settling down because marriage is a serious commitment between two people. Couples should enjoy their time together and get to know each other well before making such a commitment. Once the couple becomes engaged most of their time will be spent planning the wedding, deciding where they are going to live, and so forth. One popular tradition is the giving of engagement rings that is the man will give the woman an engagement ring as a symbol of their commitment. Often engagement rings for the ladies are diamond rings I guess as a diamonds are forever, a diamond ring is a symbol that their love will be forever.  Often the engagement ring will be paired with  a  matching wedding  ring on that special day.

If you are in the market for diamond rings for a loved one, you might enjoy visiting where you will see their wide selection of beautiful diamond rings to choose from. You get to view the ring from all angles with their simple rotation tool. You can also have a ring created to your liking in their workshop. They will also provide personal service for you whether you want consultation with their experts or a help to design your own ring. I fell in love with their diamond solitaires as always do when I see one. Diamondgeezer also has a great selection of matching wedding bands to choose from. For me being engaged is the beginning of the real love relationship because that’s when you’ll start planning your wedding and your life together. We decided on a pair of elegant gold wedding rings as a symbol of our commitment.


:Thursday Challenge: Beverage-Banana Milk Shake

BEVERAGE (Water, Lemonade, Juice, Beer, Coffee, Tea,...)

I love drinking natural fruit juices whenever I went to restaurants and any dining  place.  I also want to to taste each restaurant's version of my favorite fruit shakes. I love natural fruit shakes because you can taste the real flavors of the fruits and it's very healthy too!

My Fruit Shakes entry is from the combo meal of Outback Restaurant where we dined in one of my last meetings with my boss, days before I left.

I just described it by myself lol! From the pic above you'll have an idea how yummy it is!


My Girls are Growing Up Fast

Ruth is growing up so fast now and I noticed that she’s gaining weight too. Her cheeks are so full now and sometimes I can’t help pinching it because I find so cute. She’s turning 13 next week on the 18th and officially she’ll be a teenager. I don’t know who’s more excited the daughter or the Mom? Well I just can’t help observing how she’s growing up looking so much like her Dad’s Mom and sibling. If you’ll have them on one line you’ll agree that they looked like the same. Anyway I also noticed that she’s getting out of her small size and I’m planning to ask her to shop clothes for her and buy some urban clothing for her use in going to mall, to school and some other occasions.

She has a good number of clothes already but I still think she’ll have more now so she could rid of her smaller clothes. My other daughter won’t have all her used clothes as she’s also gaining height so fast. She’ll be 12 in a few months and in few years time I’ll have two young ladies to take care of. I would surely miss their girlish carefree ways and acts. I’m lucky that I still have a kid who is so much younger than the girls whom I can enjoy a child’s charming ways and antics.


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