Saturday, February 27, 2010

Valuing Life

My friend is worried about her husband’s condition as the latter has been diagnosed with problems in the lungs. Her husband has been so piqued about the situation of his health that he’s not allowed to have his cigars since yesterday. Most men with vices act like that because they just can’t live without them but when it’s a matter of life and death they follow the advice of doctor. Hope these men realize the value of life and good physical health. Men are said to be the walls of the house so they should be strong enough to hold the house together. They must be healthy to support and protect their families.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings : Week#369

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Teeth :: pearly white
  2. Sweeten :: honey, sugar
  3. Demons :: evil spirit,
  4. Pizza :: pie, pepperoni
  5. Protector :: God, Jesus
  6. Smooth :: silky soft
  7. Coat :: paint, jacket
  8. Pebbles :: stone, floor
  9. Pregnant :: entering motherhood
  10. Sing :: melody, choir, hymn, songs
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Reading Glasses for Mom

I should be getting Mom a new pair of reading glasses as her old one seems not fitted to her. Her eye doctor told her that she should get herself a new one after recuperating from her cataract operation. She has one set of reading glasses as of now but I saw a new shop in our place offering discount prescription glasses for a certain limited period and I plan to go over there to inquire before I bring my Mom there. I don’t want her to wait for long so I will set an appointment for special checkup. I’m wondering if they have enough style that I would want for myself. I can also get a new one for myself too!


:TC - Sky : Enchanted Kingdom

for fun and learning
This is one of the most popular amusement parks here from where I stood when we alighted from our educational tour bus. Guess I was so excited with the shots I'm going to have at the park. I've almost had more than two hundred shots.

This shot is only an outside view, there are more exciting view inside the park, more colorful I think! The sky suddenly dimmed here in the middle of the day but it brightened after several minutes. I like having my shots with the theme in full view. You can see the clouds here stick together in almost one side only giving perfect background for the park's kingdom-like structures, enchanted though it seems!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Medical Alarms for Your Safety

With the current weather we are experiencing quite number of people seeking hospitalization increases. The super hot temperature during the day and cold air at night seems to give bad condition to people especially children. Changing temperature has an effect to people. Those who can’t adjust well with the weather condition are usually the ones who gets sick. I’ve visited my friend’s father in hospital and I saw many cases of hypertension which most of the times results to complications of heart ailment. My friend’s father was lucky enough to have someone in the house with him when he experienced the sudden surge of high blood pressure. His wife was fast enough to send a medical alert to the town hospital and ambulance was sent for him. It happened so quickly and we were relieved that he’s now resting and recovering in his house.

When it’s a matter of life and death time is of the essence like what happened to my friend’s father. It’s easier to have medical alarms during emergency situation as it saves further complications on sickness and therefore reduces the risk of serious treatment and death. With LifeFone medical alarm you can send emergency alarm through a simple push of a medical alert button. It provides useful benefits to household families who experience fall, accidents, hypertension, heart attacks or any other emergency cases of illness.

Forget your worries now because with the personal medical alarms you can be sure that you’ll be given 24/7 medical assistance when there’s emergency sickness in your family. Just one press of the button and the Emergency Care Specialists was alarmed at once by the instant connection provided by the medical alarm thus ensuring the fastest response to emergency cases. It prevents further complications and save critical minutes of one’s life. It’s a safety device that brings security of health.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Impossible to Work Now!

Whew so hot today, I can’t do more than a single post. I think this is the reason why I feel so restless and uncomfortable. I decided to take a rest in awhile after I’m done with my mails and some dropping. Well even dropping seems impossible as my connection is almost dragging. My browser crashed again for the 5th times and I should get a real technician to go over my pc or if I have time I’ll devote some hour to check all my files, downloads and everything. Oh that will took my time so much that I just want to hire someone to do it while I work on my sister’s pc. In times like these I should really get a laptop for me so I can work elsewhere when I find it hard to work in my room. I’m not yet decided when because I have two graduates who will enter elementary and high school. I planned to buy one after enrollment so I can get things in proper order and good budgeting. Will rest now!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Advantage of Pre-Employment Screening

My niece’ husband is applying for a regular staff in one of the popular mall store nationwide and he just came over our place to accompany his family to us. My niece and her daughter always stay with us during the most of the day. His application’s processing was nearly finished except for the pre-employment screening they’re requiring each employee. Although some may find it uneasy having your background screened or have your education confirmed but it’s also a way of ensuring the employee’s capacity to work with honesty and integrity


:Blue Monday#1: Smiling Josh in Blue Car

Reminiscing my little boy's picture when he was just barely two years old. It's his favorite toy then - his blue car which he plays most of his day. He puts his mini cars, robots and other toys at the back and drives around the house, i'm glad that our house is spacious and he can drive around :-) Now the car was stored in our spare room upstairs and waiting for some other small kids to play with it though Josh still fits in the car because it's big enough up to 7-8 years of age.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small Talk Six - 6 Things You Would Rather Do Yourself..

6 things you would rather do yourself, even if you could pay someone else to do them

  1. Cleaning the bedrooms and arranging our things, I don't want anyone cleaning our bedrooms it's ok on other parts of the house
  2. Cooking for 50 people on our midweek bible study once in every 2 months, I love cooking even if I'm busy
  3. Arranging our garden and tending the plants, My Mom and I do that with pleasure
  4. Managing our family's finances. I don't want anyone taking care of our bills, other payables and expenses
  5. Caring for my children, I've given up hiring helpers 6 years ago and I've resigned from my stable office job to attend to my family's needs especially my own kids
  6. Cooking for my family everyday and on all occasions, even if I had helpers in the past I was the one who cooks breakfast and dinner


Discipline and Healthy Meal Plan to Keep Me Fit

I was feeling a little bit tired from my blogging marathon last night which kept me awake writing post up to wee hours of 4 in the morning. I’m just glad that I don’t feel the usual headache and dizziness we get from overnight work so after resting for about 4 hours I woke up feeling ready for another day’s work. Dear hubby helped me with the clothes and had them spin dried before I wake up; thank God He gave me a helping and understanding partner.

I rushed myself to cook our breakfast and got it ready in about 15 minutes. I’m a fast worker especially on cooking meals for my family and I love doing it. I cooked a very yummy breaded pork chop for hubby’s lunch at work. I had it marinated in soy sauce, calamansi and pepper overnight then I fry it with bread crumbs. Not for me of course as I’m having vegetable for my lunch so I will not gain pounds. I’m having myself disciplined with my food intake so I don’t have to take diet supplements like quick trim for now. I’ll follow my healthy meal plan for several weeks and I’ll get to see if it’s right for me or if the meal plan will keep me fit and trim.


What Comfort Food Are You?

You Are Potato Chips

When you're stressed out, you seek food that is quick and easy.
Life is pretty overwhelming at times, so you prefer comfort food that you can just grab and eat.

You're the type of person who takes on too much, and you don't have a lot of free time.
So even when you have junk food as a meal, you're just thankful that you had any time to eat at all.

This is quite right as I'm a very busy person. I switched to being a Work-at-Home Mom from an office employee but was surprised that I'm busier than when I'm working outside home. It must be something about myself that makes me a workaholic human :-) Anyway I really seek comfort food when I'm stressed but only on few times. I'm a healthy eater and I prefer fruits now than junk food!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking Natural Medicine

My daughter’s friend developed acne early in her teens and she’s worried that it might leave a permanent mark on her skin after sometime. As early as now I’ve been reading reviews and researched about the possible causes of acne. I believe that it’s partly hereditary with the kind of skin we have like my cousin who had it in her teens and up to when she’s working already. Her father had the same problem with his skin on the face. Some told me that it’s your cleaning habit and your exposure to some elements that can cause too much dirt on your face. There are many opinions and theories I have come to hear but what matters now is how this acne is being treated. Ruth is entering teens this year and if she will have problem on pimples or acne I will search for natural acne pills first before letting doctors prescribed her with medicines. Honestly I prefer my kids not to take any medicine on that not until they’re big grownups already.


Such a Dear Hubby

I’m super tired these days with house chores and with offline tasks that’s keep on pouring since last week. I’m having my time schedules set because I really need to discipline my working time against my house chores time. Anyway I’m used to multi-tasking job I had in the previous years and it served as some kind of training to me. I can wash clothes while washing dishes, cooking and checking my daughter’s composition assignment. I can do them all quick and easy as long as I have them properly scheduled and hubby is helping me on house tasks which lightens my workload and makes my heart soften to him. He's also good in massaging my back when I feel tired in front of my PC, he’s such a dear!


My Fiber Supplement

My friend and I were talking about the foods that we want to eat this coming summer season. As always I’m a fruit lover as I can eat minimum of three kinds a day but some didn’t know that I’m doing it for my fiber supplement. This is also the reason why I’m taking fruits with fibers like pineapple, papaya and other fruits rich in fibers, well most fruits are to say the least. I can’t last a day without it and if ever I was in a place where I can’t have my supply I see to it that I have canned pineapple to sustain my cravings and my fiber supplements just like having glucomannan in your diet ingredients.

I’m fond of reading health books and I’ve learned that we really need fiber in our daily intake of food so when I planned my diet it mostly consist of healthy foods. I don’t go for crash dieting so I just maintained my healthy meal plan though sometimes at least once a day I indulge to my cravings and I call it ‘pig out day’ and that’s when I’m with the whole family where we eat outside. I’m perfectly happy with my meal plans and hope it will gradually help me lose some pounds.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

:TC - Old Equipment : My Father's Old Piano

for fun and learning"OLD EQUIPMENT" (Cameras, Cars, Tools, Computers, Musical Instruments, Rusty, Antiques,...)

This one doesn't look old because it was restored by my brother 3 years ago. This is my father's grand old piano way back 1945. He didn't enroll in any piano lesson but he can play some songs in this piano. We have this since we're born but due to his early stroke when we were young we never had the money and time to enroll in piano class. My brother had his three kids enrolled in piano classes and instead of buying a new one he had this piano restored to working condition.

This is a classic Hampton piano and it took four men to carry it from our house to restoration place. They have to separate its pieces because it's too heavy and big and it's located in our upper floor. It took him around PhP30,000 to restore the physical look and the right notes of the keys. We're happy to see our father's old piano restored to its beauty as it's also part of my father's memories. He died 13 years ago.


Hair Loss Problem

I’ve seen my father and uncle’s hair slowly recedes in their hairline during their middle age and I came to guess that my brother will have the same problem with his hair. Now that he’s in his middle 40’s I can see some indication but still he managed it very well. Maybe his good eating habit and healthy lifestyle help a bit. I learned that hair loss is a hereditary thing and I’m thinking if my sister and I will have problems like that when we grow old. Anyway if I see some hint or indications of losing my hair I’ll consult specialists or read reviews about it because I know there are options. With the modern technology we have these days I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I heard some hair loss prevention measures or treatment available for those who suffer from hair loss. Prevention is better than a cure.


Meeting Up My Daily Quota

Whew I’m so tired and sleepy but I’ve got to go on working as I need to reach my daily quota of work or else I will not be able to deliver my tasks on time. Since weekend last Saturday when blessings poured out on my sites I divided the tasks in 6 days and started doing tasks with quota. Now if I didn’t reach my quota I will add that next day which will gonna be hard so I tried my best to reach the minimum tasks I have to do before resting. I need to implement discipline on myself so I wouldn’t be caught unprepared and reprimanded lol! Some companies are strict to the point that you have to finish all tasks assigned to you so you really have to finish them all on time. Anyway they’ve given me and my friends tons of tasks for this week and all I can say is ‘Thank You Lord’


Moisturize Your Skin

My Auntie gave me good moisturizers when she came home from New Jersey. Believe me it can moisturize even the driest of skin in just few days of using it. Sad thing about this is that when I run out of supply I can’t find the brand of the said moisturizer. I bought a product here with the same contents in the package but it’s not the same quality. Anyway I don’t actually need the strong one for my skin as my skin can withstand a day without anything on it. I just have to clean it with germicidal or baby soap and that’s it. I’m not prone to pimples or acne that’s why I just need to moisturize it to protect myself from excessive exposure to heat. I’m glad I don’t have to use some anti aging product right now though I’m not closing the possibility of having one later when I grow old. It’s not bad to protect and care for your skin as long as you don’t change it. Just my opinion!


The Butterfy Test

You Are Intense Yet Happy

You are a pretty tightly wound person. You can be extremely passionate and dedicated.
And while you definitely have a lot of intensity, you don't take yourself too seriously. You still have a good time.

Whoever first said "Work hard - play hard" was thinking of someone exactly like you. That's pretty much your personal motto.

You never do anything half way. You always go full force - whether you're working or having fun.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Elegant Leather Watch Bands

I love watches especially the leather ones because it’s more convenient to wear and simply elegant in look. I’m not the type who wants flashy things because it doesn’t fit my simple personality. When I was a child I always want to wear watches because I don’t want to be late for any school activity. Since I’m a sporty girl I don’t want watches with metal bands because I wasn’t comfortable wearing them. I like leather watches because they’re light and easy to wear. For a girl like me then comfort and style were the best criteria in choosing. Now that I’m older and have worn a dozen watches as I changed life, work and status I didn’t changed a lot.

Although I can wear anything from metal, plastic and leather bands watches I still want the kinds of my first watches. Yes I like leather Watch Bands up to now and I’m glad to find the site where they offer branded watch bands in very elegant designs and styles. I personally like the HIRSCH Viscount Louisiana Alligator which is 100m water-resistant and Leonardo Genius with light padding and a bit shiny. These leather watch bands are carefully made according to standards of quality and carefully handcrafted to produce stylish and quality watch bands. I really love these and they’re great gifts to our loved ones.


Ruth Passed TUMCS' Exam

Just called Ruth's prospect school for high school where she took an entrance exam last Saturday. I'm glad that she passed United Methodist Christian School exam and we'll be getting their letter for requirements and interview schedule. I know Ruth liked the school when she saw it yesterday and because it's a Christian school there would be less adjustments with her classmates and school regulations. I've thought about this thing seriously that's why I picked the school because I want Ruth to be comfortable with her classmates where most of them would be born-again christians also. The school has just increased their tuition fees and hubby was surprised with the total fees but I know we'll be able to adjust our finances, we just need to prioritize things and be smart in buying things. Anyway there are lots of blessings poured on my sites now and I'll save most for my kids' education.


Choosing the Best Web Host

I’ve been employed for several years before I started blogging with the help of my friend who taught me the basics to learn about setting up a blog. After two years of blogging I decided to quit my job and be a work-at-home Mom to concentrate on attending to my family’s needs. Through my sites I was able to share my thoughts, inspirational experiences and my family’s journey through life. It’s always been a dream for me to write and my sites helped me fulfill my dream in a way. Blogging has brought me a lot of things including knowledge, friendship and opportunity to earn some bucks online. I didn’t imagine that I can gain many friends through blogging and be able to help my husband in financial needs. Another two months and I’m into my third year blogging anniversary, feels like it was only months since I’ve begun this wonderful hobby and work.

I started out sharing my thoughts and posting my entries on free hosted bravejournal then tried blogger where I learned how to redirect my blogspot blogs to domain. I was so excited when I bought my very first domain name which is actually my first name. It was a nice feeling when I finally redirected my blogspot into my very own domain. I never had problems with the web hosting company that I bought my domain from. I was glad because if you’re a blogger you must be careful in choosing your web host because it’s the life of your blog. Before I bought my domain I asked recommendations from friend and read reviews from web hosting directories so I’ll get updated information of top 10 web hosts.

It really helps reading those reviews especially when I visit which provides lists of the top ten web hosting providers. They list each web host capabilities and features like reliability, uptime, technical support, customer service and affordability. From that list you can choose the right one for your specific needs. I even read their monthly best web hosting awards and found the host in each of their specialties like the best budget hosting , best email hosting, best blog hosting, best windows hosting, and many other awards. This can help people choose the host according to their best capabilities like the best domain hosting award which can be very useful for us bloggers who look for the right web host to take care of our domain sites. I noted the site that won the award and checked the site for future use.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday's Tip Jar - Essential Sleep Nutrients

Last week I've discussed here some tips on fighting insomnia and one of the best way is to use the breathing method. Breathing method is just like the old way of counting sheep but this time it's the breath that you have to count and not the sheep lol!

Well not all insomnia can be treated with the breathing method as some people lack the necessary vitamins and minerals in our diet. Actually all you need is a multi-vitamin to be sure you're getting the nutritional elements needed for a good proper sleep. Little did we know that lack of iron and copper can disrupt your rest and sleep.

So now we should list here the sources of the two mineral supplements so we can start supplying our body. For iron you can munch on almonds or raisins and drink a glass of warm milk before hitting the bed. For copper we have many sources of this mineral and one of the best is clams; other sources are apricots, grape nuts cereal and whole wheat pasta. So you can mix in milk, grape nuts cereal and a few raisins in your bowl and you're sure to hit the sack! Happy sleep then!


Start of Teen Life!

My daughter will enter high school this coming June and with it her teen life will soon start. I want to be a part of it and as such I teach Ruth several things that will change in her looks and attitude. She’ll soon be thinking about her hair, her weight, crushes and some teenage matters. It’s also the time that sometimes she’ll develop pimples or acne which is very common among teens. I was just lucky when I was young that I’m not so prone with skin face disorder unlike my other classmates who needs acne solutions to make their face clear and back to normal condition. I think it’s the most common problem of most teens and parents should be aware of what’s happening in their kids in and out of the house.


Which of the Seven Dwarfs Are You?

You Are Happy

You are an inspiring and uplifting person. Your positive attitude has taken you far in life.
It's important to you that everyone gets along. You can't stand confrontation.

You are outgoing and friendly. You naturally put people at ease just by being around.
You want to make the world a better and happier place. You are willing to work hard to make things better.

This is funny but tried it to see whose dwarf resembles my personality lol! Anyway since the words above says too much of me I'll just share this quiz to you, try this one here!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Buying Plans

I’ve been planning to buy an HP laptop since last year and I’m happy now that finally my plan will push through next month. I’m looking at the packages offered by shops in Greenhills and decided to purchase one of those HP models on March. My PC desktop is running smoothly as ever except for a needed upgrade in memory but I want to work around the house for more convenient settings instead of just working in my room. I have plans of working outside my house so I really need a laptop for all my planned writing. Aside from laptop I need to see some office furniture I need for my office at home. I have plenty of things to organize and rearrange to make my workplace neat and tidy.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Hearts' Day myspace graphic comments

I always associate this day with hearts and flowers. I remember cutting out and doing plenty of heart shaped guitar bookmark when I was in my high school days and giving it to all my friends. If someone didn't received one of my cute bookmarks it means that I don't consider her my friend but if you've seen the bulk of my bookmarks you'll guess that all are my friends :-) I'm a very friendly kid in school and I made my friends feel that they're remembered on valentine's day except of course the boys because I don't give out anything to boys (that's why I'm accused that I'm boyish) lol!

Now that I'm a Mom I'm still very fond of hearts and flowers but I love the white roses that DH gives me always! When I studied the meaning and implications of different flowers and their colors I learned that white roses signifies 'worthy of love', sweet isn't it? My husband is and he accused me that I'm not lol! Not so serious of course he just wants to tease me with that :-)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fight the Effects of Sun’s Heat on Your Skin

It’s super hot today and once you go out of your house to go somewhere you’ll feel the full impact of a hot sunny afternoon. No wonder there are increasing number of high blood and stroke cases in the hospital as what my Mom’s friend told me earlier. I’m not used in bringing my umbrella every time I go out because my arm easily gets tired from holding it. This is not a good habit as the sun’s excessive heat might harm my skin and gives me wrinkles so I decided to limit my schedule of going out on early morning when the sun is not so hot. Well if I can’t avoid it maybe I’ll just protect my skin with wrinkle lotion as I don’t want to look older than my age.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RT/WW : Buddies in EK Train

Wordless Wednesday

Here are Josh and school buddy Carl making 'pogi' (handsome) poses while riding in EK train. They simply love to go in the rides there together. They laugh, chat and enjoy each ride as long as they're partners. They seem like brothers and Josh is definitely the younger because obviously Carl is a lot bigger than him. They go to school together but the teachers decided to put them in separate sections to prevent them from being so active lol! See my other entry here!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

What Kind of Dairy Product You Are

I'm too sleepy to do blogging now that I only visited some blogs of my friends. We arrived late from MIL's house in Montalban yesterday night. It's only less than an hour before the clock strikes twelve. Anyway we're so happy with our third week of bringing DH's Mom safely home in their new house in Montalban. Here's what I got to perk up some lazy mood. Read to know what this quiz got to say about me as what probably be the appropriate kind of dairy product :-) Just some nice not so serious quiz this Manic Monday, enjoy life!

You Are Butter

You're the type of person who works behind the scenes, making sure to bring out the best in everyone else.
It's likely that people don't appreciate you for who you are. But people would sure miss you if you were gone.

A little of you goes a long way. You have a very powerful impact on the world, even if it's a bit subtle at times.
Some people may avoid you out of fear, but there is nothing wrong with you... in moderation, that is!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Protection from Harmful Bacteria

I’m so relieved that I’m finally finished with all the house chores I planned to give ample time this weekend. I’ve thoroughly cleaned everything and arrange some appliances but I didn’t change any of the previous arrangement as I find it neat enough. During my so-called general cleaning I never forgot to put some disinfectant to certain areas that’s prone to bacteria especially the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s very important to disinfect to ensure my kids’ protection from harmful bacteria. I want to keep them healthy and safe from everything Gen arrived from hospital where she visited one of her best friends in school and I told her to disinfect herself by cleaning her hands with soap and water. She also rubbed alcohol so she can kiss and play with baby Iya later.


Tips on Beating Insomnia: The Breathing Method

Yes you can beat insomnia without drugs or complex behavior modifications. How?

No we're not going to count sheep here like the good old story that counting sheep is a good way to fall asleep. Instead we're going to count our breaths to help ourselves drift away into blissful rest. Did you know that the most common causes of insomnia is a mind that's too active on bedtime. We lay down but our mind still thinks about our day's problems, events, plans, worries, tasks and just about anything that we encounter the whole day.

Now we can get control of our mind by telling ourselves that we will not think of nothing else but the breaths going in and out of our body. Count our breaths up to four times and start again. Count 1 inhale and 1 exhale as one complete breath. After completing 4 breaths start over at one again. Just think of nothing but the counting. It will be difficult at first but the results are just amazing if we really focus on counting. I bet we will not get through more than four cycles before we drift off to sleep.

Image by


Multi-tasking Household Chores

I planned on having some general cleaning today as all my kids are here and I can accept some suggestions when I want to rearrange some appliances. I don’t want to spend the whole day in front of my PC because I feel that I should really be making some new arrangement for fresher look. At the end of it all I didn’t made any change in the present order of our things because we think that it’s good enough except that we really need new cabinet style entertainment centers to place our tv set, DVD and components so we’ll have all those in one place only. I succeeded in doing general cleaning of the living room, kitchen and bathrooms. I did that while our clothes are spinning in our washer and while I’m cooking our food, I was happy that I was able to do multi-tasking again and I love it!


Tips on Making Your Own Laundry Soap

Just like to share some of my reads these past few weeks, I have 3 books that I'm currently reading which covers many things from self-improvement, some secrets and tips and handling your life and job. I'm hooked to these books when I'm offline and it gives me some inspirations also.

This time I'm sharing some tips and ways on how to make your own laundry soap.

This formula uses lye. Always handle with care. For any lye mixture use enamel, porcelain or glass containers. Ingredients include the following:

5 pounds of fat,
1 can of lye,
6 quarts soft water
1/2 cup borax

1/2 cup ammonia

Procedure: Mix in large suitable enamel ware kettle. Let stand for 5 days, stirring several times a day. (After the fourth day, it will be quite thick) On the sixth day, place on stove and heat slowly, stirring wel several times until it becomes the consistency of honey. Let cool before pouring into mould.

For a mould, you will need a box about 1 1/2 inches deep lined first with aluminum foil and then with a towel wrung out in cold water. As soon as it is firm enough, cut into bars. Then let it stand until cold. To use, cut into small pieces and add to washer in place of powdered detergent.

Now you have your own laundry soap, easy but it does take longer than I expected it to be huh! Well some things can't be achieved so quickly, sometimes we need patience right? Hope this tips and easy seminar about making laundry soap will help those who want to do something in their free time. I'm going to do it also! Well if I have free time of course!

Image from


Friday, February 5, 2010

Pros and Cons of Brand Name & Generic Prescriptions

With the current temperature we are experiencing now you will not be surprised if many members of your family will be sick. The weather now is too cold on early mornings and evenings and too hot on daytime. This kind of temperature is very susceptible to coughs, colds and fever especially to children. I’ve heard some of friends were complaining that all members of their family are down with coughs. It’s not only tiring and costly to have sickness in your homes but it’s also an emotional let down to see your family in pain. We all know that remedy for coughs vary in intensity and what causes it. When you go to your doctor you’ll be prescribed with medicines with generic name and their suggested brand for the patient. It’s a standard procedure and guidelines for doctor to supply the generic name of the medicine just in case the patient can’t afford the price of the branded medicine or worst if the medicine is out of stock.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we heard of generic drugs is the price that reaches out to those who can’t afford to buy expensive brand name ones. Now that recession has hit many countries people seek for less expensive things. I myself buy generic drug sometimes if the doctor advised that generic medicines will do. There are some differences in having brand name and generic prescriptions. First and the most significant I think is the price which we all know that generic costs almost half the price of the branded ones. Next is the flavor which is not so obvious to others, I just noticed that branded medicines have more appealing flavors to kids than generic medicines. Well of course this is just a minor thing compared to affordability the generic prescription offers.

Generally these prescription medicines have the same ingredients, quality, content, purity, strength, stability and both passed the standard requirements of the FDA. I should say that having brand name medicines is beneficial for those patients who want to have the same brand every time they developed the same sickness. Some have allergies for other drugs so if their bodies perfectly adapts to a certain brand they want to have it over again. They don’t want to experiment again on the effects the medicines might have on their health thus maintaining the same brands served the purpose. Anyway not all people depend on the price of the medicines. There are some who doesn’t care about the price as long as the medicines will cure their sickness as soon as possible.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

:TC - Something Different : Animal Playground

for fun and learning
"SOMETHING DIFFERENT" (Unusual, Strange, Rare, Different, One of a Kind, Weird,...)

Just find this dog & cat playground 'something different' because it's not always that we see them in a playground like this. I like this picture and I've already featured this in my other blog. Btw the animals are just made of stones and this playground can be seen in Bio Research Mini Zoo where my little boy had his first field trip/educational tour with his classmates. His very first was when he was included in her sisters' field trip. Click on the Thursday Challenge heading for other 'something different' entries!


Amazing Results from Lasik Surgery

I’m wearing eyeglasses since I was in college and though it’s uncomfortable to wear them at all times I got used to wearing eyeglasses to correct my eye problem. I complained having blurred vision at the latter part of my high school and later found out that I developed nearsightedness due to some bad reading habits. My eye doctor suggested wearing my glasses all the time that I will be using my eyes so I just remove them when my eyes got tired or when I go to sleep. Several years of wearing glasses makes me comfortable with them and even the new fashion dictates replacing them with contact lenses I didn’t go with the new innovation of having clearer vision. I know that it’s easier to handle but I just can’t get used to wearing contact lenses and it also takes some time to maintain them in cleaning and removing them when you sleep in travel.

Although I’m so accustomed to have eyeglasses for my nearsighted eyes I also find it hard sometimes to deal with the common disadvantages of wearing eyeglasses during playing some of my ball games sports or the idea that you can’t see far objects when you don’t wear eyeglasses. It has become a part of your body and your personality as well. Those people who have 20/20 vision are really lucky to have super clear vision that whatever they do and wherever they go they can handle everything perfectly.

My eyes are very important to me and when I went with my Mom when she had a cataract operation I learned about the latest innovation in eye problem. Through Lasik Eye Surgery those with eye problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be cured and can have 20/20 or clearer vision again. I learned from our eye doctor that there are various clinics who are doing this amazing procedure like Lasik Surgery Boston which offers the iLASIK procedure to correct the blurred vision caused by astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. They provide safe, painless and quick procedure that will guarantee better vision for your eyes. The results are just amazing based from many testimonials of people who have experienced great results from this Lasik Surgery. Imagine getting a 20/20 or better vision again after years of wearing eyeglasses, this is just great! Just perfect for people like me!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best Attitude In Life

When I check my earnings on my bank every once or twice a month I made it a point to mix some of my errands on the grocery and market. Since it’s very near my daughters’ school I schedule it on the time of their last subject in school so I can drop by at the school and be with them before the service arrives. I’m so used to office multi-tasking that even up to now I do my house chores, my online tasks, checks on my kids in school and do some errands simultaneously.

Of course it tires me most of the times but it’s better than working in an office where your time is defined and you can’t be absent easily. It’s very important to me to be with my kids’ school activities and to assist them whenever they need me, makes me feel super Mom. Anyway even if I’m so busy with every tasks of a mother I’m still at my best attitude towards life. I accept my responsibilities with a smile and not with a frown. Taking life so seriously makes you look old just like when the saleslady suddenly develops wrinkles when they encounter difficulty in their receipts. They should have used epson receipt printer so they can have quick and easy receipts with no fuss. Everyone have their own piece of problem, don’t they?


RT/WW : Josh & the Honey Bees

Wordless Wednesday

This is the first time that Josh see a real group of live honey bees and his feelings are mixed. He's excited to see them all together in one box and wondering how they form or produce honey. At the same time he's a little afraid that they might come out from the box lol! I kept a close watch on his hand though he's got a fish on hold. Why?Because he's asking me what would happen if he opens the box :-). He's a little afraid but very curious about them too!

Anyway seeing honey bees live made my story telling to him easier as when I'll tell a story about him he'll know what I'm talking about! Btw this is a shot from BioResearch on their educational tour.

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Mileage Reimbursement for Mobile Employees

Every company has their own policies, salary rates for each position and benefits for their employees. I’ve been to around 5 companies before I finally settled down with being a work-at-home Mom. My last job took me more than a year to get permission to leave. I don’t want to leave without blessing from my kind employer whom I’ve served for 16 years in two of his companies. I’ve been with his Consultancy and Telecommunications Company and the latter gave me so much work experience because I’ve done multi-tasking jobs.

As supervisor of the Accounting Department I’ve been in charge of the employees’ sales incentive, communication allowances and Mileage reimbursement for our employees whose work includes traveling and client visits. These are mainly our marketing staff and account managers who frequently visit our clients and perform demos of our products. They were given reimbursements for the mileage consumed during their client visits. Our company deemed it less expensive if they give reimbursement to employees who use their own vehicle in product demo, testing and other activities pertaining to getting and closing a contract with our clients. As I was the one who checks and audits employees’ reimbursement I know that it’s hard to do it if I’m going to check reimbursement of many employees.

Well enough creating a good database for mileage reimbursement is the perfect way of ensuring accurate computations and that’s where Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) comes in because they provide customized programs for employees who travels and use their car for official company business. They actually offer consultancy job on companies who needs their programs which will make things easy and affordable for the companies. With this program the company saves a lot on their costs because they don’t have to issue cars to employees, they just have to reimburse the mileage consumption of their employees. It’s also beneficial to both employer and employees.

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How Do You Live Your Life?

You Live Your Life Strongly

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.
You are always tactful and diplomatic. You let people down gently.
You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many acquaintances.
Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

This question sometimes makes me think how I really live my life. Am I happy with the way I live or contented with what I have? Well as for me I never let down a friend, never stabbed the back of my officemates, never stepped on someone's shoe and tried my best to be always fair in my decisions. I have many mistakes in my life because as a human we're not perfect. I'm always open for other suggestions, ideas and criticisms because it makes me a better person to know my weaknesses and strengths (not so much on this side I guess :-) but I know God help me become stronger in life. With His hand to hold me on weakest moments of my life I know I can be stronger.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Grocery

Last week we were so late coming home because we drove MIL from our church to their house in Montalban. This is the second time we drove her home and we saw again the beautiful place where they have their new house. You can see the Sierra Madre mountain from across the village and the place was so quiet you’ll mistake it for a provincial town. Well it’s not a city but definitely it’s not a rural area. We have our church mates with us, we’re actually 18 to be exact including the kids and we had a very happy travel to the place. We’re planning to have a bible study there and DH’s brother will ask permission from the village admin.

On our way home we dropped our church mates living in Batasan Hills and drove our way to our home. It took us only a little over an hour from MIL’s place to our house but we never made it to the supermarket near our place. I just asked DH to park at the 24-hour store to buy some emergency essentials in the house. We’re too tired and sleepy then and I was glad that the barcode scanner they have in the store was in good working condition and very fast indeed. I was a little hesitant to shop at small groceries because their equipment is not that updated. This time I was relieved that their service was really quick and easy. I’ll go back to that store whenever we have a need for fast purchase.


Sunday Stealing: The Pretentious Blogging Meme

1. How long have you been blogging? ~ 2 years and 10 months

2. What made you start?~ I want to share inspirational thoughts and to have an online diary of my kids' activities.

3. Who inspired you?~ My bestfriend JennyL

4. About how many hours a week would you estimate you spend on your blog?
~ around 16 hours

5. What kind of experience or background do you have with writing?
~ Just my technical writing in college and composition writing in primary school :-)

6. Talk about how you come up with blog topics. Where do you get your ideas?
~ From my work experiences for 19 years, daily experiences, family activities, church messages, some issues happening around, personal encounter with life's challenges, my Mom's stories when I was a child and many other things, I'm also a wide reader since I'm in grade 5 so it helps a lot.

7. What or who inspires you and your blog? ~ my family especially my kids and my church.

8. Where and/or how do your brainstorming for your blog?
~ at my office (when i was just starting year 2007), home, I have a habit of writing my ideas even when I'm on travel especially when I'm caught up in traffic, instead of worrying about being late in my work I just write to control my temper lol! traffic in our place will make you mad :-)

9. Do you have any blogging rules or guidelines you follow?
~ I'm picky with paid posts when it comes to adult contents, gambling, sexy apparels and anything that would ruin my wholesome blogs.

10. Is there anything you will not blog about?
~ Yap I've mentioned that in #9

11. Do you have any sort of a publishing schedule in terms of day of week or topic?
~ I want to post one to two write ups a day per site but one post per site is good enough for me.


Choosing Tiles for His House Project

My brother brought me along to one of his favorite stores for all his construction needs. He has almost finished with his latest two-storey residential project and went to the store to choose tiles and fixtures for the finishing touches of bathroom and the overall flooring of the house. He’s having two separate computations on choosing two kinds of tiles.

He’s giving the estimated cost to the owner so they can choose between the regular tile or his suggested granite tile which is more durable and very beautiful I should say. Well I’m not the owner so I don’t have the right to choose :-) but I really like granite tiles because I’ve also seen them on some houses I visited in a subdivision near my former work. They’re elegant looking.


:Unconscious Mutterings - Week#366

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Furniture :: appliances
2. Beauty :: pretty, good-looking
3. Sip :: drink, beverage
4. Block :: wedge, chunk
5. Forehead :: face
6. Championship :: winner,trophy,medal
7. Hurl :: throw
8. Whip :: beat
9. Destruction :: earthquake
10. Leather :: shoes and bags

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Benefits of Online Apotheke

In our day to day living we usually have a need for some medicines like vitamins, supplements, health products or prescription drugs. Sometimes we want to search for the price first so we can plan when we can buy and how many. For the prescription drugs we want to know the availability of the drugs needed. I have experienced looking for drugs that were not available on many drug stores that I visited. It was a special medicine that our doctor prescribed but not available on ordinary drugstores in our place. Stocks availability is the problem so it took me so much time and effort looking for the hard to find prescribed medicines. I just wished then that I can find it online so I will not be so tired looking for it.

I’m so used to online shopping as it gives me the convenience of searching, comparing and buying what I need in the comfort of my home. You don’t need to tire your feet looking for good bargains or for some specific brands because you can see and compare them all on online shops. Usually you can find the best deals and discounted items online so it satisfies my smart buying attitude. Well now it’s not only appliances, computers, cars or apparels that you can buy online but medicines as well. With Online Apotheke you can order prescribed drugs, medicines, health products and all your needs for medication at very affordable prices and competitive with conventional pharmacies.

They offer their customer a registry in which they can have their personal account with personal information, address and contact numbers. Being a registered customer entails you to some benefits such as discounts and allowances. It also makes delivery faster as your personal file is already in their record. Additional benefit with online pharmacy is their good customer support where they give advices online to inquiries about medicines and other related products. It makes buying needed medicines an easy task and a guarantee of having genuine products.


Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 Top Droppers myspace graphic comments

Dropper # of drops
Yummy-as-can-be 31
The Modern Mom 31
Life's Tricky Situations 30
Take a coffee break... 30
A Simple Life 30
moms..... check nyo 30
Life's sweets and spices 30
Mommy's Little Corner 29
AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles 28
The Twitterer 25


iPhone Accessories to Complete the Look

With the latest phones available now in the market I find it hard to distinguish the model type and name. Well when it comes to mobile phones I only remember and recognize few models in my mind because some are similar especially now that lots of stores sell those China made phones. Some go for them but I know there are risks that phone features will not operate the same way as the original. I still want the original phones because they’re more dependable and durable.

Actually I’m not the type who always go for the latest types and I’m still happy with my present phone given to me by my SIL in London even if it’s two years old already. It’s just that I find plenty of iphone accessories really nice and stylish. Well I can’t have them because my mobile phone is not an iPhone. It made me look for some specifications and prices of iPhone 3G. They really look good together. Well I’m not buying now just window shopping!


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