Friday, February 19, 2010

My Fiber Supplement

My friend and I were talking about the foods that we want to eat this coming summer season. As always I’m a fruit lover as I can eat minimum of three kinds a day but some didn’t know that I’m doing it for my fiber supplement. This is also the reason why I’m taking fruits with fibers like pineapple, papaya and other fruits rich in fibers, well most fruits are to say the least. I can’t last a day without it and if ever I was in a place where I can’t have my supply I see to it that I have canned pineapple to sustain my cravings and my fiber supplements just like having glucomannan in your diet ingredients.

I’m fond of reading health books and I’ve learned that we really need fiber in our daily intake of food so when I planned my diet it mostly consist of healthy foods. I don’t go for crash dieting so I just maintained my healthy meal plan though sometimes at least once a day I indulge to my cravings and I call it ‘pig out day’ and that’s when I’m with the whole family where we eat outside. I’m perfectly happy with my meal plans and hope it will gradually help me lose some pounds.


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