Sunday, September 27, 2009

Month of Inventory Sale

September is the month for inventory sale and if you’re the kind who loves bargains and deals this is the month that many department stores splurge on big sale because the following month is the start of the stocks for the coming holiday seasons. So by this time of the year the stores do away with old stocks, old styles and try to clear from the unmovable stocks since summer.

They want bigger space in their stores for a much bigger volume of stocks for the holiday seasons which are the peak of the year. It's a good month for buying the things that you wanted previously but expensive for your budget. If you really wanted that item you can search it on this month of big discount sale.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Redirection of My Blog into Domain Name

We’ve finally managed the redirection of my blog into my domain name. At first we had some trouble, I missed one procedure and that stopped the blog from redirecting into its domain. Jen helped me with redirection and we followed her tutorial written in one of her blogs. If you also have problem with redirecting your blogspot into a Go Daddy domain you can follow her tutorial here. After careful analysis and repetition of procedures I finally located where I went wrong, it’s something at the alias. At first I was beginning to feel tired and weary but when it finally redirected into I was happy enough.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ruth is a Big Girl Now!

My daughter turns 12 last month and I was really surprised at how she grew up so fast. She’s almost my height now, I think she’s 5’1” now. I wonder what could be her height when she reaches eighteen.

Though she’s very tall now she’s still a baby to me and her acts and ways are still very girlish. She still wants to spend her birthday with us and enjoy her time with her siblings. She’s still obsessed with cakes and ice cream and some other child’s hobbies. She’s also into cooking just like me and it seems that if she pursues her hobby I should be saving my money now for her culinary classes. I thank God that Ruth reached her age with the best of health, good attitude and witty minds!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm A PC

I took this test finding which is more like me a PC or a Mac. Just before the test I assumed that I'd be a PC because I'm not the classy type who go for the branded ones. I believe in having quality and affordability at the same time. Care to see the results?

You are a PC

You're practical, thrifty, and able to do almost anything.
Appearances and trends aren't important to you. You just like to get the job done.

You pride yourself on being very flexible and adaptable.
You do well in many different environments, and you can get along with just about anyone.

You aren't stuck up. If anything, you are quite humble and down to earth.
You accept your flaws and deal with them. You don't cover up your problems with pretty packaging.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

He Turned 6!

Wow my little boy has turned 6 today and he was so happy reaching his age. Actually long before his birthday he was counting the remaining days and he would tell me how many more sleep before he turned 6. Because DH can’t take a leave off his work we decided to go to SM North where their store is located much to his surprise and joy. He wanted to be with his youngest’ birthday but work kept him from birthday leave. Anyway we spent the whole evening there as we arrived there around 6pm. While waiting for DH to log out we went to my kids’ favorite playplace the Arcade. When DH joined us he toured us all to SM’s new Dome and Garden. I love the fountains and the chain of restaurant. We ended up with a dinner at KFC, my kids’ fave food.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Blog!

Now that I'm free from my office job finally I'll be able to start a new blog for a different me. While all of my blogs talks about family, school, work and inspirational thoughts this one will talk about technology, facilities, shopping, tips and more.

Stay with me as I go around flair for fashion, tips for your homes and family and just about my resources for technology gadgets and equipment.


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