Friday, March 31, 2017

Kids’ Summer Activities on Different Generations

With all the new gadgets and electronic things that kids are playing now it’s really an effort to take them away from it and play the real games offline. I remember those summer days when I and my siblings were excited to end school days because we’re going to have plenty of board games to play. I excel on word games and I read plenty of books so I’ll be good at playing. 

When the sun is hot we play chess, scrabble, word factory, snakes and ladders, millionaire’s game and other related games. On the other hand when it’s not so hot outside we play ball games and other kid games played on streets. Life was indeed simpler then but happy as well. We also love music and I tried playing guitar myself but when I got busy with my college course I was not able to pursue my hobby. 

For my brother who has special gift for music time doesn’t matter because learning and playing musical instruments seem like a nature to him. It flows easily and he learns so fast, since I got more home chores he was able to spend more time. I just focused on collecting musical pieces, song books and music tapes since there’s no CD on those days or IPod. 

When we became born again Christian my brother bought drum set and electric guitar for the church. I remember it so clearly especially when I saw epiphone bass at which my daughter love to have for her own. He still has special flair for music and he extends it to our church brethren so everyone who wishes to play can learn from the instruments that he bought. Now after more than three decades he still plays instruments and the gifts of music which started from our grandfather is also seen on his kids and my kids too. They all love playing musical instruments.


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