Monday, December 27, 2010

Special Gifts

We’re having our Thanksgiving celebration in our church on Wednesday and I’m giving my gifts also on that day. I haven’t finished with my shopping for gifts because I can’t spend more than two hours shopping in the crowd because of my backache. I feel so tired whenever I see crowd and when I stand too long waiting in line to pay for my purchases. I have to do the remaining gift list tomorrow with DH because he needs to buy gifts for his co-ministers as well. When the kids are growing up sometimes it’s really hard to think what you should buy for a gift. For me the idea of having personalized gift is nice just like the Customizable Sesame Street gifts which would really make the recipient feel special. Imagine seeing their names on caddy, backpack, and bath towels or on many personal things they have. That would be awesome! I wouldn’t mind receiving a gift for my kids with their names on it no matter how simple the gift is because I know that it would make them feel very special and well thought of.


Last Holiday Shopping

We bought some home accessories and the kids’ toys and gifts for their friends. DD saw her former classmates while shopping and they didn’t found what they were looking for. They were thinking if they will go to the mall to buy or shop online for apple bottom just to finish their holiday shopping. I’m lucky that my kids had enough of their things and were just there for their gifts. We bought their clothes and things before our camp meeting fellowship so we’ll not worry about anything when we come back after the camp activities. Anyway our budget for the holiday is just enough and the rest of the money is already in our savings for the kids.


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