Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Enjoy Traditional Family Fun

Spending time together as a family can often seem like a distant memory. Between work, school and social lives, it’s difficult to remember to take the time to bond as a family – and harder still to keep the teenagers interested! While it might seem you need to surgically remove your teenager’s phone from their hands, there are a few easier tactics you can use to try and grab their attention and have them involved in some family memories they’ll remember forever.


Having fun the old fashioned way

Sometimes, the best nights are spent with a group of people and a board game. Board games have a bad reputation for being long and boring, but there are some perfect family ones out there which will have all of you laughing together for hours. Make a night of it by making snacks to accompany the game, and make sure whichever board game you pick is within the skill range of every member of your family.


Switch off personal consoles

Part of the problem these days is that everybody has their own electronic device, so it’s easy to enter your own little world and forget there are people around you. Switch off your tablet and put your phone away – you could even sell your DS or tablet and use the money to buy a more family-orientated game on a console like the Wii or Kinect. This is perfect for ensuring everybody is involved and is a more enjoyable way of getting your technology fix while still remaining active.


Make time to get out

Though families spend time together in the home, it often doesn’t feel like quality time because it isn’t a break from the routine. Gather your troops and head to the nearest restaurant or bowling alley; they’re often quite cheap, so are a great way to treat yourselves while feeling like you’re making more of your time than if you were sitting at home. Bowling in particular is ideal for families as everybody can join in and you can bond by laughing together and encouraging each other.


Get cooking

If you work all day and only get home in time to eat and then put your children to bed, it can often feel like you don’t get to see them as much as you’d like. A great way to combat this is to involve them in the cooking process. That way you get to spend more time with them, they are learning new skills and they will grow up with memories of you cooking together. Baking is also a great way to spend the weekend; not only do you enjoy some quality time together, but you get to eat your sweet treats at the end of it!

Though modern influences and lifestyle can make it difficult to spend time together, there are definite changes that can be made to ensure that you are making the best of your family time. One evening of quality time can create a lifelong memory – that’s what being a family is all about!


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