Saturday, August 25, 2012

Learning Technology and Scientific Things

My daughters asked me to provide them with all their laboratory uniforms and accessories like laboratory gowns, gloves, laboratory eyeglasses and a lot more because they will not be allowed to enter their laboratory room without such outfit and accessories. Because of these complete laboratory outfit and materials they feel like they’re on real laboratory where they experiment and learn new scientific things new to them. They told me that they were able to use microscope, thin microscopic film, lab balance, various test tube sizes, beaker, spatula, thermometer and a lot more. They were actually excited to use such equipment as they only see it on movies when they were kids. It’s like they’re playing the role of scientists and genius doctors.


Avengers Thumb Drive

When my kids saw these they got excited because of the avengers design on all of these USB flash drives. They only have the usual brands of USB in our house and they told me it's nice seeing stylish and heroic-inspired USB.  I'm really awed at the creative ideas of most designers.  They can capture the visitor's attention at once.  Well especially if the theme is currently a movie or something trendy.  I'll definitely look for these designs at ebay when they're on the market. 


Server Data Backup

Our company relies mainly on our internet, network and our server in order to come up with a good maintenance on monitoring our clients. We should be able to ensure that our server would not run out of service to provide the best service to our clients. Since we offer telecommunications equipments like gateway, PABX, office in one machines, network storage and other high technology devices we have our own server data backup that protects critical and important data of the company. It also serves as backup service and recovery software in times of critical computer trouble. We rely on our server and we make sure that it’s operating on perfect condition 24/7.


Solar-Powered Tents

Source: via Race on Pinterest

How about this? Well I would love having this for our camp meeting fellowship on December. It will sure be a hit for those campers and for us who held fellowship on faraway places and sleep on tents.  This is really awesome and I'm sure my kids will think as such also.  Well this reminds me that we should be looking for new tents to use on our upcoming camp meeting.  Our old ones retired already and the kids are asking me to buy as they’re looking forward to sleeping on tents.


Shopping for Bathroom Accessories

Decorating a soothing place for relaxation in your own home is fun. The bathroom is a good place to distress after a long day from work. There are plenty of designs and accessories to choose from. It depends on the design you want to achieve in terms of designing the sanctuary in your abode. 

Accessories for bathrooms 

• Have a particular design in mind that you want your bathroom to look like. Cut out pictures from interior design books to have a basis for the decorations. 

• Scout different stores where you can purchase different designs that fit your budget. 

• Know the measurement of the areas where you will install them so that accessories perfectly fit. 

• Lighter tones can give a bathroom an uplifting ambiance especially with yellow lighting. Darker tones can help the area not look dirty. 

• Toothpaste and toothbrush holders vary from plastic to glass. If you like a classy look choose the latter but if you prefer the more colorful tones then opt for the first choice. 

• Bathroom mats maybe plastic or cloth. Plastic is easy to clean and isn’t slippery. Cloth is softer and absorbs water. 

 • Shower curtains have different designs depending on your preferences—printed, basic colors, transparent or opaque. 

• Shower caddies can be made of metal, plastic or glass. A multi-layer caddie has more space for shampoos, conditioners, soaps and sponge holders. Choose the studier product that is easy to clean. 

• Have a small garbage can that can be stored under the sink.

• If you want to add extra touches to your bathroom, place magazine racks, candles, and flower vases to make it even more beautiful. 

Relaxing in your own bathroom by having a hot bath or shower can ease the tension away from your body. Designing your area well will help you obtain it. Enjoy shopping for accessories that will beautify your bathroom. 

This is a guest post by Ciel. She loves listening to Asian music, and strongly believes that music is the universal language. She enjoys working from home as a writer. Her current task is for, a global voice over agency.


Protection Cover for Your Computers

Living near national road gives you better opportunities to business and you’ll have fast access to wherever you want to go. We live near the road and though I would admit that our lot has the better real estate values than others it also has some cons:

First, it poses some risks when some trucks met accident and there are plenty of sellers that call on our gate.

Second, you’ll have to live by the dust accumulated with the passing of vehicles 24/7.

Well I’ve grown used to it and admitted the fact that we have to clean the house and get rid of dust every now and then twice as often as others. The only thing that worries me is our desktop computers because they get so much dust and it’s not good for them. 

It’s good that I found solutions when I dropped by the nearby CDR King store. I’ve found the computer dust cover to protect our computer, monitor and keyboard from dust. It’s eco friendly, non-toxic and dust proof. Here’s the specs:

 • For Case, 213 x 470 x 422
• Monitor, 15"-17" inch
 • Keyboard, 490 x 237 mm
 • Material: Polypropylene fabric
 • Weight: 80g

Available in CDR King at PhP80.00, package includes CPU,monitor and keyboard cover


New Nissan Spring

Our first ever bought car is a pre-owned Nissan and we love that old car who serviced our family on all our camp fellowships and Sunday fellowship. Now that we’ve changed into a bigger pickup vehicle I still miss our old Nissan car which was a remembrance of my former boss also. My boss sold the car to me at a very low price because he wanted me to have the car and when I resigned and decided to work at home I thanked my boss for all his goodness including his decision to give me the car. 

Anyway as I grew very fond of this brand of car I always check their brand new models just in case I may want to have another Nissan in the future. At New Nissan Spring  you’ll find all makes and models of brand new Nissan cars open for quotes and financing depending on how you’ll want to buy their car. 

Baker Nissan also offer used cars, trucks and SUVs and they have Used Nissan Jersey Village  for those who look for quality and maintained pre owned cars. Their services include financing, quotes, sales and repair for all makes and models.


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