Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Concierge Physicians

I’m happy that these past few weeks my daughter Gen is slowly gaining her healthy body. I can now see that she’s more rested and gaining some pounds. Of all my kids she’s the most delicate when it comes to sickness as she’s very prone to coughs and colds when temperature is changing just like these days. She’s very competitive in school and devotes her time in school activities which sometimes rob her of some of her resting and sleeping time. When she’s not feeling well we want to seek the advice of our doctor on how she could more weight and consult also on the best vitamins for her aside from her regular ascorbic acid. We’re actually looking for a private physician who could give her/his time on us without rushing on the next patient.

We want longer time to talk to doctor and even more quality time to check her condition. With American Academy of Private Physician they see to it that they provide Concierge medicine fee-for-service and other health care delivery with direct financial relationship between patients and physicians. This is like going back to old traditional doctor-patient relationship. So if you want to consider this kind of private medicine they will be there to assist in any way they can.


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