Thursday, September 30, 2010

Car Insurance Options

When I watch TV, listen to the radio, or go online, I'm constantly barraged with commercials wanting me to buy car insurance. It makes me look at my own policy in depth again to make sure I'm getting the best possible deal. What basic coverage do I need? That depends on what state I'm in. In most states, a policy owner should have property damage liability as well as bodily injury liability.

If I get property damage liability, I am covered for any property damages that I inflict upon a third-party. If I bump into someones car in a parking lot, it's covered. When I have bodily injury liability, I'm covered for any injuries that I might inflict on others in an accident. It's bad enough knowing that I hurt somebody, but having to pay for their hospital bills on top of that would be a true nightmare.

These are the basics, but there are some other areas that I might want to have my insurance policy cover. For instance, it might be smart for me to get collision insurance, which would cover any losses related to my car if I am involved in a collision. If I get comprehensive coverage, I'll be covered for any damage done to my car even if it's not in a collision. For instance, last spring at the Little League field a ball hit my windshield. If I'd had comprehensive coverage, I wouldn't have had to pay for the new windshield out of my own pocket.

I know I'm being responsible, but what if I get into an accident with someone who doesn't have as much coverage as I do? Uninsured motorist protection might be my answer to that dilemma. I can also make sure that my medical needs are met without too much strain on my wallet by purchasing medical/personal injury protection.


Thinking About Holiday Shopping

Christmas is coming soon. You know what that means; shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Most of it I will be doing for others, but of course, I will be doing some for myself too. You have to reward yourself for all of that hard work!

Anyway, because I have been so busy with the kids and with all of the other associated errands, I do not foresee having much time to get to any of the actual outlet or anchor stores where I have done my shopping over the past few years. Call me dated, but I have recently discovered the accessibility of online shopping. I was dubious about it in the past, but it really does save me a lot of time. I can order things with the click of a button and get them delivered right to my door.

In pair with this recently online shopping obsession I have developed, I have also learned to navigate the ins-and-outs of coupon hunting. It is a lot easier online than it is thumbing through a newspaper or a Sunday coupon book, and with, I can search for my store directly and see if there are any coupon codes that apply. With holiday season coming up so soon, I have finding how practical this really is.

One of the other cool things about is that you can track the expiration dates on coupons, or in some cases, the amount of coupons left. This way you can plan your shopping strategically, or keep a watchful eye for exactly the right coupon to pop up. I know I am watching the Dell coupons right now, since it seems like the time has come for me to get a new computer. Right now I am nudging the man to check out the FTD coupons and maybe I will see some flowers on the kitchen table soon.


Online Games for All Ages

There are a wide variety of different things that you and your family can do to stay entertained. One example is to explore the wide variety of free games that are available for play online. There are both downloadable games and flash games that you can play directly online without a download. The greatest thing about the availability of online games is that there are games available to suit every personality and style, as well as any age group. There are games intended for a younger crowd, and more challenging games for the adult mind as well. So you should not have any difficulty finding games that will grab your interest as well as the interests and attention of your children and other members in your family.

There are many benefits to games online, especially those that are designed to suit all ages. Many online games geared toward children are designed to challenge the mind and provide learning in addition to entertainment. So these games are not intended to waste time, but rather are providing your children with the ability to challenge critical thinking skills. Your children can grow up with these games and learn a lot in many subjects including mathematics, typing, sciences, literature and many additional subjects.

Even games that do not appear to provide learning from the outside can still be beneficial. Online games often help children develop hand eye coordination, critical thinking, problem solving skills and similar skill sets. This means that playing games online can be beneficial for your entire family. You should not be afraid to let your children explore the world of online gaming, as there are many learning and challenging benefits to playing games online. It will be wise for you to pay attention to what your children are playing, but just keep an open mind because most games offer benefits even when they are not readily apparent.


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