Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking About Holiday Shopping

Christmas is coming soon. You know what that means; shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Most of it I will be doing for others, but of course, I will be doing some for myself too. You have to reward yourself for all of that hard work!

Anyway, because I have been so busy with the kids and with all of the other associated errands, I do not foresee having much time to get to any of the actual outlet or anchor stores where I have done my shopping over the past few years. Call me dated, but I have recently discovered the accessibility of online shopping. I was dubious about it in the past, but it really does save me a lot of time. I can order things with the click of a button and get them delivered right to my door.

In pair with this recently online shopping obsession I have developed, I have also learned to navigate the ins-and-outs of coupon hunting. It is a lot easier online than it is thumbing through a newspaper or a Sunday coupon book, and with, I can search for my store directly and see if there are any coupon codes that apply. With holiday season coming up so soon, I have finding how practical this really is.

One of the other cool things about is that you can track the expiration dates on coupons, or in some cases, the amount of coupons left. This way you can plan your shopping strategically, or keep a watchful eye for exactly the right coupon to pop up. I know I am watching the Dell coupons right now, since it seems like the time has come for me to get a new computer. Right now I am nudging the man to check out the FTD coupons and maybe I will see some flowers on the kitchen table soon.


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