Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Very Reliable Projector

Our projector is old already but running in a very good condition until now. We used it in every Sunday and Wednesday service we have. If we have fellowship outside the church we also bring it even though it’s big and very delicate. Yes it’s so delicate that we need to put it in the box padded with support to ensure its safety from the church to wherever we may have fellowship. It’s really a big help to us especially when it’s praising time and when someone don’t know the lyrics it will serve as a guide. Sometimes we have to buy some screen accessories when some parts are missing and for our small number of stocks but basically it’s seldom that it fails serving us. Thanks God for that.


Digital SLR Camera Case

Sometimes you want to bring your camera and all accessories wherever you go but feels like you're way out of fashion. Well you just need a camera bag that will make you look stylish even if you're carrying baggage of gadgets. Look fashionable, and carefree with this Floral Purse Womens DSLR Camera Bag Case. The entire case is padded for superior protection for your camera yet pretty enough for that fun and stylish look. 

This can be a good idea for a gift to a friend or family member who can't take their hands off their camera and their photography hobby just like me. You can find this one at etsy at one of janinekingdesigns. Sells at USD89.99


Jewellery Sale

There’s a forthcoming sale of pawned jewellery at the shopping area where we used to buy groceries and some house items. I’ve read some announcements about the sale and while I was trying to get a shot at the banner someone mistakenly thought there’s diamond earrings for women. Suddenly they want to see what it is but realized after an hour that it’s only a mistake and those jewelries will only be up for sale in the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll also take a look at the items so when the real shopping begins I’ll be able to buy immediately.


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