Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meeting Her Sales Quota

I haven’t seen my cousin for several days and when I bumped into her this morning she told me that she’s reporting to her office daily now. She informed me that insurance policy is hard to sell now so she’s worried about reaching her sales quota. She’s been with the company for quite some time and it’s only now that she’s finding it hard to sell seniors life insurance because of some insurance fraud that came out in the past. Even if those were from other insurance companies still the image of all kinds of insurances were tainted. I hope she’ll be able to solve her problems soon because she’s one of the top agents previously.


A Replacement for Our Old Car

With the numerous warning about the coming super typhoon all we can do is pray and hope that it will not bring many casualties and damages as what the previous storms and typhoons did to this country. We experienced the super Ondoy last year in which our town was one of the most affected ones but when I reflected into what happened last year I saw God's hands reached out to us the most also.

Despite the worst scenario that brought us submerged up to my neck at about 5 feet we're still alive and God has provided us means to recover fast with only our good old car as our casualty. Now it has been replaced by God and even more beautiful. He has made us part away with our old car to be able to give us a chance to own a much bigger and stronger pickup vehicle. It's also a pre-owned car but it's better. Thanks to God.


Shedding Off Pounds Slowly

I skipped my exercise workout this morning because I have to go to my friend and distant cousin’s father who died last Tuesday. I’m glad that I did one hour workout yesterday because this day was a busy one in the morning. We dropped by the nearest toy store and bought gifts for Iya and finished the errands at the mall store. We were just in time for our lunch at house when we arrived. I’m not afraid of eating rice now in the middle of the day because I know I will not need apidexin for a long time. 

I’m confident that I can shed off excess pounds little by little if I will continue with exercise, workout, healthy meal plans and discipline. If only I did this a long time ago then I will not be as big as I am now. Anyway I’ll just hope that I will not be burdened by hectic morning schedule as that will be my reasons for not doing my exercises. It feels good to be fit and I hope I’ll be one in few months.


Weekend Bonding

I’m always excited when Friday comes because weekend will follow and my kids will be free from school and we can have bonding time. Actually bonding and quality time for me is just simple as cooking their favorite foods or buying them cake or ice cream to go with my cooked meals. My family has a good appetite and they always look forward to my recipe for the day especially on Saturdays when we can have each other’s attention the whole day.

How I wish we have those wooden swing sets on the patio so they can enjoy it every time we’re at the patio. Anyway without it they’re busy with their board games and some pica pica snacks. Hope the storm won’t ruin our evening activities.


Sufficient for Our Needs

I'm so thankful that despite numerous expenses we have now we're still coping up. Just paid the kids' quarterly tuition fees from my online salary and I thank God for giving me the provision to have those opportunities and tasks. When I think of all His blessings I smile to myself and feel so lucky that He's always there not just to protect and guide us but to give us a chance to enjoy life. When I resigned from my job and concentrate on working online I know that the job wasn't stable unlike my corporate work. But God made the difference on every thing in our lives. He has made the job sufficient for our needs. He is good all the time.


Planning The Little Boy's Room

We had our weekly general cleaning on the house with the help of my two daughters who were training to help us in the household on Saturdays. They need to learn some of the basic housekeeping activities like sweeping the floors, putting wax on our wooden floors upstairs and arranging their bedroom. They’re big now and their teachers advised us to teach them simple house chores. 

After cleaning the house we changed the linens and I’ve noticed that I have to buy new ones. I’m wondering if I could get some matouk products for the house or just get it from the nearby town’s market because they also have the best ready-made and customized ones. I want a set or two for our bedroom and for the girls’ room. The little boy is still sleeping with us but I’m planning to arrange one room in the upper floor for his would-be boy’s room. For now he’s still young and don’t want to separate sleeping away from me.


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