Friday, October 28, 2011

Top Ten Lists

People always want to know the most popular, the best, the worst and those artists and things that top various categories. Thus there are sites and survey companies that really do the searching and studies in determining who made it to the top ten. I came upon a site that discusses Totally Top 10  in various walks of life like the top 10 overrated designer, top ten most popular cars, top ten awesome Australian outback adventures, top ten low cost 4x4s and a lot more. It’s actually exciting and somewhat funny to read all those people and things in the top charts. 

It’s only a list but it became popular because it’s man’s way of knowing whose in or out, whose fashionable or not and things like that. Well I’ve read about those foreign actresses with Sexy Lips  and gone through the lists which includes various types of beauties with pretty lips in various types. This can be quite interesting to many people who follow the life of the rich, famous and interesting celebrities and popular people.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Concierge Physicians

I’m happy that these past few weeks my daughter Gen is slowly gaining her healthy body. I can now see that she’s more rested and gaining some pounds. Of all my kids she’s the most delicate when it comes to sickness as she’s very prone to coughs and colds when temperature is changing just like these days. She’s very competitive in school and devotes her time in school activities which sometimes rob her of some of her resting and sleeping time. When she’s not feeling well we want to seek the advice of our doctor on how she could more weight and consult also on the best vitamins for her aside from her regular ascorbic acid. We’re actually looking for a private physician who could give her/his time on us without rushing on the next patient.

We want longer time to talk to doctor and even more quality time to check her condition. With American Academy of Private Physician they see to it that they provide Concierge medicine fee-for-service and other health care delivery with direct financial relationship between patients and physicians. This is like going back to old traditional doctor-patient relationship. So if you want to consider this kind of private medicine they will be there to assist in any way they can.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Air that We Breathe

Our health depends on what we eat, what we do and sometimes on the kind of environment that we live in. Most of the times those that live in air-polluted areas has a big risks of acquiring respiratory diseases and developed weakness in lungs and other affected body organs. It’s best to maintain a clean and green environment to promote healthy living. But it’s also a must that we start our cleanliness in our own homes because it’s the place that we stay longer. Home is where we eat, sleep, rest and spend our free hours from work and other activities so it should be the cleanest of all things.

When we think of clean environment in our house we should think also of the air we breathe because most of the times that’s where we acquire common colds, coughs and allergies. The air in our house should be purified with the help of purifiers like Rabbit Air which purifies air by removing dust, allergens and eliminate odors from cigarettes, mildew and mold and chemicals. They have HEPA filter in their purifiers which assures filter capabilities of capturing airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. With the help of these air purifiers we can prevent the occurrence of air-borne diseases and allergies.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modern Tool in Medical Communications

Modern technology has helped the world a lot in many aspects of life especially in the world of communications. With the use of smart innovations people can now communicate easier and faster even if the other end of the line is thousand miles away. These are all possible online with networking and real time communication using modern tools to simplify transmission of message and voice. 

This is also very useful in the area of medicine as with the use of Doximity, the largest real-name and physician-only network they can track important profile and information of physicians like Francis Ferraro MD for possible referral. With the use of this tool physician members can relate well with each other and communicate privately within the network only. Any registered member can access and locate physicians and specialists for specific medical needs of patients.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fast YouTube Downloader

My kid loves downloading videos from YouTube and his favorites are biblical character stories and Christian music. Whenever I’m working on my laptop and takes few minutes rest from it he would download one of his favorite stories and enjoy watching it. Sometimes he uses the desktop and enjoys a longer viewing. They’re not allowed to use computer on school days except for doing assignments so they’re accustomed to having limited time on online usage. 

Last week he asked me if there’s a fast youtube downloader he can use for downloading his preferred videos from YouTube. Now I searched about his questions and found quite some good online sites that offers download speed like a lightning and available in MP3, MPEG and other formats. With the use of this downloader one can easily download favorite videos from YouTube in a flash.


Advantages of Having Road Assistance

It’s hard to travel on long distance journey when you’re alone because when something happens you’ll have only yourself to repair or think about solutions. When you travel there’s always a risk that your vehicle will experience trouble or anything that will prevent your car from running smoothly on the road. It’s always best to have someone or group of people who will assist you in any car trouble that you’ll meet like roadside assistance club who provides assistance to their members anytime and anywhere.

You need not worry about flat tires, loose brakes or even running out of gas while you’re on a highway or express road because they will help you anytime you call for assistance. Our Pastor has previous membership on such kind of club and he told me about the convenience and safety of having such assistance. He strongly advised anyone who travels a lot to apply and avail of club membership.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Affordable Web Site Hosting

It’s been more than four years now since I started writing on my sites and so far I’m enjoying every bit of my online work. Online opportunities decreased but if you’re patient and hardworking you’ll never be empty handed with tasks. Though I can say that my online work reached its low peak season this year I still have enough income to sustain my family’s needs because I have a regular office job to balance all my financial needs. Now I’m looking for ways on how to save on my web hosting because some other providers are announcing their rate increases in few months time. 

Since I don’t want to sacrifice quality of a good web hosting company I’m looking for cheap web site hosting that can give me the same reliability, good features, customer service, backup support on competitive pricing which is affordable for customers like me who has limited budget. Glad that I browsed sites that can give me unbiased reviews on affordable web hosting sites like WebHostingColumns which provide reviews for the best hosting companies that offers good and reliable service. They have a list of top web hosting companies that can give cheap rates with quality service. And that’s what I call competitive service.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Outdoor Sports Activities

My daughters had their field trip yesterday and they really enjoyed their trip as they’ve been to soldiers’ camp and get to see the famous falls in our province. I actually envied them slightly because I’ve never been close to that place because I can’t find time to go there. My kids are raving about the beauty of the place and they remembered that we should plan some outdoor activities when their second quarter ends. I’m planning for a short out-of-town vacation break should our finances allow us but if things and providence will not be in our way maybe we can plan other activities.

It has always been my kids’ preference to enjoy a long weekend in my MIL’s house because their place is like a rural or province where you can see the mountains from your windows when you wake up. Now I’m thinking of getting them back to some of their well-loved sports like chess, baseball, badminton and basketball. Any of these sports would surely make them occupied and happy. I just have to buy some sports gear like sport shirts, Baseball Gloves and some other accessories for them as their sports things are rather old and worn out. 

Since I’m always at work maybe I could get some online help by searching through Franklin Sports Gear variety of products for different type of sports. They provide gear and accessories for sports like basketball, football, baseball, soccer and a lot more things apt for your sports gear’s requirements. Hope I could find the ones I need at competitive price.

This is a sponsored review.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Patience and Dedication in Finding Job

These days it’s hard to get a job even if you’re a degree holder because the competition is very stiff. It’s even harder if you have no work experience and just graduated from college. But no matter how hard and stiff the competition is you can still land a job if you have the dedication and strong will to be employed. I admire one young man who knocked at our office, walked in and handed his application to me personally. He told me that he’ll just give his curriculum vitae to me so when a job opportunity for IT staff or Webmaster Jobs opens in our office I will be able to call him.

When I looked in his credentials and school records I was amazed that he graduated from a reputable school and he has outstanding scholastic records. Despite his good records and standing he still feels that work will not come to him on its own and that he should look and search for it. He doesn’t feel tired knocking and walking in as applicant on many offices in our building because his main goal is to give his best effort on finding the best job opportunity for him. I kept his file for future openings in our company.


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