Saturday, October 1, 2011

Patience and Dedication in Finding Job

These days it’s hard to get a job even if you’re a degree holder because the competition is very stiff. It’s even harder if you have no work experience and just graduated from college. But no matter how hard and stiff the competition is you can still land a job if you have the dedication and strong will to be employed. I admire one young man who knocked at our office, walked in and handed his application to me personally. He told me that he’ll just give his curriculum vitae to me so when a job opportunity for IT staff or Webmaster Jobs opens in our office I will be able to call him.

When I looked in his credentials and school records I was amazed that he graduated from a reputable school and he has outstanding scholastic records. Despite his good records and standing he still feels that work will not come to him on its own and that he should look and search for it. He doesn’t feel tired knocking and walking in as applicant on many offices in our building because his main goal is to give his best effort on finding the best job opportunity for him. I kept his file for future openings in our company.


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