Friday, June 28, 2013

Competitive Rates for Electricity

It’s always been our most common dilemma when we see our electricity bills and rates have increased again. I don’t really understand why the country’s leading supplier of electricity has to charge their loss to their customers. Their losses are brought about by the illegal electric connection of some people and the company adds it to their monthly charges to consumers. Our electric billing includes a lot of charges which makes our monthly billing soar up. I have this thought that they should make hard effort and determination to catch those who steal electricity and not just add it to their multiple charges. Anyway the rate itself is high enough without those extra charges and I think that we need to have other supplier so electricity rates will be competitive enough. 

It’s proven that if there’s a competitive line of products available to consumers the competitors will offer discounts or special packages that will ease the burden of paying too high electricity bills. As of today many are complaining about the high percentage of electricity bills people are consuming on their monthly budgetary allowance and little by little they’re limiting their usage on appliances that consumes electricity. This is good in a different way as they also saves energy but the main issue is that people should also be given the right to a competitive supply of electricity that will not overburden them but will help in their daily living.


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