Sunday, September 19, 2010

Traits Shared by Happy People

Researchers have pinpointed a number of traits that seem to be shared by happy people.  They're mostly extroverts and, largely optimistic, they have a sense of control and self-esteem.

Happy people also seem healthier. In one psychological study, people who agreed with statements such as "I'm lots of fun to be with" were less vulnerable to ulcers and insomnia, less likely to be drug abusers, more self-confident and better at complex tasks than those who disagreed. Being really happy means living in a state of flow - that is, being totally absorbed in an activity, whether at work or play.

And if I may add more they seem to eat more because sometimes people who are introverts or those who are problematic on something seem to lose their appetite. When I think about my last phrase well that's the reason why I have a big appetite lol!


My Daughter’s Query

My daughter has just turned 13 last month and she’s a certified teenager now. With her entering the adolescence period she has many questions about things related to growing up and the changes that slowly happening to her. She’s worried now about her face as she has some tiny imperfections on her soft skin. She’s asking me what is a blackhead and a pimple and I told her that it’s all facial skin disorders that teens usually have when they reached the puberty period. I advised her to make her face always clean, have enough sleep and avoid fatty foods so she can prevent these disorders from damaging her face.

I didn’t have such problems when I was her age and until now I managed to stay out of them by maintaining a makeup-free face almost all my life. I just wash my face with my germicidal soap and apply moisturizers when needed. Baby powder is just enough for me rather than using pressed powders and makeup. My Mom is as simple as me and now at 78 years of age you’ll envy her flawless skin on her face.


iPhone VoIP

With the current modern innovations now people are getting hooked on gadgets and phones. They’ve gone excited over the latest craze in town – the iPhone. And who wouldn’t be if this phone promises a lot in terms of mobile convenience, apps development and many other features of this much-talked about phone in town. Now there’s Line 2 for iPhone, the first dual mode VoIP/Cell App for the iPhone where you can make low cost international and unlimited US/Canada calls over WiFi or cellular using the same number. What’s interesting about it is you can make your calls even if you don’t have cell coverage. 

Sometimes we get disappointed if there’s no reception in our cellular phones on certain places in the house or in your respective works. This one is designed for professionals who can’t afford to lose a single call. Line 2 combines the best of Google Voice and Skype with additional business grade features, reliability and customer support which is always live to give you answer to your inquiries and questions. Now this Line 2 turns your iPod touch and iPad into a great mobile phone because you will not need any carrier here! I visited the iPhone school and found themes, games and sale on EA Games and EA Mobile App. 

Line 2 brings voip on iPod touch as its fully integrated with VoIP network to give you the most desired powerful calling features such as caller ID, 20 person conference calls, auto attendant and many more for $14.95/month. It’s so convenient to us because you’ll have two lines on one phone and gives you the freedom to separate your personal calls from business calls. It deserves to be named as one of the 100 Brilliant Ideas for 2010.


Vitamins for Growing Up

My little boy is such a charmer and everybody seems to like him too. He always have smile for our visitors, relatives and family friends. Sometimes he entertains our guests when we’re busy with others during family occasions. When I visit him in school I also noticed that he has many friends who chuckles and laugh with him during their breaks. Then one day he arrived home asking me to buy him the vitamins that will make him taller. I was surprised and laughed at myself after.

I was asking him if he has a crush on his class that’s taller than him. I remember my friend taking human growth hormones supplements to stimulate growth and to gain height. He’s courting a lady who is a little taller than him and he’s been thinking if his height will pose a problem on making the girl of his dream accept his love proposal. I think not as I know that in the field of love age and height doesn’t matter.


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