Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Daughter’s Query

My daughter has just turned 13 last month and she’s a certified teenager now. With her entering the adolescence period she has many questions about things related to growing up and the changes that slowly happening to her. She’s worried now about her face as she has some tiny imperfections on her soft skin. She’s asking me what is a blackhead and a pimple and I told her that it’s all facial skin disorders that teens usually have when they reached the puberty period. I advised her to make her face always clean, have enough sleep and avoid fatty foods so she can prevent these disorders from damaging her face.

I didn’t have such problems when I was her age and until now I managed to stay out of them by maintaining a makeup-free face almost all my life. I just wash my face with my germicidal soap and apply moisturizers when needed. Baby powder is just enough for me rather than using pressed powders and makeup. My Mom is as simple as me and now at 78 years of age you’ll envy her flawless skin on her face.


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