Friday, December 23, 2016

Music Program Plans for Her Debut

We’re planning to celebrate our daughter Gen’s upcoming debut in some place other than our house because she requested for it. She’s not asking for a grand celebration of her 18th birthday but she want t to cool, relaxed and very orderly. She also wants a good music played because that’s her passion- music playing. Unlike other girls who have so many birthday requests on having their debut parties she only told us that a simple cake, good food and place will do as long as it’s organized and very cozy. 

She’s also requesting one thing that she loves most – a Music Friend's blue snowball microphone to use in friends’ messages, offered songs and in overall celebration of her 18th birthday. My daughter is really simple even when she’s only young. She only wants to play music, tinker with her music pieces and let her music relax my stressful working day. She’s not just competitive in school but very talented in music as well. Despite her bright mind and talents she still manages to be just a simple girl.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ideas for Creating a Closet

Many have found that when they are looking at apartments or houses, some of the bedrooms do not have closets. And while this is something that most people want, they are getting a great deal on the apartment or house, and so they cannot pass up the opportunity. Just because the room does not already have a closet does not mean that you cannot create one. The following ideas may help you. 

                                                               Image by wikipedia

Depending on the room and how much space there is, you may be able to make a closet. Many individuals have made very interesting closets either from PVC pipes or from metal plumbing pipes. There are a lot of ideas online that can be used to create bars where clothing can be hung. The metal plumbing pipes or the PVC pipes are joined together in order to create a sturdy closet that can support a lot of weight.

Another option is to go to a local hardware store and find some supplies that can be used in order to build a closet. There are a lot of different hooks and brackets that can be installed in the walls. Then you just need to purchase wood poles in order to create an area where you can place hangers and clothing.

If your budget allows for it, you may be able to purchase furniture that you can use for closet space. A lot of new as well as antique furniture stores have beautiful wooden furniture where clothes can be hung inside. In addition to the fact that there is a area where clothes can hang, there is usually shelves and drawers as well. Investing in a piece of furniture like this may be a great buy for you. Many individuals who have purchased high quality furniture like this have been able to use it for their entire lives and even pass it down to future generations. If you do not have a lot of money to purchase high quality piece of furniture at a new or antique store, look around at garage sales or look online. You may find that one is available for an inexpensive price. You may need to do a little bit of work to restore it, but you will have a beautiful closet space in your room.

There is also the possibility of talking with the owner of the home or apartment about having closets installed. If you have some construction skills, they may take off some money from the rent if you install them.


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