Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Nearly Faint

As my usual schedule for the day I went to Ruth’s school to fetch her but I waited for less than an hour before she got out of her room. I was informed just after I arrived that there’s a demo going on and we’ll have to wait a little longer before we can go home. It was so hot and I was glad there are trees to give us some air and shelter.

My prolonged stay outside the room gave me a bad ill feeling and when we reached the house I was near to nausea. I’m almost out of breath and I’m lucky to recognize the sign immediately that I asked for a glass of water and requested to rest in the covered patio for relaxation. I badly needed some cool and fresh air to relax in and I’m glad Mom was there for me always. It was halfway through afternoon when I find myself ready to work on my tasks but I did it slowly as if I’m just surfing and browsing. Thanks God I didn’t faint or anything worse than that.


Love Month of May

This is my favorite month of the year even though it’s very hot this season I find this month very promising. In this part of the globe month of May brings summer fun activities, it’s the blooming of flowers, the season of fruits and for my husband and me the season of our love. It’s the month that he first courted me after being friends for 2 years. It’s also the month that we find it worthy to be married and started wearing our wedding rings with a promise that whatever it takes we’ll keep our love centered to God. After 14 years of marriage we’re still in love with each other and we have our three children to bind our love more. God has been good to us.

When I accepted his proposal of marriage he was so excited that he planned everything immediately from invitations, sponsors, gowns, reception, food and all things needed in our wedding. His sister sponsored the cake and my brother paid for the invitations. My Auntie who knows a lot about jewelry went to Ongpin with us to look for women and men’s wedding rings. We had a nice time looking at the choices and we chose nice elegant gold wedding rings.

I would have love to have diamond engagement rings but it’s too expensive to own at that time. We settled for the simple ones and an engagement necklace gift from hubby. Well for those who can afford to have those elegant diamond rings Danforth Diamond have a lot to offer. They have wide variety of diamond engagement rings in platinum, palladium and gold. So for those couples who want to tie the knot this month or the coming months visit their site and have your pick.


How Curious I Am

You Are Fairly Curious

You tend to get into certain ideas and subjects, and for them, your curiosity knows no limits.
In general, you don't tend to be as curious as you could be though.

Open your eyes a little more to the world around you. Try something new every day.
There's so much to learn, see, do, and be curious about in life!


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