Saturday, April 3, 2010

PH#207 : Sweet 'Cake'

This is my yummy entry for this week's photohunt. It's the Sweet Choco Mocha Crunch from one of my fave bakeshop - Red Ribbon where we bought all cakes every birthday celebration in our office (when I was still working there). We almost rounded their list of cakes saved for the new and latest cakes they have.

Choco Mocha Crunch is a medley of rich chocolate chiffon cake and mocha marble cream with delicious honeycomb crunch. The 'crunch' at the center of the cake here is so sweet you can't eat them without drinking water lol! I remember my childhood candies when I see the crunch it's like the 'tira-tira' candy we buy in sari-sari stores in the 80's. Maybe some of my Filipino friends who were children and teens in the 80's know what I'm talking about.

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Like A Vacation

Stay at the camp and villa was truly a wonderful experience for all of us. As always it was nice being there and we enjoyed our stay up to early evening where we have to depart and begin our travel back home. Back home I have to look for a good daily deal on laptops as I really need to buy one for myself in the coming months. I’ll just have my kids enrolled first in their schools and I’ll save some funds for the thing I want.

Anyway the little boy is excitedly telling me about their activities yesterday at the villa and how they enjoyed every minute of it. The kids looked at it like a vacation and they take pleasure in their fellowship schooling and games with the supervision and guidance of the youth. I’ll post the summer camp meeting activities and pictures this coming week as I have to download our tons of pictures


A Different Kind

I’m feeling a bit sleepy after the two-day stay in the Villa where we had our summer camp fellowship services. We only stayed there for 2 days unlike last December where we had 4 day stay there. I went outside the house to smell the fresh air of our backyard and my niece asked me about his research about the e cigarette. I told her to look for it in the net since it sounds like an electronic thing. It amazed me sometimes how people use the internet to introduce new products but this one is a different kind level.


Top Droppers for March

Another month has passed and here I am again thanking all my friends and visitors for patiently dropping their ECs on my blog. I appreciate your efforts and want to give my warmest thanks and regards! See you around!

Dropper # of drops
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As always Liz has been so patient on my sites, thanks sis! Wish I can visit as often as you all and reciprocate your visits!


Repair Pal

It’s been two weeks now since the traffic in our area subsided and it’s giving my husband and sister a fair amount of time going to their work location. Now that I’m a WAHM, a work at home Mom, traffic is not my problem anymore. I don’t have to go to my office to work since I’m just working in the convenience of my home. Anyway the traffic I’m referring to has miraculously behaved these past few days and especially now that it’s a holiday week and start of the school vacation. Traffic consumes longer travel time and for the car it means more impact on the vehicle. I have observed that due to prolonged traffic vehicles are more likely to have problem in brakes and in some parts of the car which necessitates car repair like that of the Los Angeles auto repair which caters to all car repair within the city. Los Angeles was known for its very busy roads having traffic most of the day.

Within the traffic prone area proper maintenance is a must as you need to have your car checked up to every minute details if you want to have a worry-free travel. You need to ensure that the engine parts like head gasket, batteries, alternator and all parts of your car are in perfect condition during short or long travel. Same goes if you’re heading for a long journey travel because you will not like your car to be stopping suddenly with trouble on a remote place. It’s better to be prepared than being caught up in a car breakdown.

Anyway you can plan your repair and maintenance with RepairPal which provides you free and accurate repair estimates, user ratings and reviews. They even provide help on your car with the site’s Q&A. You just type your specific car type whether it’s Toyota, Nissan, Ford Explorer, a Volvo, Mercedez-Benz or any other car and they can site common problems, recalls, ratings, and reviews. Perfect site for car owners who needs assistance on their car maintenance. You can even get an advice if you want to. Just check out their site and you get the help you needed.


3 Days Off from Blogging

Wednesday was our day of packing our things for our regular summer camp meeting Indang, Cavite. It’s easier now than the previous years as I’m not working in office anymore so I have my days planned for finishing tasks that will expire until we return. Earning money nowadays is hard so I’ll have to make sure that no task will expire on me. Every online task is important for my kids’ tuition fee this coming school year. Internet connection is pretty bad these days for one week now and when I checked in the morning to do some Wednesday meme I got no reply from the pinging I’ve done. I’ve got no time to wait for it so I called that day a day-off or a holiday together with Thursday and Friday.


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