Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guidance and Love on their Younger Years

If you have a family and a couple of kids that you want to have good education and good life you’ll work hard to give them the best even if it would mean hard working days. My friend works in Africa after he got married ten years ago and until now he’s working hard to pay for his house, to support his family’s needs and save for his kids’ education. I know that he only wants the best for his kids but I told him that it’s not only money that he needs to provide for his family but his presence and guidance also. He has never been with his kids for more than one month vacation leave in a year and I think it’s not good when they reach their teenage years. His little boys will grow up and money will not compensate for the father figure that they haven’t had since they were born. He could think of other ways of earning money like putting up his desired business, investing on tangible assets or buy gold eagle coins without having to work abroad until he’s old. I know that he’s sure to make a good profit out of these gold coins after several years so it’s really a good investment.

Most stopped working abroad if they’re too old to work and when they come home their kids have grown and don’t want to stay at home with parents all the time but rather with his friends. That’s the cycle of kids, when they’re younger they want to be at your side always but when they’re grownups already they have other world beside you so you can’t keep them always at your side. So love, guide and care for them when they’re young so when they get old they’ll just remember how you loved and cared for them so much.


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