Monday, October 18, 2010

Camp Meeting Preparation

We had a meeting in the church yesterday about our coming December camp meeting and our needed preparation for it. We talked about food if we’re going to have it per family or common food for all of us. Majority of us voted for the per family arrangement because it’s more convenient for most of us. Then we proceeded with the list of important things to bring because we’re going to a rural place which is far from the market. We’re going again to Villa Dominga Forest Resort which is some kilometres away from our access to market and other stores. It would be hard if we didn’t bring all needed things like medicine, protective clothing against cold like sweaters and bonnets, kitchen utensils, flashlights and tools for our cars too. We’re going to stay there for four days and three nights so we need to prepare four-day meal foods.

I should also have stocks of my kids’ foodies like biscuits, bread, milk, choco drink and their favorite hotdogs, tocino and chicken. Anyway it’s now easy for me to do it as I’m accustomed to doing it for several years now since the kids were only babies. I actually have a computerized list in my PC for Summer camp and December camp meetings. We’re also bringing some church instruments to have a joyful praise singing there. Josh was so excited that he’s counting the days before December 23.


Mom's Stylish Eyeglasses

When Mom had a cataract operation on her right eye a year ago she felt very good about herself because she was able to return to his hobbies of reading books. She’s fond of reading inspirational books, medicine books and cook books. After the operation she was instructed to wear her specific protective glasses to prevent dust from getting into her newly operated eye. She wore it daily for one month and then she returned to wearing her regular glasses. We were joking her about her sports style eyeglasses because it looks like it was made for younger women. Well it fits her perfectly and it made her look younger so every time she has a visitor they would always comment of her new adopted look.


Slow Mode Today

It’s a slow day for me as I came back to sleep after the kids went to school. Wake up again at past 9am and prepared our lunch. For my online tasks I’m just starting now before taking my lunch and planning to search through blu ray movies for a relaxing afternoon later. I think the weather has to do with the slow mode I’m having right now and very close to doing nothing at all except the usual Mommy duties for the house and kids. I’m more active into monitoring the water level of dams and what’s happening at the affected areas. Anyway just like what my best friend told me I deserved to have some rest once in awhile. And because DH is on his semestral break now it’s so nice to be in slow mode in work.


What Makes Her Happy

That's one of the things that makes my daughter happy! When she reached her goal not just in her studies or competition that she joins but in playing her favorite arcade basketball.  Here she beats the record and posted her own record score and she was smiling to me when I called her to pose.  Sometimes she wouldn't pose as she didn't want to be disturbed.  We dropped by the nearest Tom's World after she won the first place in inter-school competition.  It's a kind of prize she asked me so I gave in :-). Who wouldn't? She's been good in school and a good daughter also.


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