Friday, January 27, 2012

Strategies To Cover Unexpected Expenses

A horrifying cloud of black smoke rising from your engine. A broken bone when you haven't paid a single cent of your $1000 deductible. These are just a few unexpected events that mean huge expenses will soon be coming your way. How do you handle such catastrophes? Here are a few strategies:

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Plan Ahead

This is one measure best performed in hindsight: set aside a portion of each paycheck in case something happens that requires huge payments. There are plenty of websites, books, experts and smartphone applications dedicated to getting your finances squared away. Tips include stockpiling reserves of emergency cash. Start now because you never know what could happen.

Take Out a Loan

Banks and lending companies have plenty of programs in place to help out in emergency situations. Some, like Great Plains Lending online installment loans, can help out in emergencies and can be paid back in installments instead of one brutal lump sum. This is usually the fastest and easiest option to get extra cash for a time-sensitive emergency.

Call in Favors

Remember that time you lent your best friend a few hundred dollars when times were tough, and you let your sister borrow a few more hundred when that job fell through? It's perfectly okay to ask for a return favor. Talk to friends and family, and explain the situation to see who can help out. 

Extra Jobs

Try to see if you can pick up some additional freelance work or midnight shifts. When it comes to financial emergencies, don't be too proud to turn down extra work at a place you might consider "beneath you." Money is money and work is work. 

Talk to Your Boss

If you're paid by the hour, talk to your boss and coworkers about picking up some extra shifts. If you're on good terms with your boss and feel comfortable asking for an advance on your next paycheck, do so. If you're not comfortable, or if you've asked for several advances recently, it might be best not to risk it. 

Hit the Market

Whether you go to a pawnshop or Craigslist, there's a good chance someone's willing to pay good money for something you're not using anymore. Ask around, and see if there's anything you have that someone else needs. 

Financial emergencies are by definition extremely stressful. It might seem scary at first, but you have plenty of options at the ready to solve your crisis.

What are your strategies to prepare for unexpected expenses? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mug Press Machine

 Got so curious about my friend's business that I actually looked for it online :).  My friend started the personalized gift business last year.  Her business includes customized shirts, mugs, bags and company giveaways.  I really like personalized mugs since a friend gave me a gift of one family set with our names printed on beautiful mugs.  I love her gift that I keep it until now.  It can be used in drinking coffee, choco or milk and can be a good kitchen decor as well.

Anyway to satisfy my curiosity I searched for mug press machine to see how it's done through using equipment for customizing mugs and others.  I found this mug press machine in cdrking and I attached a picture on how to do it step by step.  I don't have any plans of starting a business like this but who knows I can do it for a hobby :).  I really found it cute and best for gift ideas, don't you think?

Here's some features and requirements for those interested:


Paper: Sublimation Paper
Ink: Sublimation Ink

Voltage: 220AC ~ 60Hz
Power: 320W max
Gross Weight: 11 Kg
With digital control and display
Dimension: 380 x 370 x 320 (mm)

This one costs PhP5,500


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Network Security and More

With the growing upsurge of high technology gadgets and innovation comes the need for a security system that will protect your business from security attacks. I learned that most companies who gave serious attention to secured network and computer operations are those large companies who basically practice automated system and highly dangerous to threats that will endanger security. We all know that any business operating on modern computers are basically prone to having spyware, worms, viruses, hacker attacks, customer data theft and other security threats.

Thus they should bear in mind that they should be protected in case there are attacks on their systems. Anyway they can ask help from it security consultants to offer them services that will protect their businesses. They were trained with a proactive approach to protect the business’ confidential and very important documents. They study the things that can affect their client’s system and plan ahead to prevent such issues.

That’s for security which I strongly believe as vital to any business. For accessibility of your business you need to advertise through online sites so you will be noticed and be known to your particular target clients. If you want to manage it properly you can optimize google adwords for better exposure of your products, more sales and more leads. Getting the services of experts in that field will ensure that your account will be properly monitored and advertising will work best for you using new search phrases.

When we talk about monitoring we should also make sure that finances are on the right track on your business. It should maintain its capital and yield profit from the invested capital money. There’s a company which will teach you several important things like accounting and management, senior living management and others. They provide assisted living software solutions that you can use on your business whether small or big.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Humble Old Folks

We’ve visited Mom’s relative in her hometown and I’m awed by the simple living the town folks are practicing especially the seniors there. I’ve noticed that no matter how rich they are they still remain modest and low profile unlike some people in the urban areas who acts differently from their status n life. Old rural folks are different from the ones I met here in our town and I’m glad that my relatives in Laguna stay as humble as ever even if their success is very evident in their houses with sprawling plantations.

I would not be surprised if they will include some really nice outdoor gazebos which is so nice to have and maintain in vast outdoor areas with scenic view. With nice gazebo furniture spending lazy afternoon outdoors will be so fun and relaxing especially with swimming pool on the side. Perfect! I would love one for our home also.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Contact Keypad Alarm System

Times are getting dangerous and as I'm browsing techy gadgets I came to see this very affordable contact keypad alarm system from cdrking, the store I frequent for my computer and camera accessories.  I always have need for cds, memury card, flash drives, etc. and it's the most accessible and convenient store for shopping those things.  Anyway I really want to add this one to our house because Mom is beginning to fear intruders including people who delivered letters, billing and others.  Sometimes he doesn't want to entertain them or she'll talk but for less than a minute only, maybe old people are really like that.

Anyway this one can be easily mounted by adhesive tape to your cabinet, window or door. and has the following features:

With Panic Alarm button
Magnetic sensor switch
Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
With Secret Number Password
Present Password: 0000 (for secret number)

The magnetic sensor can easily detect when someone is opening a window, cabinet and door.  When the sensor detects the opening it will give out a signal to the main unit which will then gives out alarm sound.   Quite simple but very effective and helpful and I'm going to try and buy one for us.  It only cost PhP120.00.  Good buy!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Curious About Various Jobs

My daughter loves going to mall and seeing her favorite stores and arcade shops. She whispered to me that she want to work part-time on summer in one of the malls when she reached college. She wanted to work of course in her favorite fast food center and I told her if she really wants some Counter Attendant Jobs because she’s not really familiar what kind of job she’s telling me. She’s still a young girl and she’s fascinated in various jobs she’s seeing when we go to shops and restaurants. She’s asking me about how much they’re earning and how fast they can do their job. She really is a bunch of inquisitive kid and she has many goals in her mind at a very young age. I wish and pray that she’ll achieve all of it when she grows old.


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