Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Business for their Vacation

DH and I are planning some small food business this summer to keep the vacationers slightly busy and to teach them how to manage a small business by themselves. They’re on their teens and they asked me if I will permit them to sell something on their own during their summer vacation. As of now we don’t have to buy a franchise to start our own business. We’ll just start on our own products from our provincial hometown because that would require small capital only. For the kids they can sell some of my home-made delicacies so they can have higher profits. Now that I’ve planned something for their vacation they will never be bored at doing nothing. Plus I’ve enrolled them in our town’s summer workshop for their piano and drums lessons.


Supports Good Causes

I’m so touched that many people around the globe are taking the best of their efforts to help people. With the present situation in the world now we need to help those who are less fortunate and those who became victims of natural disasters. One of these institutions that support good causes is the diamonds international who helps fund education in poor countries; rebuild damaged areas, and a lot more. They’re also active in breast cancer awareness campaign and launched a new pendant in which part of the sales will help those who have incurred this deadly sickness. Members of this organization must be feeling great helping people and I know God will repay them for their efforts and kind heart.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Managing Your Family’s Finances

With the current economic crisis we’re facing now we should be able to manage our finances well in order to cope up with high expenses and bills. This is the time that we have to think first of our basic essentials before indulging to our whims and extravagance. We should look at our budget and plan every incoming expense. Our expenses should not be more than our income because it will create a big imbalance if that will be the case. If we have loans we must assess it in a way that interest should not overburden us and look for ways to lessen it.

Some people who get bankrupt on their finances have a history of entering big-interest loans that in the end eat up the bulk of their income. I have friends who have numerous credit cards that have monthly payments exceeding their salary wages. The interest looms on their budget and they find themselves helpless to get over their debts. When you’re in this kind of situation find someone who can give you advice on how to settle debts and manage your money wisely.

When you have finally found your way out of debt you should be able to start managing your money in a way that it fits your family’s income. Spending on your whims is not bad as long as you have control over it and if you have extra money to spend. I highly recommend looking for good shopping deals as it reduced the price of the commodity.

It’s not so hard to look for one especially when you’re online as many sites offers great discount packages that will give you enough budget to afford the things you want. You just have to know the seasons when stores give out discounted sales. It’s usually after every season when they have to let go of old stocks or out-of-season clothes.

Sometimes when they have to promote a new design or model they will sell the old model at a give-away discounted price. I remember buying our television at almost 40% off when the maker stops manufacturing that model. My husband was working in an appliance store and they give out their current remaining stocks to make way for the new incoming stocks. Employees are the prioritized recipients of big discounts from suppliers and we’re lucky to be one of those.

We can get our favorite items for ourselves, for our homes and for other things in our life without exceeding our budget limits. As my work demands being online most of the time I have the benefit of seeing good buys and able to get some coupons for the things I need. You can get coupon ticket or codes through mail, magazines, newspapers, mobile devices and through internet. The latter is the easiest way as you can use it immediately when you buy things online. These discount coupons can be anything like coupon codes for photo prints, clothing, accessories, clothes, toys, grocery, domain renewal and a lot more.

It always feels good to take advantage of discounts, coupon codes or even free vouchers. I have a friend who always has some vouchers for travel and food. She love having it and sometimes she chose an e-voucher so she can used it online. Well as some says the best things in life is free so having free items or even discounted ones feels good on the pocket. It also feels great to get your favorite things without burdening your budget. That’s what I can call managing your finances well.

Are you looking for icontact coupons and gotomeeting discount code? Then you have to check out the site of You Love Coupons. This is a new discount shopping site where the author AbieL, is working now


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prepaid Cell Phones

With the coming of modern innovations in mobile phones I’m one of those who dream for the latest phone who can do it all when it comes to business capabilities like having windows and wifi connection to have FB, twitter and emails. I really love to have a windows phone when my budget will permit me to have one. As of now I’m still using an ordinary mobile phone devoid of advanced features because I asked my sister to give me her phone that I can use only for texting and calling. That way nobody will use it for playing games or shooting pictures.

I actually don’t need camera as I always bring my digicam anywhere I go so what’s the use of phone camera to me? I always love having prepaid cell phones because I don’t have to worry for monthly subscription payments and use my phone for important matters only. I’m not much of a texter in my phone as I’m always connected online where I can use twitter and instant messenger to chat with friends.


Summer Skin Problems

Summer has started and in a few days the kids will be with me whole of their time except when they start their summer workshop on April. This season brings fun times, vacation getaway, out-of-town activities, bonding family moments and a lot more exciting days but it also creates some hassles sometimes especially that warm weather brings hot temperature, facial problems and skin-related sicknesses.

Now for those teenagers who find it hard to know the best way to get rid of pimples this summer vacation they better consult their family doctor or their Mom who would probably give some immediate help on the subject. Advices coming from Mom seem a lot of help because they’ve experienced it on their past teenage days. Well if the problem is not an ordinary one consultation with the skin experts may be a good solution.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kindle 3G or WIFI Case

Want a nice case for your 3G or Wifi? I've been storing my gadget accessories on various pouches and cases separately for best keeping and storage and this will make a nice case.  Try this new Kindle 3G or Wifi case in dark chocolate brown and white baroque pattern, lined in dark brown and bound in contrasting cotton. It's available in other colors and designs.

As per description of the maker, MadBlueDesigns it has the following nice features:
-  Secure velcro flap sewn closure
- No zippers, snaps or magnets to damage your device or cause scratches
- With pocket to carry items like device accessories, screen wipes, others
- Strong and durable re-enforced seams

Shipped in boxes and sells at USD28.00


Art Gallery in Scottsdale

Art has always something to do with aesthetic properties such as unanimity, complexity, and something called human area of interest. It is in the idea of what the art work wants to convey, what it stands for and what more it represent for itself. Fine arts such as painting, architectural works, sculptures, carvings are greatly appreciated by our eyes due to its attractive visual art forms. Much are enthusiastic of fine arts, no surprise most of us startle towards the fine arts artists for their creative works.

Discover the new paintings and wondrous creation of Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale. Everything are outrageously striking in appearance and you will always take a second look even after you look. It’s something very catchy and unique. Every creation are of best appearance that you will be much eager to take it all. Something which once you have it in your possession, you will feel so lucky and satisfied that you have it at a right price.

If you want more fascinating art products of your favorite artists, try Hand Blown Glass Art Gallery in Scottsdale. It’s a master piece especially made for you. It’s very cozy and appealing in your senses. You can find valuable art displays that you can make use to improve the ambiance of your house, office or restaurant yet the simplicity of the place won’t loose to fit your taste in interior design and arrangement of the frames you want.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Safety Gears for Babies and Toddlers

Our babies in our compound are growing up so fast and they’re becoming so energetic in their daily activities. Right now they’re still using their strollers but only when they travel or visit some place or when they walk in the park. They don’t use it at home because they always want to walk around. It’s good that their Prams can be used on all terrains because they’ve chosen the heavy-duty kinds.

All three of these babies are learning to walk now and always have the desire to play together in one room and I’m thinking if they’ll more comfortable and safer with Play Mats as they’re protected with the soft rubber. No matter how active they are as long as they’re in mats they can be spared of knocking their heads on the floor. Little kids are such a joy in our homes and we want to do everything that will make them happy, satisfied and safe.  While we want them to have the best sometimes it’s hard to find those things when you’re shopping on foot. I myself found the things I want online and I had the privilege of searching through brands I want and compare prices. 

Well if you want convenience in shopping try finding some nice things for your babies and toddlers online at Shopwiki. They have the widest range of stores online where you can choose, search and get to know the prices without leaving your house. Now getting those beautiful High Chairs for your little angel will not be so much of a task because you can buy it online. Shopwiki have everything you need for your family like toys, jewelries, electronics, computers, home appliances, clothing, books and a lot more


Monday, March 21, 2011


I’m equipped with the things I need for my work-at-home job because I want everything to run smoothly. Now I realized that I’ve never use my headset for quite a time. My kids always use it and told me that they want another so they can’t be disturbed when they use it. Since our current headset is only a freebie from my laptop purchase I didn’t asked for quality or branded one. I just accepted and thanked the store for the freebies. But now since I’m going to buy it I’m searching for affordable but quality made headset just like Plantronics headsets which answers the need of headset users in call center, aviation, mobile and computers. I know that headset can really be so functional to us because it enhances communications so I better take note of this when I buy a headset!


Apple iPad 2 Sleeve/Case

It's great having the latest gadget but you must know how to protect it in every way and that will start by buying a quality and nice case for it like this Black Canvas Sleeve/Case for Apple iPad 2. Keep your precious Apple iPad 2 from scratches, bumps and anything that will harm it by giving in to CushCase selection of canvas case or sleeve. I found this one at etsy.com and from the maker (CushCase) it includes the following features:

- High quality Velcro fastening for easy opening and closing
- Durable heavyweight canvas
- Ultra soft fleece
- Sandwiched foam layers
- Waterproof
- Made especially in USA for Apple iPad 2.

Sells at USD21.95


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Essay Writing Help

Studying is like having a job. You have to report every schooling day, on time and with permission or letter if you’re absent. If you’re always late or absent from your class you will be called to report to guidance counsellor as the same as when you’re employed and taken plenty of absences you’ll explain to human resource department about your absences. You have to file your vacation leave days before the intended leave or file a sick leave after you’ve been sick. 

There are various similarities between studying and working and one of these are submitting reports and ideas. Well in school there are more documents to submit at specified time so students should have ample knowledge in writing essays, reports, thesis, dissertations and all kinds of school report requirements. If they’re not so good in doing these things they should have some help with essay for them to cope with their school requirements. I’m lucky enough that I haven’t experienced having problems with essays because it’s one of my favorite activities in school. 

Writing has always been one of the things that I love doing and when it’s required by school it really feels good that oftentimes I can write my essay without the help of others. Sometimes I would ask my Mom to help me check my work. She’s very good in English and taught me a lot about writing. She inspired me a lot when I was still a student that until now I still love writing though it’s now through blogging that I’m doing some writing.  I’m not a perfect writer but I’m good enough to express my ideas and point my views. 

Well if you’re finding it hard to complete your essay and wanted to learn you can find professional and expert writers who can give you some essay writing help when you need it and for what subjects are they capable of helping. It’s offered by Custom Essays primarily to help students meet their educational goals or even exceed it. They employ professional writers who have expertise in varied subjects in high school, college and post graduate level. 

Clients are free to choose style, deadline and various options. They provide message board so both parties can communicate with each other regarding the required task given. Best of all they can assure their clients that their work is free from plagiarism. Prices are competitive and affordable to your budgetary allowance.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garage Door Openers

Talking about high technology gadgets and modern innovations I have quite an experience on discovering some technological advances on various things. It’s commonly used in the kitchen where most small appliances and equipment are being used. But this one discovery made us all laugh after because we didn’t know that they’re using garage door openers. It was several years ago when I was still single and we spent some hours of overtime. 

We actually went home late that night and while we’re walking in the village the gate of the house nearest to us began opening without a helper. One of us thought that it’s strange while others were thinking why it opens on its own. Then we learned that the owner of the big house was testing his newly-acquired gadgets on electronic opener.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sewing Pins Holder

I've always wanted pretty pin holder since I learned how to sew, make stitches and crochet.  I have a nice sewing box and I put there my heart-shaped and tomato-shaped pin holders.  I've made the heart-shaped by myself and bought the other one.  Every time I see different designs I always love to buy it but prevent myself because I have enough.
That was before when I don't know online shopping lol! I've found this neat little nice velvet rose hat sewing pins holder created by helenaaleixoglamour sold at Etsy. As from the maker's description it's an antique gold painted plastic cream jar with gold tone, metallic gold trims, pin cushion covered with cherry velvet and it's handmade as always with etsy.  It has a vintage look and can be used also as jewelry pin/brooch display aside from its usage for sewing pins.

Can be a good gift idea also.  Sells at USD8.50


Villas in Greece Vacation

My cousin has just booked her yearly vacation and I learned that this time it’s going to be an out-of-the country vacation getaway. She’s been saving and dreaming for this one and finally she was able to seek permission from her office to take a week off her work. It’s a dream come true for her as she’s not been to any resort outside the country. She’s been surfing online for months on how she could get a vacation place where she can fit in the whole family without being too expensive on the hotel accommodation. She asked me about this but she actually found first the direct booking to the owners of the villas. It’s a lot affordable and convenient because you’ll have to deal with the owners themselves to reserve a place to stay during your vacation. 

I’m not so sure what particular villa she found but it’s something like villas in Greece by the way she describes it. It’s always been her wish to see the famous ancient land of Greece and its cultural heritage which she only read in the books. She wishes to hop by the Greek Islands and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes while having a relaxing family vacation. Now that she’s booked for her vacation she’s just preparing all their things and finishing her work so it will not be a hindrance when she finally takes her vacation leave.

Well there are other beautiful places and villa resorts offered by Owners Direct and you just have to visit the site to view the various apartments, cottages and villas in the Mediterranean region like villas in Turkey when you want history, culture and ancient architecture plus the stunning views and just a stroll away from the beach. Enjoy the comfort of booking direct while having some of your little requests being taken care of like if you want to bring your favorite pets, ask for a wifi connection or if you have some friends to visit you during your holiday vacation.


Checking Through Gadgets’ Updates

Just resting for a while now after a morning of completing some tasks online and offline. But instead of resting or sleeping I did some browsing through the latest tech gadgets in town including some  iphone updates. I always do it because I really love looking at the latest gadgets although most I can’t afford to buy.  

It’s such a lazy afternoon and I wish that my little boy will arrive soon so I can hear his never ending questions and inquiries. I know when he grows older he’ll have some questions like how to add music to tumblr or anything that I usually see on twitQA. I found this site when my friend who is a loyal user of blackberry asked me yesterday about the  formspring for blackberry. I checked with the site if someone has asked the same question also and I found the answer there. Nice one!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Antique Treasure Box

Do you have precious jewelries passed on to you by your Mom from her passed generations? Well we had few and I like to keep those antique jewelries and old coins in precious treasure box also to create a harmonius relationship of the box and jewelries.  Guess I'm being sentimental sometimes that I long for antique items we had in my Mom's provincial hometown.  We left some of our things there when we moved to my father's hometown.  

Just as I was being sentimental over things I found these antique swirl tiny treasure boxes at etsy at CreativeFashionista's place.  It will be just nice for my old coins, few jewelries and minute things.  I love the carved design on it and the rustic hinges and latch which defines its unique and time-old look.

Sells at USD5.50


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Car Accident Shots

With the modern technology we have these days everything you see and witness can be recorded easily. I remember several decades back when the police would look for the manual camera to take pictures of road accidents to document the incident. Now even if you don’t have the real camera you can shoot accidents with the use of mobile phones which can record important details with the aid of built-in camera in cellular phones. Isn’t it sweet to have a thing like that?

Well most students now can do whatever they want with their gadgets because the latest models now have the best features of taking photos and communications. One student I remembered had taken a shot of the nearby car accident in their place and was also used for evidences against the driver who caused the death of many. For sure those families of victims will seek legal help from attorneys like Austin personal injury lawyer to ensure fast processing of compensation. This will cover personal injury and auto accident law also to fully help the victims to start a new life after the bad incident they experienced.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SIM Card Reader

Looking for simple gift ideas to your loved ones who doesn't care much about shoes and bags? Well if he or she loves accessories and gadgets try giving them these SIM card reader swhich supports GSM and CDMA. Sometimes it's hard when you have too many SIMs to read and edit especially those who find it hard to track their multiple SIMs much as  modify them. 

These SIM card readers will surely be of great help as it edit, read and backup mobile phone directory and SMS. It has the capacity to copy content from one sim card to another card. No worries about info as it's safe and secured.  Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Warranty period is 3 mos and replacement period is for 1 week.  Sells at PhP180.00 at cdrking.com


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Online Health Information

I remember a commercial way back when I was still studying and my Dad was alive. It goes something as ‘take good care of your heart’ where they stressed out the benefit of having precautionary measures on getting yourself out of the danger of getting hypertension diseases. My father had a stroke then and it all started when his blood pressure shoot up. He has no prevailing sickness connected to heart but he has one case of high blood pressure. I learned that it originated from the stress in his work. He’s a workaholic and he never stops until he gets everything done more like me now. They said that I took after him not only in looks but in some character and traits also. I was called a junior when I was a kid even though I’m a girl because we’re very similar in many ways. 

When he had a mild stroke and his doctor asked us to watch for his blood pressure we learned several things about how we should take care of his health as we didn’t want him to die early. He has lived up to 16 years more because we really cared for him as if he’s the baby in the family. That’s when we learned that the high blood pressure causes the increase of risk for heart attack and stroke. It’s curable but when you don’t heed doctor’s advice and tips it can lead to death.
Learning these things is easier now with Healthline which provides tips and information about better health. It discusses the common cause of high blood pressure which is the primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. The first one has the most cases of 90 to 95 percent which genes and lifestyle are the main causes for this. Secondary hypertension is the result of some effects of drugs or other health conditions but it comprises only 5 to 10% cases. It’s good learning these facts as we may prevent it by change of lifestyle and eating habits. I also read about healthy eating, managing stress and diet reviews.


Converse Style Baby Booties

We have three babies here in our compound, the two are girls and one is a boy and I always think of nice gifts for them whenever there's an occasion.  Sometimes the gifts are just the same so when I want my gift to be unique I search for some things that's not very usual like these custom made baby booties which resembles that of Converse shoes.  They're pretty and will not only look good on babies but comfortable as well.  I remember my Godmother giving me knitted and crocheted dresses when I was a little kid.  I love those dresses she gave me as they're unique from all others.

Here are some description from the maker Sassyrascals at Etsy:

Ties are sewn on for child safety!
Shoe length measures 4 1/4in. (3-6 mos)
Made with acrylic yarn.

Sells at USD15.00


Friday, March 4, 2011

Help on Research Papers

One of the things that I remember doing regularly during my high school days were those activities related to projects and research papers. After the school hours I normally spent some hours more studying to do my research. I was quite lucky that I love doing essays and term papers that it’s not so difficult for me to do those paper works but some of my classmates were really problematic about their papers as they say it’s not their skills to do it.

Teachers taught us how to do it and even helped in thinking bright ideas about the papers. They gave us tips and some guidelines to follow when making research papers. Still some encountered difficulties all through our sessions of learning. With these observations I began to understand that maybe writing is not for everyone. We can all write but some just follow the basics and stopped there. I believed that besides putting your heart in what you’re writing you also have to do it more often. 

Yes practice makes perfect and the more you do it the more you’ll learn how to do it nicely. I didn’t even ask my Mom to write my papers because I know that if she does I would never have learned it. She’s a teacher and taught English subject when she’s still teaching but I only let her check and correct my papers for possible errors. I was glad she trained me that way because I found the need to strive for mastery of doing research papers.

Now if you’re having difficulty with finishing your research for some reasons just remember that there are milestones for writers. A topic can be uncommon, interesting or researchable and when it’s researchable it should have a nice outline, a good approach, solid results, logical solutions, neat wording, perfect formatting and grammar. These were just tips and ideas on good writing but if you still have difficulty in doing your research papers you can ask for help from professional writers of Best Research Paper.

They offer tips, writing services, editing, proofreading, reviews of literary works, thesis and dissertations, essays, assignments and more. They provide quality and yet  cheap research papers that easy to afford. No need to worry about the deadlines as from time to time you could always communicate with the writer who works for your papers. Getting their services is truly a good decision.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forex Investment Solution

Many of us want to put some of our money for a good investment but sometimes we just don’t know the kind of investment that will give us a stable and high profit. I’ve been talked to a lot of investment on real estate, precious metals, jewelry, small businesses and many others but still I haven’t join or invest on any of them as I believe in careful and long period planning. I came upon RTFX which offers an exclusive forex investment solution wherein you have to deal with Forex managed account.  Of course I have no idea about this thing as the nature of business of my previous jobs was completely different from this one. 

Well this one is kind of Forex Asset Management service is unique to me and it based on daily market movements and stability. They offer this system that generates signals that generates sale on forex contracts. They do this is many small transactions done in specific intervals to maximize profitability. Open a Forex Managed Account at Eur 10’000 to start joining this investment and you’ll get attractive fee structure, high water mark level and real time monitoring of client account. Service is based on automated trading system.


HP Wireless Mouse

Some people can't work fast without a mouse so even if laptops can work without the mouse they use it for fast, easy access and mobility on using computers.  I'm one of them and when I work using my laptop I see to it that I have a mouse on my side.  Now I was thinking of using wireless mouse for more convenient usage for laptop.  Found nice deal at amazon.com for an HP Wireless 3 Button Mouse in retail packaging.

List Price: $24.99
Current Price: $16.82 eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.


Technology Advanced Family Dentistry

My little boy’s permanent teeth started coming out and it’s quite big compared to his milk teeth. He’s as happy about the growth of his two front teeth as he’s waited 2 long years for it. He’ll have his check up on summer vacation with the dentist. Actually I’ll be changing our dentist now as I’ve already found my high school friend who happens to be a good dentist too. The former dentist charged higher fees and it’s farther than the new one. Anyway I also need to have my teeth checked for possible bridge or implants. I’m really not decided which is more applicable to my case. I had quotations from the former dentist we had but I’m hesitant then. It’s really important to get the best dentist like Raleigh Dentist  to look into your dental problems closely to know the procedures needed to complete the treatment. They know and believe that quality dental work with a well organized approach is the key to solving all dental problems.

Dr. Thomas Cooke, a Raleigh Family Dentist helps dental patients in Raleigh and beyond to give exceptional dental services by way of doing high technology techniques. And because he’s an expert in family dentistry you can be assured of quality dental care be given to any member of your family. Whatever your dental problem is you will feel confident that he can definitely perform excellent dental services like dentures, dental crowns, dental implants, gum disease treatment, root canals, dental sealants for children, tooth fillings and tooth extraction. He’s also an emergency dentist and enjoys it. Be sure to read first his article about the 5 things you should know about dentistry.


Managing Tasks

I'm glad that I've accomplished several offline chores early this day as we'll go to bible study later in the afternoon. Working at home gives me the flexibility to schedule my responsibilities, duties and work the way I want it. It also gives me a chance to grab as many opportunities as I can which leads me to higher income. You just have to discipline yourself not to linger too long on one activity as it will lead to several pending jobs. In this kind of job you're the boss and all things will depend on your ability to manage tasks and your self-discipline.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Research Paper Help

Not all students have the same intelligence or skills in school. Some are gifted with talent in arts, music or sports and some in academic learning. Whatever your talent is you must continue to practice it to enhance or harness it. I’ve observed this when I was still in primary and secondary school when we have to write composition and essays for our project in English. Some really find it hard to compose or think of bright ideas to write. Our teacher taught us the basic of writing themes and composition but maybe it just wouldn’t set in on other minds. Some find it easy to write and always look forward to having writing sessions again but others opt not to do it again.

I love writing essays and poems but I don’t expect everyone to like writing also as each student is different in their capabilities and preferences. Now as writing essays is part of the curriculum students should learn the basics to cope up with their subjects. Even college students have this kind of problem. I was enrolled in college of engineering and some of the students there didn’t want our technical writing subject that they dread attending it when we’re supposed to do the Writing Thesis. I heard them saying that if only they could hire an  Essay Writing Service they would do so just to pass the subject.

They took up engineering course because they prefer doing math computations rather than doing essay writing. They painstakingly gave all their effort just to pass the subject and thankful that our English minor subjects are just on our first year and they don’t have to look for  Custom Essay Writing company to get help from. Maybe it’s really hard for them to do essays and that’s the reason they took up an engineering course because they prefer technical and math subjects. The following years were spent on our major subjects in Computer and Electronics.

Now everything is possible as if you’re in great need for someone to give you Research Paper Help you can have it online. They can help you with doing your essays or research papers. They will write your research papers according to your style and expectations. If you’re worrying about the price you can get free quotations first before the actual order. They’re there to help out students with academic tasks and you can expect them to deliver quality results.


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