Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prepaid Cell Phones

With the coming of modern innovations in mobile phones I’m one of those who dream for the latest phone who can do it all when it comes to business capabilities like having windows and wifi connection to have FB, twitter and emails. I really love to have a windows phone when my budget will permit me to have one. As of now I’m still using an ordinary mobile phone devoid of advanced features because I asked my sister to give me her phone that I can use only for texting and calling. That way nobody will use it for playing games or shooting pictures.

I actually don’t need camera as I always bring my digicam anywhere I go so what’s the use of phone camera to me? I always love having prepaid cell phones because I don’t have to worry for monthly subscription payments and use my phone for important matters only. I’m not much of a texter in my phone as I’m always connected online where I can use twitter and instant messenger to chat with friends.


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