Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Disadvantage of Working on Night Shift

When I was working in a semi-conductor company several years back as my very first job I was assigned in night shift. Because I was new in the company and I was excited with working on manufacturing of transformers I didn’t backed out and agreed on my shift. I worked well on night shift and I enjoyed it because my friends were in the same shift but I find it hard to sleep at daytime. I tried to look for a natural sleep aid that will help me rest and sleep before I work again at 10 in the evening but nothing worked fine with me. When I began to develop insomnia out of my night shift I requested for a change of shift and slowly my sleeping became normal again


Top 10 May Droppers

I'm sending my warmest thanks to all these people who have patiently dropped their ec's and visited my blog everyday making them my top droppers for last month. Aside from these top 10 I want to thank all who have dropped ec's here even if I wasn't able to drop you back. I was too busy with major changes in our life that it took me a lot of effort just to finish my online work in time. Hopefully I can start ec dropping again within this week. Wishes :-)

Dropper # of drops

Life's Tricky Situations 31
Take A Coffee Break 31
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The Modern Mom 31
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moms..... check nyo 31
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Fledgling Blogger 29
my kids are my world 28


Busy Schedule and Hard Work

I’ve been doing some pretty hard schedule in the last couple of days forcing me to work on nights just to cope up with busy online and offline tasks. I had some sleepless working nights and I thought I was going to need acnepril if I happen to have pimples or acne. I was glad that nothing has happened to me and my skin. I just had some dizziness from overnight work which is a normal occurrence if you didn’t sleep. Lately I had showers of tasks and I thank God for the abundance of my work even if really has to work and work.


Great Way to Watch Favorite Shows and Sports

Watching sports and movies over television relax us and bind our family into enjoying the day together. It has always been a kind of therapy for those who feels tired after a day’s work or for those who want to be free from stress of daily problems. I enjoy watching sports over television but I enjoy it more when I see my favourite players in person while they’re giving their best while playing their games. I remember my friend saying that he would love having Chicago Blackhawks Tickets on his rest day from work so he can watch his favourite team while they play baseball. It was his wish to be able to get premium tickets but most of the times the tickets are sold out before he even has the time to wait in line in ticket outlets.

You don’t have to worry about waiting in long line just to get your tickets because makes it easier for you and your family to reserve and buy tickets for watching your favourite sports, music and various shows. Now getting Lollapalooza Tickets is easier and more convenient. You can be assured that you’ll be able to watch and listen to American music festival.

If you want to have fun with friends you can reserve the whole group to a premium Jeff Dunham Tickets and enjoy the laugh and good times while you watch and listen to his comedian acts. It’s fun watching it with friends and even your family. Visit their site now and enjoy the best deals and great savings on ticket prices. Watching games, sports and music can really be a relaxing moment for you, your family and your friends.


You Are 76% Healthy

Your diet is quite healthy, but you don't too crazy with what you eat.

You know how to eat what's good for you, but you're also careful not to deprive yourself.

And that's the healthiest way to be!

That's one of my goals for the past weeks - to eat more of fruits and veggies and less of carbohydrates and meat products and sparingly on fatty foods. So far so good as my tummy is now decreasing its size and I feel healthy and lighter. I know now that we really need a lot of discipline to get through some planning


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