Thursday, June 10, 2010

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"URBAN" (Buildings, Traffic, Graffiti, Signs, People,...)

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This is the new foot bridge constructed beside my former office in Libis which I've waited for several years to be constructed. It was requested through a Citizens' patrol coverage hosted by no other than our office mate. Citizens' Patrol is an afternoon show in ABS-CBN 2 where they let the people air their request and complaints thru their show.

Well anyway you can see the signs on the right side in Filipino language 'Tumawid sa Tamang Tawiran' (please cross on the right pedestrian lane) or if there's a footbridge like this pedestrians should use the footbridge provided for pedestrians. The road is a very dangerous one because it's just below the Libis flyover. Many lives were already taken by this road. I've seen some of the accidents through our building's glass windows.

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Auto Usate Milano

Having your own car is much more comfortable than hiring a cab every time you need to use a service vehicle. I bought a car from my employer few years back when he told his employees that he has a vendita auto usate for whoever is interested. It has served us so efficiently but when a great flood hit our town and most of the metropolis towns beside us our car was submerged and we had no time to restore it to previous running condition. It was waiting in line for the mechanic when we finally decided to finally give it up because it will take so much time and money to revive its former condition.

It was hard on my part to sell it because it’s part of my separation pay from the company I’ve worked for 16 years. Even though the car was not of the latest model type we love it as we have used it in going to our Sunday church fellowship, on our outreach ministry and camp meetings. It also served as our family car on everyday use. Well some things aren’t meant to last so I sold it to the most persistent buyer. Now I’m telling my friends that DH and compro auto usate to replace the one that we sold few months back. We really need a car to carry in attending Sunday service and in some other travels that we used to go.

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