Monday, February 22, 2010

Advantage of Pre-Employment Screening

My niece’ husband is applying for a regular staff in one of the popular mall store nationwide and he just came over our place to accompany his family to us. My niece and her daughter always stay with us during the most of the day. His application’s processing was nearly finished except for the pre-employment screening they’re requiring each employee. Although some may find it uneasy having your background screened or have your education confirmed but it’s also a way of ensuring the employee’s capacity to work with honesty and integrity


:Blue Monday#1: Smiling Josh in Blue Car

Reminiscing my little boy's picture when he was just barely two years old. It's his favorite toy then - his blue car which he plays most of his day. He puts his mini cars, robots and other toys at the back and drives around the house, i'm glad that our house is spacious and he can drive around :-) Now the car was stored in our spare room upstairs and waiting for some other small kids to play with it though Josh still fits in the car because it's big enough up to 7-8 years of age.

Happy start of the week! Click on the badge for more blue monday pics!


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