Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Do You Judge People?

You Judge People Based on Intuition

You can't explain why you trust and like some people. It's all about going with your gut.
Your instincts tend to be right, and your first impression of someone usually sticks.

Keep going with your intuition, as it has served you well ... especially when you have a bad feeling about someone.
Be open to changing your mind about people. Your intuition may change if you learn more information about someone.

That's the score I got.  The truth is I really trust easily, most of the times I follow my instincts and intuition.  Sometimes it see me through difficult times but depending intuition may not be the best gauge on judging because sometimes we use our hearts and when you're soft hearted and too trusting like me you can be wrong.  This is the reason why my Dad told me that a lawyer shouldn't be too soft or too hard because he has to balance everything to be able to defend a client or to win the case.  So the conclusion is - I will not be a good judge but I can be a good guidance counsellor :-)


Wheels and Tires for Your Car

As I’ve written here before we sold our car because it was deeply submerged by the flood and since we’re all busy last year we can’t find time to have it repaired immediately. Our mechanic was full of repair schedules all throughout the first and second month after the calamity and we can’t find a replacement immediately. It was never repaired and when series of buyers came knocking at my doors to bid for the car we talked about selling the car and keeping up the money to add to whatever we want to buy. Now we’re using my brother’s car whenever we want to go to the church, to visit long distance family and relatives and for some other occasions.

There are disadvantages and advantages of having a car on all your travel. As its rainy season here in our place we’re having a hard time getting a cab on our way back going home because they always put some big add-ons on the meter reading. We’re planning to use again my brother’s car. But before we can use it again we’ll have some parts of the car checked like wheels, brakes, clutch, lights, wipers and many others. The roads are slippery when wet so we better make sure that the wheels and tires are not retiring in its usage. I’ve browsed online for good supplier of accessories and found, an online automotive accessories superstore where you can get quality custom wheels, rims and other accessories. Remember accessories added definition to your car so you better look for quality and style when choosing.


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