Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vacation Extended

It will be few days remaining before the opening of classes and we’re making the most of the kids’ vacation by spending this weekend here in hubby’s family house in Montalban. I’m having a great view of the mountains while I’m blogging beside the windows. I was surprised that we’re still here; DH asked me if it’s ok with me if we stay another night since we’ll never know when we’ll be able to visit again. School classes tend to be so busy most of the times and we’ll have to plan every visit we’ll have according to the kids’ school activities.

We still have to make one final shopping for their things. I want to shop for the little essentials such as hankies, lunch box, rain protection and maybe some urban clothes. We actually planned to do it this weekend but DH opted to stay another night. So here I am blogging until I feel sleepy. I’m not used to doing nothing and after lunch we’re just relaxing and chatting in the garden. I’m just sneaking some minutes to check emails and post short tasks so I’ll be early for my due days. It feels great to do assignments ahead of time. I felt very organized and disciplined this way. Besides I’ll still do some tweaking on my new blog, my new baby!


Stress Tabs

Its chocoholic time again as the kids got their share of their Auntie’s sweets for them. It’s not only the kids but the adults as well. We’re a certified chocoholic family and I just have to limit their intake for the day as they will have problem in their tonsils if I’ll be lax on them.

For me chocolates are great stress tabs and I’ve been using it as such when I was still working in corporate office. You’ll never imagine how much stress, worries and pressures I have in a day being an Admin, HR, Billing and Accounting Officer all in one. I’ve grown used to it and I can handle it well with coffee and chocolates by my side. It’s true friends! I’ve done it many times before. After a stressful meeting with the bosses I just take my bar of choco and I’ll feel better. I think it’s something about the sweets that controls anger and temper. Try it! Still the best remedy is prayers!


Too Excited to Sleep

We went to airport few days ago to fetch SIL from UK to have a few weeks’ vacation here. It’s the first time that DH is available and he has plenty of time in the afternoon to go anywhere. SIL was impressed with the fast procedures now in NAIA airport and she’s happy to travel without traffic. She has experienced heavy traffic on all her visits here. We went straight to Shakeys for a quick midnight snack. Well by the look of the meal package we ordered I was thinking if I will need alli in the next few days.

Josh was bubbly and excited on seeing her Auntie and he was all smiles when he was told by SIL that he’s cute. Talk about being flattered, he really like it being called cute lol! I was surprised that he’s not sleepy considering that it was already past midnight. He enjoyed the food and I laughed when he compared it with Pizza Hut’s foods. He loved both just like me. We went home after 2 hours and Josh was not able to sleep. Maybe it’s the result of eating the sherbet ice cream which made him alert and active. I was relieved when he fell asleep before the morning sun sets in.


Fast Money for Home Repairs

When I resigned from my job and started staying and working at home I realized that there are things that need to be attended to immediately in the house. I’ve noted some parts of our house that need renovation, improvements and repairs. It’s an old house and in 35 years since it was built some parts really has to be replaced. I’m just glad that it’s made of stone all over its 70 sq.m. floor area except for the wood flooring in the second floor. I’m happy that I can now allot funds for this while my online tasks is really pouring and on its peak because when I was still working in office I have to make payday advance when I need some immediate repairs in the house. It help us a lot to have advance money for the little emergencies in life.

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